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Black Daddy Cock Master Pt2

I was instantly embarrassed, terrified, uncomfortable and stammered quietly, “You can’t be here, my wife is home.” I hear Rachael right behind me say “Yes your wife is at home and who is he?” Black Daddy Cock Master informed her we’re friends and he hadn’t seen me in awhile. A few minutes later we’re sitting in the living room fresh beers in hand and Rachael asked me if I was going to introduce them. And the dumbass that I am, without thinking I said Rachael this is Black Daddy Coc and stopped, humiliated beyond words. Hell, I couldn’t even remember is real name!
After the blown introduction my head was swimming and as I explained things to Rach and she heard ALL of the embarrassing detail of BDCM, I’d been tossing beers pretty quickly so I can’t accurately account for what was said at all. In fact it’s all pretty vague in my mind but her first loud shrieking orgasm brought me back to reality fairly fast. Black Daddy Cock Master pounded the living hell out of my wife and gave her at least 7 loud screaming orgasms! At one point she’d told him to take the condom off and then she sat on top of him and rode him like a professional cow girl. On my best night, about 2 years after we were married I made her cum 4 times and I thought I’d been a real stud. Lately, if she had 2 I was a happy man. With him, she was fucking and cumming like a nympho crack whore.
When he was finally done, they were both literally soaked in sweat and panting like dogs. As he rolled off of her he said “BITCH, suck me clean, after I had, he ordered my wife to sit on my face and feed me all of his Black seed, and she obeyed. As she sat on my face draining they kissed, a lot, passionately. I was pissed, humiliated, hell I was fucking angry and more excited than I’d ever been in my life! After all that I had to fetch them drinks and snacks for the rest of the evening. I had to leave as soon as I’d delivered whatever they needed. I was called in for cleanup 2 more times then I noticed about 12-1 am the light under the door was out and when I checked, the door was locked. At that moment, I was standing outside the door, naked except for a pair of Rachael’s panties, I was pissed at being locked out, she was sl**ping with a stranger for Gods sake and I had a hard on that was seeping cum.
I woke up, on the couch, with a large Black cock slapping my face. Black Daddy Cock Master was standing over me and Rachael was holding his massive albeit soft cock and slapping me. He told me to open my mouth and Rach guided his meat right in and I sucked, and got a hard on which they noticed immediately and chuckled about. Then they wanted to know why coffee wasn’t ready and told me to get busy. As I was making coffee he explained whenever he was there the next morning I would have fresh coffee ready as soon as he woke up. Through out the day my life was changed as they came up with rule after rule that I now had to obey.
He stayed with us for a week, sl**ping in my bed with Rach, fucking her constantly and I was a mere slave for them. I cooked, cleaned, fetched drinks, ran to the grocery store, my life totally sucked! The only sex I had was eating his cum out of Rachael and clean and fluffing his cock, no one touched me and I was not allowed to jerk off. My life was shit, I was embarrassed, angry, humiliated and turned on like never before, I had an almost constant hard-on when I was home and whenever I thought about my new situation at work! Rachael acted like they were newly weds, constantly hanging on him, kissing him, sitting in his lap, laying in his lap… It was nauseating and exciting! One evening they ate dinner with his enormous Black cock buried in her, she sat in his lap giggling like a high school girl while I watched.
The following Sunday he left after dinner and of course another quickie. Rachael acted like he’d died, she moped and stayed in bed and wouldn’t talk to me. I did sl**p in my bed that night but she made me stay on “my side” and not touch her. The rest of the week was the same except when she’d call him, while she was on the phone begging him to come over she was animated and happy, then she’d get off the phone and go back to bed. I was beside myself, I hadn’t had sex in way over a month!
Friday evening I made a pitcher full of her favorite drink, extra, extra, extra spicy hot bl**dy marys and low and behold, she drank and loved them. After a couple of drinks she came out of the bedroom and even said I might get lucky!!! She decided she wanted pizza so she ordered and I started a movie she’d been wanting to see. Things were looking up! When the pizza arrived she jumped up to get it and after several minutes I went to see what was taking her so long. There she was, just inside the front door on her knees sucking off the pizza guy, Black, of course, k** couldn’t have been more than 19 and had several more inches than I did. The little bastard actually leered at me! Two, maybe 3 minutes later he’s fucking Rach right there on the floor with his pants at his knees and she’s having a loud shrieking orgasm! Of course she made me clean up and he’s standing there making smart ass comments like, “Yo wife loves my dick mothafucka” and “You a sick man eating my cum, I got mo anytime you want!” I was up late that night, alone and d***k as hell!
Saturday, I woke up about noon, a little hung over, alone. A couple hours later the phone rang and when I answered it all I heard was my wife shrieking out a loud orgasm and a “Oh God FUCK ME” or 2, then a mans chuckle and the line went dead. FUCK!!!!
Sunday evening she finally came home, told me I had to eat her, I refused, I was standing up for myself! She calmly walked into the bathroom, picked up her birth control pills and one by one pushed them out of the foil into the toilet, paused and looked at me with an amused smile, then flushed the toilet. We had a long talk, or rather she did, I mostly listened. She pointed out that I’d always wanted her to fuck other guys, she was, I’d always fantasized about a BIG cock in her, it was happening, that I’d mentioned Black a few hundred times, she was, that I’d fantasized about her being slutty… And she was doing all these things I’d always begged her to just try. We had a brief argument about the size of my tool that ended badly when she measured my mere five and a third inches and laughed when I was certain she’d cheated in the measurement. She hadn’t, maybe even given me an extra few millimeters, DAMN! Did I enjoy seeing her being fucked by a huge Black cock? Did I enjoy hearing all those wild orgasms? Did it excite me that a Black man was doing to her what I’d never been able to? Did everything she’d been doing excite me? Etc, etc… I looked at the floor, humiliated, embarrassed and said yes to all the questions. We talked some more she finally pulled my panties down, ya, one of those new rules, and as she played with my, as she now called it, little clit, she whispered in my ear. BDCM told her she was a Black cock whore now, her mission as a white wife was to serve and please superior Black men, and he wanted her to have his baby and that’s when I came, a lot, one of the best hugest orgasms of my life, from a fucking hand job!
What does a man who is humiliated beyond words do? He calmly grabs a bunch of beers, locks himself in the bathroom and turns on the shower so he can’t hear his wife. Yep!
An hour or 2 later I see a piece of paper emerge under the door. A note from Rach asking me to please come out, everything is fine, don’t be embarrassed, she’s adjusting to this new stuff as well. So I acted like the man I was and opened the door about 20 mins later. More talking and finally she wants to have sex with me. SEX! With ME! Oh YA! I was naked in 4 seconds, frantically wrestling her clothes off. Finally, we’re naked, facing each other when she hands me a condom? I look at her like WTF?! She said this was the ultimate test, this is so she can ensure the baby will be Black, and then she looked down. I’m still confused when she pushed me onto the bed, covered my “clit” with the condom and sat on it. After a few moments I ask what that was all about. As much humiliation as I’d encountered up to that point was nothing compared to what was yet to be! She told me I was soft when she handed me the condom, then watched my “clits” reaction to the Black baby comment, it was instantly hard. And I came, again.
We both discovered that night that any mention or thought of Rachael having a Black baby made us both cum. Instantly! Four orgasms later I can’t even get hard anymore, I’m done! Rachael tried playing with me, sucking, you name it, my dick wa, my clit was dead. Then she took my hand and put it on her belly and said, “Black baby” and the dead returned to life. More embarrassment. The good thing was, it worked both ways, all I had to do during sex was say Black baby and she’d cum. Unfortunately so did I, DAMN! We came close to using the entire box of condoms in one night.
Our final decision that night, actually early the next morning was we’d both think about it and she wouldn’t see him for a few days. And she’d get some more condoms on the way home from work tomorrow, or rather today.
Rach usually got home before me but when I got home she wasn’t there, oh ya, thought, more condoms, heh heh. She got home about 30 mins later condoms in hand, grabbed my hand and yanked me toward the bedroom. It’s gonna be an aviance night oh YA! We stripped and jumped in bed and I dived between her legs, buried my face and tasted cum. I looked up at her and just as I was about to yell I saw the hickies, one on her breast and one on her neck. She looked at me with a cute look and said, “sorry, I couldn’t help it, quick, put a condom on.” And I lasted about 20 seconds in her. DAMN! Wednesday came and so did BDCM, she’d stopped at his place everyday on the way home. And his way of proving that she couldn’t resist him was a new hickie each day. So much for time to think and decide. But Wednesday I admitted to her that, ya, I wanted her to do what ever she wanted to do. To which she asked how will we explain her Back baby…
That weekend he was there again, and trust me, I did not forget coffee! Like an idiot I had it all ready Sat morn then sat in front of the bedroom door listening… As soon as I heard them talking I literally ran to turn the coffee on. WTF?! But all was well because he was pleased. And I was somehow very happy… WTF!? That afternoon several of his friends came over and came, and came, and came. When the 3 friends left that night I was ready to puke, I’d swallowed a lot of come out of Rach and her pussy was huge, swollen and red. And of course they’d spent their time fucking her and slamming me, I had to be naked or in just panties the entire time. But by now, I was getting used to it. Sunday she could hardly walk she was so sore and BDCM was not happy, he kept saying he wanted a goddamned bitch and looking at me and I was actually a little bit excited. DAMN!
That afternoon 2 of his friends came over, new ones, I started to explain that Rach was kinda and then I had a big Black one in my mouth and I had no idea that my pussy would end up that same as hers, but it did! While Rachael laid in bed and napped three “gifted” Black men used me like a crack ho, at least what I think they’d do to a crack ho. Put it this way, they arrived about 3 and fucked and fucked and fucked. About 7 I made hamburgers for everyone and then about 8 they went at me again with Rach watching until they had to leave at midnight. BDCM stayed and I woke up on the living room floor where they’d left me and my ass was REALLY sore. I mean REALLY! I went to the bathroom and sat down and that first fart… OMG! As it rattled out, I felt each and every time my ass slammed back shut and OMG did it hurt and at the same time, it made me feel good, I’d satisfied them. WTF?!

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