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Fuckn My Flat

I’ve only just joined this *****, and stumbled into the stories section last night, I’ve always wanted to record some of my encounters and share them, so I figured there was no better time really. If enough people like this one, then I’ll do more, this is the work in progress, I’ll finish it tomorrow if people like it so far. I have a few pics as well to share.

I’d been using MySpace for quite a few years, when one summer I realised I could use it to find girls living in my close area. I did a few searches quite lazily, and sent a half hearted message to a few girls not really expecting a reply. After work one day I got home to a friend request and a message from a girl who lived in the same city who I’d obviously contacted. My heart raced as I delved into her pictures she was clearly a well keen type of girl. Half of her pictures involved her spilling out of her tops in a club or a pub. She was easily a EE cup if not bigger.

I typed a hasty reply and we had a lot of back and forth that was quite banterish and flirty so I immediately knew I had a good chance of something happening with this girl. We traded MSN addresses and started talking over it, nothing too heavy or intense yet, she was clearly holding back as she mentioned ex’s who had done the dirty. I don’t know why though with those huge tits to enjoy, and in one of her pictures she was holding a dildo to her tongue, my cock was instantly like a rock. I fantasised about feeling it slip between those pair of soft, warm boobs.

For the next few days I couldn’t wait to get home to continue our MSN flirting, and by the fourth night my patience started to pay off. The private pictures she sent me were flirtatiously revealing. Nothing too much just a hint of what could be in store if I played my cards right. A shot of her in a mini skirt with just a hint of her panties showing, and a tight fitting top with just the edges of her dark nipple contrasting against her light skin. I blew my load within minutes of looking at these pictures. And then I got the phone number.

That night I popped out for a curry with my flat mate, and the text messages were flowing between us, she talked about some of her fantasies and sex interests. Dressing up as a nurse, a maid and a lap dancer were some of her favourites. And she said she loved to be fucked with a dildo in her ass. My mind was blown, fancy a drink on Friday?” I typed, and hit send. She replied yes.

By the Thursday she’d come back to the city to her new house as she was a university student. Disaster though, the pipes had burst and she had to return to her parents. This sucked. I instantly arranged a night out with my flatmate instead to alleviate my disappointment. She sent me a text though to keep me chipper and to let me know she hadn’t forgotten about our night out. Her cleanly shaven pussy. With just the slightest hint of her clit at the bottom of the picture, glistening with her wetness. To say that my mind was distracted from other girls on the Friday night out is an understatement.

The Friday night was pretty standard. Drinking, talking to girls and winding them up. A few kisses and gropes on the dance floor, and what’s this a text message? From her. She’s back in the city earlier than expected. Just then my flatmate stumbled over to announce he was leaving to walk a girl home. I figured what the hell. I texted my date asking if she wanted to pop over to watch a film as I was on my way home. Minutes ticked by, then a reply, yes. She would even pick me up in her car!

So I waited on the corner of my road and she pulled up in her car to get me.We greeted each other and chit chatted about her problems, but I knew what was on her mind. And wow. Her skirt was short. But as with everything about this girl she knew how to tease, her ass was just barely visible when she got out of the car, her red thong catching my eye. And her tits. My god. They were pushed up and squashed in to her tight fitting top. The sides of them seemed to go on forever from where I was sat. And her nipples were poking through in the cold of her black sheer top.

We got into my house, and I decided there and then I wanted to enjoy this. There was no way I was rushing anything tonight. We walked through the hall and I started to raise in my pants at every glimpse of her ass cheeks peeking from under her skirt. I got her some wine and said we’d need to watch the film in my room as there was no DVD connected to the living room television. “Mmm lying on a bed with wine and a scary film, with you sounds like a good night to me”, she said.

I got the computer and disc ready and started playing the film. We both sat down on the bed propped up against the head board and chatted and drank as we casually watched the film. Her legs were tanned and naked ending in her high heels. Every now and then she would laugh and lean forward and her its would strain against her top and red bra underneath. I kept having to adjust to hide my rock hard cock. It’d never been this hard before. It was crying to get out and surprise her lips. When she bent over to take her shoes off. I tapped her ass as she got off the bed, “you’ll have to hit it harder than that later” she teased.

She got back on the bed and lied down, I slid m hands around her waist and pressed my body into the contours of her back. Letting my cock slide her dress up a little further. She let out a soft moan, barely there but enough to notice. I stroked her arm and thighs as we watched the film, going higher up to her skirt then back down to her knees feeling the goose bumps I was bringing up on her body. This was the real fun for me, the teasing, enjoying the moment. Her tits were rising and falling quickly now as she got more turned on. Pushing on her top as it strained against the fabric. Her nipples were visibly hardening, I slowly tickled along her leg and teased a finger across her panties, leaving her wanting more as if it was an accident, and nothing more. She turned away form the film onto her back.Her tits looked huge to me now as she was lying on her back, she bit her lip subtley as she looked into my eyes. My hand was on her stomach, it wasn’t flat, just slightly raised, perfect and warm and soft, just like her tits. I bent down to her and kissed her, she kissed me back her tongue was darting into my mouth to find mine. Her hand on my arm pulling my shirt away. She pulled away from the intense and passionate kiss, and said “I’m so tunred on, I just can’t wait anymore”. Her hand slid down to her panties and she moved the gusset. “ Make me cream before anything else happens”

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