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The Wonderfully Naughty Wizard of Oz (Ch9/P2)

Leandra took a quick look back at the knight and the gobkins, to see it any of them had moved towards her. When she knew it was safe she turned her attention back to Nikko.

"I want you to go back to the castle and find Zimo and Gotifri. Tell them to gather a small group of loyal soldiers and come to Mombi castle. I don't know how this is going to turn out and I might need their assistants. Have them stay hidden, until I signal them."

"How will you signal them, my queen."

"I will think of something. They will know it when they see it."

She heard the hoofs of the knight horse coming towards her. "Hide in the tree Nikko until we have moved on." He nodded and slide behind the large trunk of the tree. Leandra stood up and straighten out her robe. She spun around facing the knight. "All done, thanks for your concern." She walked back towards Dorothy, as the knight slide down off the horse. The knight walked over to the spot Leandra was squatting at and pushed it foot down into the ground. It was completely dry.

Leandra got back to Dorothy, but before she could say anything, a gobkin poked her in the back with his spear. "Alright, move it." Dorothy got up as they began to march again. The knight rode up beside Leandra, looked down at her, then moved up to the front of the column. They marched for another half hour before the sight of Mombi castle came into view.

"What is that Leandra."

"It's the Castle of Mombi."

"But she's dead, isn't she."

"Yes she is, but the gobkins now claim it as their home. And it would seem that they been busy rebuilding it."

Dorothy and Leandra stopped to get a full look at the castle. It sat on the edge of a cliff, that overlooked the wooden valley below. It's a tall standing rectangle shape, made of smooth black marble. It had a large stone wall that surrounded it. Guards were walking up and down along the top keeping watch.

The gobkins pushed Dorothy and Leandra, as the small party marched up to the black iron gate. A gobkin on top of the wall looked down at them and yelled,"Open the gate." The gate clanked up into the wall welcoming them into the large courtyard. The courtyard was filled with tents that housed more gobkins.

The knight got off its horse and lead Dorothy and Leandra to the black doors of the castle. The doors swung open, showing the grand hall of Mombi's Castle. A red carpet went up the middle of the hall, ending at the foot of the throne. They walked along the carpet surrounded by pillars of black marble that held up the high ceiling. The knight stopped in front of the throne and bowed. Sitting on the throne was heavy set gobkin. He was naked except for a cloth that covered its groin and a crown made of silver. A gobkin pushed Dorothy and Leandra down on their knees,"Kneel before Lord Omarion, Ruler of the Gobkins."

"Now, now, don't treat them like that, they are our guest. Who do I have the pleasure of welcoming into my house."

"My name is Dorothy Gale of Kansas."

"Ah the famous Dorothy. Its a great honor to meet you. Now who is your friend."

"I am Leandra, Queen of the Nome Kingdom."

Lord Omarion face turned from happiness to anger. "Queen of the Nome Kingdom, that's a nice title but I know what you really are. Your a witch and always will be one. A witch turned us into what we are today. Knight take Ms. Gale to the dungeons, leave the witch here."

The black knight grabbed Dorothy by the arm and lead her away down a flight of stairs on the side of the great hall. Dorothy looked back at Leandra, catching a quick glimpse. Watching as a guard walked up behind her and torn her robe off, seeing the Lord Omarion smiling at a naked Leandra.

"What are they going to do to her. Let me go. You have to stop them." But the knight said nothing. Dorothy was pulled down the stairs into the dungeon and thrown into a empty cell. The door slammed behind her, the knight just looking vacantly at her. Dorothy turned and stared down the knight. "Why don't you speak. Are you afraid to address me. Do you have no honor, do you have no courage to do what is right."

The knight reached up to its helmet and slowly pulled it off. Long flowing black hair came out, falling down on the armored shoulders. Dorothy was surprised to see the face, of a young indian woman. Her tan brown skin smooth in the light of the torches. She had bright green eyes and warm inviting pink lips. The armor was hard but Dorothy could tell she took care of herself under that armor.

"My name is Talika. I am from the Kingdom of Ix. I have been serving Lord Omarion for a year now."

Dorothy got closer to the bars. "Nice to meet you Talika. Do you know what they are going to do to my friend."

"She will be alright, Lord Omarion is just amusing himself with her. How long have you known her."

"I've known her for just a short time but she has protected me and been a good friend. Why do you ask."

"Why were you so far from Emerald City."

"We had just came from The Nome Kingdom over the Deadly Desert. Leandra said she had something to take care of, so I chose to come with her. Whats with all the questions."

"I think I know why your friend chose this way to come. Do you what the gobkins guard in the chamber above the throne room."


"It is The Broom of the Wicked Witch of the West. It was placed here by The Scarecrow, on orders from Queen Ozma. She was unable to destroy it so they charged the gobkins with protecting it. As long as they protect The Broom, they can live here under their own rules. It grants flight only to witches. Is Leandra a witch like Lord Omarion said?"

"She is the daughter of The Wicked Witch of the West and The Nome King."

Talika put her hand under her chin thinking. "Does she have The Magic Belt?"

Dorothy stepped back from the bars.

"Well, does she?"


"She's trying to collect them, if she does they might not be able to stop her."

Dorothy stepped back up to the bars,"Collect what? What do you mean?"

Talika got closer to the bars so no one could overhear her. "I think Ms. Gale your in terrible trouble. You see, there are magical items spread out through The Land of Oz. If one was to collect them together, they might be powerful enough to overthrow Queen Ozma and the other witches of Oz. I think that is what your friend Leandra is doing."

Dorothy couldn't speak, shocked by what she was hearing. Just then a gobkin came down the steps,"Black Knight, Lord Omarion request your presence in the throne room." Talika put her helmet under her right arm,"I'll try to keep watch over you but I don't know about your friend."

As the Talika walked away, Dorothy yelled from her cell,"She's not evil. Do what you must to save her." Talika didn't stop as she went up the steps to the throne room. As she got to the top of the stairs she could hear moaning. She walked into the throne room and saw Leandra being fucked by Lord Omarion.

Lord Omarion was still sitting on his throne but Leandra was on top of his cock. She had her ass facing him, straddling his cock. Lord Omarion was holding onto her forearms, pulling them back behind her. His thick dark cock shoving her pussy open with each thrust up. Her round green ass slapping against his round belly as she bounces up and down. Talika walked up and bowed,"My Lord you wanted to see me."

Omarion shoved up hard making Leandra scream. "Yes knight, did you get any information from Dorothy."

"No my lord, I will try again later."

He pulled Leandra down hard forcing his whole cock into her pussy. "Fuckinggg god dam it." Lord Omarion drew a big grin,"Hows that cock feel witch, you like that gobkin cock don't you." He shoved in and out real hard,"I said you like that gobkin cock don't you bitch." Leandra threw her head back,"Yes I love it."

Talika turned to walk away. "Wait knight, you know I haven't gazed my eyes on you lately." Talika turned facing him, then looked around the room looking at the gobkins that filled the throne room. Lord Omarion took the hint,"Clear the throne room." The gobkins marched out the room closing the doors behind them until only Talika, Leandra and Lord Omarion were left.

Talika placed her helmet on the floor. She unhooked her scabbard that housed her sword and placed it beside her helmet. She stood up and struck her chest plate three times and spoke,"I am the Black Knight, from birth to death." The armor began to constrict, from her feet and arms it converged on the cuirass, until only the chest plate was left. She slide it off, placing it with the helmet and sword.

"Mmmmm always lovely my Black Knight." Talika hair was now laying over her bare shoulders, as the air flowed over her naked body. Her body curvacious like a hourglass. Her natural 36C breast stood at attention. They were perky and firm from all her training as a knight. There laid a trimmed bush of black pubic hair on top of a tight pussy. Her ass round and plump.

Lord Omarion fucked Leandra harder pummeling her pussy with his thick cock meat. "After I'm done I want you to cut off this witches head." Leandra tried to fight but his grip was too strong. Talika walked up,"My lord wouldn't it be wiser to keep her alive and find out what she knows about the other kingdoms. She is a witch, maybe she knows where we can find other ones."

Omarion smiles,"If you want me to spare her life for now, you must prove your loyalty to me." Talika looked down at his cock,"I will my Lord." He let go of Leandra and pushed her off. He clapped his hands,"Someone take this witch to the dungeons." A gobkin came running in,"I'll take her right away my Lord." Talika pulled Leandra off the floor and stood her up. She leaned down by her ear,"I know who you are, stay away from Dorothy or you will never get The Broom." Leandra looked up into Talika eyes with anger before the gobkin grabbed her and pulled her down the stairs to the dungeons. Talika watched her be pulled away, then turned her attention back to Lord Omarion.

His cock was rock hard, slick with Leandra pussy juice. His cock was so thick and his hairy balls hanged off the edge of the throne. Omarion body covered in sweat, tapping his fingers on his big belly. Never was there more of a difference between beauty and a b**st. Talika looked around seeing the room empty. "They are all gone my knight. Only I am able to see you like you are now." She walked up and knelt in front of him. She held his cock at the base and looked up at him, he nodded and she knew what to do next.

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