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Caught Masturbating...PART 5

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Later that night after Tara had given me the handjob, my wife was finally in the mood for sex. But the whole time, I was thinking of Tara – wondering if this was what Tara’s nipples tasted like, if Tara’s pussy would feel so soft and smooth against my lips, and if her hole was tighter, wetter, or warmer than my wife’s. I couldn’t get my s****r-in-law out of my mind.

The next few days were hectic at work, and I didn’t have a chance to spend some “quality” time with my s****r-in-law. But our relationship was becoming even more intimate, even around my wife. Tara now rarely even wrapped a towel around her after her shower, and would casually walk the few feet from the bathroom to her bedroom totally nude. She even once did it in front of my wife. I was immediately worried that my wife would be suspicious, but she didn’t seem to mind. She told me later that her s****r had always been comfortable being naked around people, and figured that since Tara had lived with us for a while, she was slipping into old habits. But my wife DID say I had better not be looking…

Of course, I ignored my wife’s warning. I tried to imitate Tara’s actions, though I’m sure I didn’t look as sexy as she did. But when I had a chance, I would walk past her from the bathroom to my bedroom without any clothes on, and caught Tara’s eye a few times as she gazed at my flaccid penis.

Every night, after my wife went to bed, Tara would come and sit out on the couch with me in her nightshirt. She always made sure to lift her legs or shirt enough so that I could get a good view of her hips and panties. I loved how her nipples would get hard and poke out from behind the nightshirt – her breasts seemed protrude from her chest and to hang just right.

Finally, after several days, I got home early one afternoon before Tara. I sat on the couch and began surfing through some of my porn photos with the computer hooked up to the big screen TV. I was sure that Tara would be home any minute, and I was eager to see what she meant by “you can make it up to me.” I wondered if I would get my first chance to touch her beautiful body.

Tara came home soon and was hornier than usual.

“Fuck me, I’ve been waiting for us to be alone for a week!” she exclaimed, throwing her bag down and flopping on the couch next to me.

“I know – it’s been a while,” I said. “Although I finally had sex with Samantha the other night. First time since you’ve been here.”

“Yeah, I know. I heard you guys going at it the other night.”

“Sorry…didn’t know we were being loud.”

“Not loud…” Tara said bashfully. “But I was listening. I sat in my room and listened, imagining what you were doing to my s****r.”

“Just listening?” I asked.

“Well…I admit. I ended up playing with myself while I listening to you guys…It’s not my fault – you know how long it’s been since I had sex???”

I decided to confide in her. “I have a confession, too. I was thinking about you the whole time I was having sex with Samantha.”

Tara seemed to like the idea that I was thinking of her while having sex with her s****r. “Really? Maybe I’m having a bad influence on you. Maybe we should stop our little sessions!”

“No way,” I said. “I’m enjoying them too much.”

“Me too,” she said smiling. “Especially last time. It totally turned me on to touch you and make you feel good like that. I loved it.”

“I liked it too – it was unbelievable. I’ve never had a handjob like that before,” I admitted.

“My pleasure,” she said with a wink. “I had an ex-boyfriend who liked me to play with his ass, so I got some practice in. I used to be able to make him cum just by fingering his ass.”

“Really! I had no idea. I had an ex-girlfriend who did it to me a few times, but not like that. That was…a total turn-on.”

“Well, I liked making you feel good,” she said. “Now, what do you have for us to masturbate to today?”

“Let me see…” I found a photo set of a girl labeled “Britney” – she had C-cup tits that hung low, with big nipples and areolas. She had most of her hair around her vagina trimmed, and a big, fleshy labia stuck out from the middle of her slit.

“What do you think of her?” I asked as I skipped through the photos.

“She has a nice body,” Tara said. “What would you do to her if she was here right now?” She looked at me mischievously.

“I would let her straddle my face so I could lick that beautiful clit,” I blurted out, a little embarrassed.

“Wow – that would be fun to watch…” and then she added “or have done on me…”

I wasn’t sure if that was an invitation or not, but it turned me on. I started to get an erection and so I unzipped my jeans and pulled my penis out and began to fondle it to get it harder. Tara responded by taking off her shirt and pants so that she was sitting there in her black bra and panties. She slid her hand underneath her underwear and began to rub herself while she watched play with my hard penis.

I skipped through some more pictures, and soon the model was parting her pussy lips wide. Tara settled in and slid her bra and panties off. I still couldn’t believe how beautiful her body was. The sides of her pert, white breasts were magnificent; her hips were curvy and plump, and the line of her dark pubic hair that followed from her hips to her crotch was intoxicating. I watched as she used her left hand to spread her pussy lips and used her right to begin to rub her clit between her swollen, wet labia.

I pulled my pants off, keeping my shirt on. My erection was now at full attention, and I fondled my testicles while I stroked my hard cock. Tara watched me and licked her right middle finger before she started pushing it inside her hole. Her breasts bounced as she fingered herself.

“Go to another model,” Tara said. “Find a couple, maybe with some anal.”

I took off my shirt and then began looking for a model. “Sara & friend” caught my eye – the model was one of my favorites because I thought her body and even face looked like one of my first girlfriends. I opened up the folder and began skipping through pictures until the model was nude. She had a hairy bush and plump ass, and her tits were a big D-cup. She started to suck the man’s hard penis – which looked about the same size as mine.

“What do you think?” I asked Tara as I jerked off. “How are they?”

“He’s got a nice cock,” Tara said, “but too hairy. I like variety and all, but it’s best when guys keep their pubic hair trimmed really short.”

“Really? You don’t like pubic hair on a guy? What about mine? Is it too much?” I asked.

Tara looked at me smiling. “Yeah, you should trim it short – until it’s almost shaved. That would look hot.”

I kept her advice in mind – I was sure that the next chance I got, I would shave my crotch nearly bald.

Then Tara slid off the couch and kneeled in front of me. “Come here,” she said seductively.

I followed her and got on my knees right in front of her. My erection was sticking straight up, and it excited me to obey her orders.

Tara spread her knees so that her labia opened up. “You can touch me, if you want,” she said softly with an innocent smile. “Like I did to you the other day. You can play with me.”

My heart started going faster. I had waited for this moment when my s****r-in-law would let me touch her most private parts. “You sure?” I asked.

“Yeah, I’m sure. I want you to. Just…just with your hands, is all. I think we’d better keep going too far.”

I stared at her milky white tits perched in front of me and instinctively reached out to grab one. I cupped it in my hand and squeezed gently, feeling her soft, plump flesh in my hand. I felt her nipple against my palm and then began to fondle and squeeze it with my fingers. As I did so, Tara watched and her nipples on both breasts hardened.

I wanted badly to kiss and suck her breasts, but I thought that might be crossing a line. My cock twitched as I reached up with my other hand and grabbed her other boob at the same time. They were wonderful – the perfect size, soft, fleshy and plump.

“Touch me down there,” Tara said softly. “Play with me…”

I ran my right hand down her side, across her hip, and slid it down below her belly button until my fingers combed through her pubic hair. I reached farther down and felt her labia sticking out from her patch of trimmed hair. It was wet and moist, and she flinched when I brushed my fingers against it. I used my middle finger to find her clit and began to rub slowly and gently. I kept my left hand on her breast and squeezed her nipple.

I kept rubbing for a few minutes as Tara closed her eyes and moved her hips against my hand. I then slid my left hand around from her breast to her back, and lowered it until I felt her plump butt cheek. I grabbed her cheek and squeezed, then kept going lower until I felt the bottom of her ass. As I continued to rub her clit, I reached around and explored with my left fingers, eventually finding the very bottom of her ass crack. I moved my fingers closer to her asshole as I squeezed her cheek.

“Keep going,” she whispered. “Put your finger inside of me. I want to feel you inside me.”

I quickly put my middle finger in my mouth to get it wet and then stuck it back in her crotch. I felt below her clit and found her hole. It was warm and already dripping with her juices. I gently pushed my finger into the hole, feeling her warm flesh surround the tip of my finger. I used my thumb to tease her clit while pushing my middle finger in a little deeper, then withdrawing it, then pushing it back in. Soon I had my entire middle finger inserted into her dripping pussy. My left hand massaged her ass cheek and the tips of my fingers teased her asshole.

Tara was now moving her hips in rhythm to my hand, riding my finger to ecstasy. She reached down and grabbed my throbbing erection, squeezing it and jerking it just slightly. We were so close that my cock was nearly rubbing against her stomach. I put my head next to her neck and breathed close to her ear, letting her hear my excitement.

I started working a second finger into her pussy, and soon was shoving my middle and ring finger in and out of her. She got wetter and I felt the juices drip down my fingers onto my hand. Suddenly I felt her muscles spasm and clench around my fingers. I pushed harder and moved them inside her, feeling her squirm. She inhaled sharply and moaned, and I knew that she was having an orgasm.

It was too much for me. Her hand was squeezing my cock hard, and I started to ejaculate. The cum shot from my penis and went all over her stomach and hip, some of it even hitting the bottom of her breasts. I felt her nipple push up against my chest as she pulled closer. I kept shooting out semen that was now on both of us, as our bodies slipped and slid against each other with the hot cum between us.

She finally let go of my cock, and I withdrew my fingers from her crotch. I kept my left hand on her ass, holding it affectionately. She looked at me in the eyes, just inches from me, and as she spoke I could feel her breath on my face.

“That was amazing,” she said.

“I’m sorry about…well, you know…getting it all over you,” I said, a little embarrassed. “I couldn’t help it – I was so turned on I couldn’t stop.” I looked down and saw my semen covering her all the way from her right breast, on her stomach, and down past her hip and thigh. There was even some that had run down into the side and was mixing with her dark pubic hair.

“It’s okay,” Tara said. “I liked feeling you cum on me like that. That’s what made it so exciting.”

“I know – it was awesome to feel you so close to me,” I admitted.

Tara used her hand to wipe up some of my cum, sliding her hand up from her hip to her breast. “Just think about what it would feel like if you came inside me,” she said. “Can you imagine?”


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