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My Step-daughter's cunt

I married Jenny two years ago and things were going great I mean her pussy was some of the best I have ever sunk my cock into. We are both 37 I have enjoyed every minuet that my huge vein covered dick has spent lodged deep inside her pounding hard, slowly or gently. Her pussy manages to make me cum so hard and intense that I almost cry because of the amazing feeling of busting my nutt deep inside her cunt every time. I was a satisfied man when it came to regular good pussy, but then I my step-daughter Laura who had gone away for the summer came back home and she was not the girl I said good bye to. "oh shit Michael" I thought to myself because I knew I was gonna be tempted. She had turned 16 over the summer and in South Carolina Now let me start by saying that I love teen pussy! I mean there is nothing like it and I am also a freak and fantasize about taboo situations and a fantasy that has made me cum sh hard that I hit the wall or my face is one of me fucking my step- daughter only I never thought of my real step-daughter I fantasized that some young teen celebrity was one. Well that was until I saw my step-daughter, you see before she was a bratty little k** but now she was a young beautiful girl of 16 she was taller and looked 18 her hair was short and she wore her school girl uniform that her mom wanted her to try on and I had not seen her since her mom picked her up from the airport.

I stood there trying to control my erection, because I knew I needed this my fantasies were not enough I needed the real actual piece of tender teen cunt and the added bonus that it was gonna be my step-daughter all but made me shoot in my running shorts. I hurried out of the room and upstairs to the bathroom and milked my cock. I was jerking with such intense urgency it was almost as if I had no control and to be quite honest..i didn't. I was so horned that when I shot my load I was amazed at the power and volume of it. !4 huge jet streams of cum flew all over the wall, sink, mirror and toilet seat. It was so amazing that when I came I let out a moan and yell so loud and uncontrollably that my wife asked me if I was OK and after what seemed like the longest nut ever I managed to say through clenched a weak and slightly high pitched "I'm f-fine". I knew then you see that I had to fuck my step-daughter's fresh tight teen young 16 year old pussy. I did not have to wait long either I had the off from work and Laura had just come in from school. I had gotten high all day in the basement and Jenny left town for a week on business. I began to get a hard on and figured I would have myself an intense edging session and became pissed when I realized that my lube was upstairs. I was wearing my yellow runner shorts because I was gonna go for a run but had clearly changed my mind. To describe myself I have a runners body and I have always known that I have a nice build. I'm lean but muscular and I have black hair and bright blue eyes. I'm hot..sorry. I also have a 9 inch cock..please don't hate me. I had taken my shirt off my cock was literally hanging out of my short runner shorts and lie there and pulsed on my leg. I knew I had to risk a quick trip to the upstairs bathroom. I stood up and felt pre-cum run down my leg. I was just about to go back down in to the basement when I hear "Michael..oh my god" I froze my hear hard cock sticking out of my shorts a new bead of pre-cum formed at the tip which was swollen and deep red. My nipples were hard and though I knew it was wrong I wanted her to see me,it made me even hornier. "Laura..listen I.." that was all i got out before she stepped to me looking at me with those wide brown eyes.
She smiled and then with her small soft hand she caressed my cock. "O-O-OH..S-Shit" I gasped. "I want you to fuck me Michael" she whispered in my ear. "B-But your my step-daughter Laura no" I said trying to resist but moaning as she stroked my giant rod. "please fuck my teen pussy, I've wanted you all summer. I've fingered my little young teen hairless cunt all summer imagining it filled with your man cock. I promise I won't ell my mom..fuck me daddy" she said to me. I snapped I was gonna fuck some teen cunt and she was my step-daughter. "oh fuck it" I said and began to kiss the fucking hot bitch. "OH fuck step-daddy is gone beat that young teen pussy up baby girl, you promise just our secret right?" My cock was harder now that I think it has ever been in my life. I laid her down on the couch and sniffed her pussy through her panties and licked her too causing her pussy to get so wet that she completely soaked them. I pulled her panties to the side which revealed a smooth hairless fresh soft teen cunt. I began to eat her snatch and played with her small perky breasts. "Oh yes..o-oh ye-yeees" I ate her cunt like it was fucking five star meal...come to think of it it was. Soon my face was covered in pussy juice and oh did it smell good and was so fucking sweet. I took my bare cock and teased her clit with my huge swollen cock head.

She was so wet that her natural wetness had my cock covered and lubed. I slowly entered her warm fucking tight YOUNG TEEN hole and My eyes immediately rolled in the back of my head and I slid completely inside her young cunt "ooooooooh fuuuuuuck" I let out in a soft whisper and instant relief I knew that I was gonna have to use that edging practice because there was no way I was gonna cum quickly..i wanted to relish this barely legal 16 year old pussy. I slow fucked the bitch loving how perverted this was me fucking my teenage step-daughter and loving it. Her pussy was so fucking tight and warm "you fucking cunt you fucking cunt..take my cock bitch taaaake myyy cocoooock" I moaned as I fucked her with my running shorts still on" yes I am gonna cream pie some teen cunt today you want daddy's creme inside you?" I moaned as I fucked with such abandon, phrases fell from my lips that were so perverted, nasty, lustful, sexy "yeeeeees...J-Jes-u-ch-r-rii-oooh..mmmmm" was all I could say at one point barley able to get my words out because the pussy was that good. "oh shit your teen pussy feels so fucking good...aaaaaah fuckin my step-daughter young cunt"

I said as i watched my rock hard cock slide in and out. I pulled my cock and tesed her cunt with the tip of my cock. My cock was res deep red and my cock was really wet from her teen juices. All the veins in my cock pulsed as I slowly slid in the head of my cock and sank all the way in deep and began to fuck her cock deep. I felt her shudder under me and felt her pussy contract around my cock,I knew she was about to cum. "oh--oh-oh D-d-on't stop..harder ..HARDER...RIGHT THERE!....OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" she let out and bam! I felt that pussy tighten as she came. A 16 year old's pussy cumming on my cock was more than my expertly edged stamina could take and I lost it. "OOOOOHH MY GOOOOOO--AAAAAHHHHHH--FFFUUUUUCK" I moaned out as I pumped her three times and sank all 9 inches inside her. I have tried to describe the orgasm I had that day to many of my jerk buds and they all say they have had it but I don't know because when I came in my step-daughter tiny teen cunt it was truly and out of body experience. The combination of the weed (which was premo) and of course being inside that tiny teen pussy was something I will never for get and it happens every time I fuck her.

It's been risky but we mange to fuck with out her mother knowing although trust me I pounding Jenny's pussy more than enough. But i do look forward to those nights when Jenny is away I creep into Laura's bedroom after smoking a blunt I eat her hairless pussy and cum my load deep inside her young, tight, wet, warm,hairless, teen pussy like a good step-dad should.

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