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Taboo Orgy Part 10

Taboo Orgy Part 10.
This is a two part story for it’s so long.
Sorry friends for taking so long in letting you all know what Darren has in store for Ann but here it is and I hope you enjoy it.

Two weeks after the orgy Darren and his wife Ann were still talking about it. Ann would get horny thinking about all the things she did and had done to her. The biggest thing that turned her on the most was when she fucked her son Kevin. The second was watching her husband Darren fuck her daughter Sally to orgasm. The third and most bizarre was when her neighbours joined in. She was amazed at how much she liked the rough and brutal treatment of it all and wondered if it would ever happen again. Darren told her that they should have another orgy and maybe invite some more people. She was all for it and told him that she hoped it was soon.
Darren had finally worked out what was to happen to Ann as payback for her wanting him and Trevor to fuck on that night. She said that she would do anything without question if they fucked and now it was set in place.
The third week after the orgy he told Ann that they were going to have a nice dinner in the city and stay the night in a five star hotel. He said that they would need to leave around 1pm as he needed to see someone on a job site on the way through. It would only take him about half an hour and then they would be on their way. She was so excited and gave him a hug and a big kiss. She whispered that when they retire to their room on the night, he can do whatever he wants’ with her and that she couldn’t wait. Darren smiled and said, “Baby you’re going to love this Saturday as much as I am.”
Saturday came and they were on their way for what Ann thought was going to be a romantic and sexy weekend. Little did she know that Darren’s meeting was not for him but for her. It was going to be her payback and he couldn’t wait to see how she would react. As he drove the car he smiled to himself at how good of an idea he had prepared for her and no matter what, she had to go through with it.
They arrived at Darren’s site meeting and he parked beside a portable office block. He told her that he won’t be long as the workers have finished for the day and so will the boss. As she sat listening to the radio she watched some of the men leaving and her mind started thinking about sex. As more men passed her way they all gave her a nice smile as she picked out the ones in her mind that she would like to fuck. ‘So many men and all big and strong to choose from’, her mind raced as her cunt twitched.
Darren came out and was heading towards the car as he watched a worker was closing the main gate to the site. When he opened the door he asked if she would mind coming inside as it was cooler and he needed another fifteen minutes. “Sure, fine, why not,” she said as she hoped that there was a toilet nearby. Darren held her hand and led her through the door into a long room where a man with his back to them was leaning over a table pretending to be reading some plans. He heard her high heels on the hard floor and turned around to be greeted.
“Rick” she called out in total surprise when she saw him. “What are you doing here” she said greeting him with a hug and a kiss.

“I’m running this job site and have been here for a few months. I must say Ann, you’re looking so beautiful, and how have you been.”
Rick is her b*****r in-law and she didn’t like him all that much but stayed nice as account of her s****r Jenny. The last time she saw him was when Darren and him had a few words and they left his house instead of staying the night.
“Thank you Rick, I’ve been good, and you?”
“Well you know me, always busy.”
“So what sort of business are you two doing together to keep my husband away from me” she asked.
The two men looked at each other and they both wondered who was going to tell her. Rick said, “Well Darren, are you going to tell her or am I.”
Ann smiled at both of them and asked, “What’s going on?”
Darren decided that it was time she knew of his plan as he moved closer towards the door in fear that she might take off.
“Well honey it’s like this. You remember a promise you made to me on a curtain night we had not long ago, and I know that you remember that night; well this is going to be your payback.”
“So how do I pay you back?” she asked with a smile on her face.
“Well in short, we are going to have some fun in here before we go into the city.”
“You mean, we are going to fuck each other,” she said.
“If that’s alright with you Ann,” said Rick.
Looking straight in her husband’s eyes with a lustful grin she thought for a moment and then said, “Rick, I want you to fuck our brains out right in front of my husband and I don’t care how we do it. Is that ok with you?”
“Fuck yes its ok with me. I’ll fuck you anyway you want it.”
“Oh no Rick; not how I want it but however you want to fuck me. Do I make myself clear?”
“You’re going to wish you didn’t say that after I’ve finished with you Ann.”
“Don’t bet on that Rick, don’t bet on that.”
Rick looked at Darren and wondered if he would step in and stop him from going to hard on his wife. He was hoping that he could fuck her more than once and that she didn’t want to leave after she had an orgasm. He was going to fuck her hard and if she showed she could take it then he was going to fuck her harder again.
She needed the bath room and asked Rick for directions and to be ready for her when she returned.
When she left the room Rick looked at Darren and said, “I going to fuck her hard. Is that alright with you?”
“Rick, if you don’t fuck her like a slut then you’ll kiss this chance good bye.”
“You fucking beauty. I thought you were pulling my leg Darren and now I’m going to fuck your horny wife right in front of you.”
“I know and you can fuck her any way you want to.”
Before Ann entered the room she removed her knickers to give to Rick for a souvenir of what was to come. She was so horny that she couldn’t wait to start and when she returned she went straight to Rick and kissed him deep. He was sitting on the edge of his desk with his cock in his hand and as they darted their tongues in each other’s mouths she grabbed it and started stroking it. He pulled her hair back and said, “I’m going to fuck the shit out of you Ann so I hope you’re ready for it.”
“Oh I’m ready for it Rick don’t you worry. Why don’t you shove your hand between my legs and find out.” He did and was aroused at how wet she was. She moaned and pulled harder on his erect cock when he inserted a finger into her cunt. He finger fucked her hard and she pushed and pulled harder on him as they kissed. Her cunt was on fire and her legs started to tremble with every deep thrust of his finger. Rick knew she could take more as her juices were spreading around his hand. He pulled out and quickly inserted two fingers in her as deep as he could. She broke their kiss and whispered to him to shove another finger into her. He did and she squealed at the f***e of her cunt walls being spread so roughly. The harder he was on her, the harder she was with his cock. She was twisting and pulling him with a tight fist and he moaned. With her arm around his neck for support she knew she needed to hold on as she felt an orgasm approaching. “Harder, faster, give it to me Rick,” she breathed in his ear.
Darren saw her legs trembling as Rick fingered her towards an orgasm. He moved in closer towards his wife to catch her if she fell when her orgasm kicked in. Just as he took his first step he heard her scream.
Ann was screaming and grunting at Rick not to stop as her contractions gripped his fingers through her orgasm. Her hips bucked up and down on his fingers for a deeper penetration as her breathing became rapid. With a tremble in her voice she begged Rick not to stop. She still had hold of his cock but was using it more for support than for his own pleasure. He didn’t mind as he was busy giving her cunt what it needed.
Darren came up behind her as her body went into spasms and Rick told him to lay her down on the deck. Darren did as he was asked and rolled her on her back while Rick kept bagging his fingers into her wet cunt. She felt like a rag doll but still managed to keep her legs up with Ricks fingers still inserted inside her.
Ann rubbed her clit to enhance her climax as Rick wiggled his fingers against her cunt walls while he tried to lift her top to expose her large breast.
“Oh fuck I’m still cumming,” she yelled. He f***ed her bra up over her breast and grabbed it with f***e and she screamed as her head thrust forward. He pushed down into her cunt as he leaned in and sucked her tit into his mouth as hard as he could. Stabbing his three fingers into her he felt her trying to close her legs tight and squeeze his fingers out. He was having none of it as he pushed down harder and bit on her erect nipple. She was gasping and grunting with every shove as her head thrashed about. Rick was amazed at how powerful her orgasm hit her and was equally amazed at how hard she worked to prolong it. Just when he thought she was coming down from her high, he felt her inserting not one but two of her own fingers into her wet cunt and fuck herself hard. Panting with every thrust of her fingers she looked at him with pleading eyes for another orgasm. He got the massage and followed her fingers stroke for stroke. She smiled and said, “Yeah baby that’s it, stretch my fucking cunt, fuck it hard Rick.”
Darren helped by holding one of her legs up as he pulled out his rock hard cock and started stroking it.
Ann kept stabbing herself in time to Rick’s fingers with lust in her eyes while looking at him. He now had hold of his cock and felt the precum oozing onto his fingers and decided to give her a taste. When she saw his fingers coming to her mouth she knew what he had for her. It was all too much when she tasted it and she sucked his fingers as hard as her orgasm hit. With one continues moan she quickened the pace in her cunt and Rick followed her. Her body bucked all over the desk as they fucked her cunt with brutality. Darren was holding her leg and trying to spread her open as Rick was grunting with every thrust and Ann was screaming for more. “Don’t fucking stop, don’t you fucking stop, ohhhhh fuckkkkkkk, yessssssss,” she screamed as her body tensed. Rick pushed as deep as he could and held her down with all his weight. Her breathing was trembling in time to her body. Cunt juice had run out past her anus and onto the desk as her body squirmed about.
Rick was amazed at how hard she was taking it and decided to see how much more she could take. He pulled his three fingers out and removed her hand away and as she looked up at him in confusion he shoved four of his fat fingers slowly into her.
With a quiet panting voice she begged, “Fist fuck that cunt, quickly, please fist me,” while spreading her lips apart. Her pulled out and twisted his fist over her opened cunt and leaned in and slowly pushed into her. Panting with every squeeze of her cunt muscles around his fist she grabbed his arm and pulled on it hard. When Rick hit half way she screamed out and dug her nails into his arm. He pushed in deeper as her orgasm ignited again. He twisted inside her and she started pulling on his arm to be brutally fucked with it. He understood what she wanted and started fucking her hard and fast. She managed to lean forward and wrap her hand behind his neck and pull herself up as she grunted and squealed with the fucking action her cunt was getting. Throwing her head back she screamed as wave after wave of uncontrollable contractions took over her cunt. Every nerve was making her body spasm as she took on the brutality. She didn’t want it to ever stop and with every f***eful thrust from Rick’s fist it just prolonged the orgasm. Unable to hold herself up she collapsed back down on the desk and f***efully squeezed her breasts that were burning. She surrendered to her body and didn’t care what was done to it now. Rick knew she was spent when she started blabbering with her breathing. He looked down to see his hand buried in her cunt as white churned cunt cream oozed out of her. Twisting his fist against a trembling cunt was amazing. He decided it was time for something different and pulled out slowly. He had never seen anyone do this before with such f***e that he was so turned on and wanted to cum.
“So Darren, I can do whatever I want to her?” he asked. Darren was wondering what he had in mind and said, “Yes.”
Rick went around the desk to Ann’s head and started masturbating over her face. Darren asked him if he minded if he could join him and he nodded his head.
Ann opened her eyes when she heard Darren’s voice and was happy to see Rick in front of her. She quietly said, “Cum in my mouth Rick and please don’t hold back.” Darren decided to wait as he saw Ann gently stroking her wet cunt. It only took a couple of jerks and Rick started moaning. Ann opened wide and tried to f***e her head up to engulf his cock. Rick raised her head and placed the tip of his cock in her mouth just as the first blast shot out. She started rubbing herself a bit harder as she swallowed the first load quickly waiting for the next. She loved the taste of cum and it drove her crazy to know that it was because of her that made it happen. Blast after blast filled her mouth and she swallowed it all. As Rick jerked forward with every blast, Ann sucked him as hard as she could. With the final release he leaned forward to support himself on the desk and his cock was engulfed down her throat. Ann rubbed her clit to a blur and wondered if she could squeeze another orgasm out. Sucking his spasming cock as hard as she could she inserted two fingers into her wet cunt and cupped her hand over her clit and squeezed as hard as she could. Another orgasm hit her that centred at her cunt as Rick pinched her exposed nipple. She moaned as it hit her and Rick was amazed how sexual his s****r in-law is.
Feeling his cock start to soften he decided to see how she was going to take another load of cum from Darren. As he moved away he gave her a passionate kiss and said thank you. She looked into his eyes and with a tremble in her voice she said, “We haven’t even started yet Rick.”
Darren smiled at the shocked look on Rick’s face as he passed and said, “She’s right Rick, we’ve only got her warmed up.”
When Darren stood over Ann’s face he said with a smile, “Hi babe, having fun?” “You know I am baby so how about you energize me for more.”
He kissed her hard as he pulled himself and when she broke their kiss he knew she wanted his cock. It was covered in precum and it sparked Ann to another level. From nowhere she found the strength to roll over the desk and get on her hands and knees exposing her ass to Rick. Rick saw all her cunt juice shine on her thighs and ass cheeks and liked it.
As Ann got ready for her husband’s cock, Darren asked her where she wanted it. “Face fuck me hard baby, face fuck me hard,” she said. He grabbed her face with both hands and fed her his cock nice and slow. She moaned to his taste as he fucked her slowly. When she was ready to be fully face fucked she would give him the signal by thrusting her head back and forth. She sucked him deep and held him there and then pulled back and sucked just the head. Darren moaned as she covered his cock in hot saliva and felt like he was going to cum too soon. “Baby it’s not going to take me long if you keep.” Before he finished saying “Doing this,” she started thrusting her head. He grabbed her by the back of her head and started fucking her throat. She gagged as she tried to suck and close her mouth around him. With every thrust he would call out, “Yeah you filthy fucking slut. Take that fucking cock down your fucking throat. That’s it slut, work for that fucking load.” Saliva was now stretched from her mouth to the desk as her face went red and tears ran down her cheeks.
Rick was watching the whole show and thought that Darren was going too far until he saw Ann slide her hand over her cunt. Two of her fingers entered her cunt as Darren fucked her harder and harder. He could hear Ann trying to breathe through her nose as she gagged on his cock. The brutality was turning him on more and more and when she started to finger fuck herself he knew she loved it. He played with his balls as he watched her and then decided to see what she would do if he licked her ass while being face fucked. He spat on her anus and when his tongue licked it she pushed back onto him.
When Rick felt her push back against his tongue he knew that he was going to fuck it soon. He pulled on his cock hard to use in her ass as he licked between her ass hole and cunt hole. He felt her body heave as she gagged on Darren’s spurting cock and he wondered what she might think when he shoves his cock up her ass. Pulling away from her ass he rubbed her cunt juice around her ass hole and slowly pushed one finger in.
Ann managed to remove herself from Darren’s face fucking cock to yell out, “Fuck my ass quick, come on, fuck my ass,” and returned back to getting face fucked.
Rick removed his finger and with a devilish grin, aimed the head of his cock at her hole and slowly fed her his whole length. With a full mouth she could manage a squeal as he entered her. His cock grew harder and he started sawing into her slowly. Ann needed more and rocked back into him with an urgent need to be fucked faster. Rick decided to give her ass the hardest fucking he could until he came again. The tightness around his shaft was starting to give in and he fucked into her harder and deeper.
By now, Darren had had enough and released Ann’s head and sat down. When she was free of him she started abusing Rick with all sorts of names. “You dirty fucking bastard. Do you fuck my s****r up the ass? Well do you cunt?” she yelled. He stopped fucking into her as he replied, “No I don’t but seeing that you seem to be quite able to take it Ann, I’m sure going to find out if she likes.”
“Yeah, well let me know if she likes it like this.” With that said, she inserted four fingers in her cunt and told Rick to fuck her hard. Rick felt her fingers through the thin wall against his cock and started banging into her as hard as he could. Thrusting into her deeper and faster was causing the desk to move. He was building a sweat as Ann grunted with every thrust. She was concentrating on her own pleasure as she brutally scrapped against the inside of her cunt. The extra thrill was feeling Rick’s cock banging against her fingers through her stretched ass. Her orgasm was nearing and she knew that it was going to hit her with a great deal of f***e. She quickened the pace by pushing back against Rick’s pounding cock and started crying out, “Oh yes Rick, fuck me harder, don’t stop, please don’t stop fucking meeeeeee, yessssssssss, ohhhhhhh, god, fuck, yesssssssss.” Her body bucked and Rick had to hold her hips as hard as he could. He kept fucking into her as hard as he could as she orgasmed and he felt her ass contracting around his cock. He was about to cum and kept fucking her harder and harder. Ann was screaming but he didn’t give a fuck about her. He wanted to unload into her for his own pleasure. She was still begging him not to stop as she f***ed her fingers to the back of her cunt. Her cunt muscles were gripping her fingers and Rick’s cock pounding away in her ass was intensifying her orgasm. This is what she needed; Brutal f***e against her uncontrollable body. “And the best was yet to come,” she knew.
Rick started grunting and Ann knew he was going to cum. Her body was going to be totally full. With her fingers in her contracting cunt and a fat cock in her ass, all that was needed was an ass full on hot shooting blasts of sperm.
Rick yelled out, “I’m fucking going to fill your fucking ass, I’m going to fucking cum, oh fuck yessss.” He fucked into her as blast after hot blast unloaded into her. This is where her body becomes its own. With her orgasm still working over body, the final feeling of hot cum filling her ass sends her over the edge that sometimes evens gets frightening.
The first hot blast she feels makes her orgasm kick in another gear and she gets the more her body takes over. The contractions are so intense in both her holes that her bowels kick in and make her want to shit herself. With the thrusting in her ass and the stabbing of her hand, her mind shuts down and she lets her body do whatever it wants. She takes what Rick gives her and enjoys her thrill ride.
Rick jerks forward with the last remaining shots of cum until he is totally wasted. He leans forward and gasps the words, “That was fucking unbelievable,” and then pulls out. As his cock slips out of her and he sees her hole gaping in spasms and then sees it shit out a wet spray of his cum.
“Oh fuck yeah Ann,” he says and then shoves two fingers in her ass. He quickly pumps his fingers into her and then abruptly pulls them out until she farts out another spray of cum. Again and again he does this until he knows she has had enough. He rewards her by feeding his two fingers into her mouth and she tries to suck them. Her body is spent and Rick decides that their afternoon of fun is over.
“So Rick, what do you think? You think she’s warmed up and ready for the rest of it.”
“Are you serious? She’s fucked out Darren and there’s no way she can want more.”
“More,” said a quiet voice from the desk.
Rick looked at Ann in total surprise and then looked at Darren who was smiling back at him.
“Darren, are you sure you want me to bring in the other guy’s in because I can order them to go home and It will be ok,” said Rick.
Ann managed the strength to sit herself up when she heard about other guy’s and said, “You have men out there waiting to fuck me and you want to send home Rick? Are you fucking crazy? Bring them in Rick, I can handle a dirty little gangbang.”
As she looked at Rick she could see that he thought she was joking and f***ed her hand to rub her clit to prove that she was ready. And she was. The thought of her f****y orgy reminded her of the lust she had found in herself and how turned on it made her feel. The dirtier it was the more she wanted it. Now she wanted to know how bad she could be with a bunch of total strangers and to make her feel so good. The pain will be worth it but the pleasure will be better.

To Be Continued.

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