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In the dark

this happened 3 years ago.

I was at this small party wasnt very many of us there there was me, and to of my buddies and three girls Debbie, and this hot red head I had a crush on named Sara she wearing tight blue jean shorts and a sexy belly shirt well we were drinking a few beers and watching a movie and it was storming outside when all of a sudden the lights went out for a few seconds and came back on well I got up to go to the ketchen and then Sara came in.

Just then the lights went out and stayed out this time it was pitch dark in the kitchen I turned around and walked right into Sara sorry I said she said it was ok Allen oone of my friends asked if we wre ok I said yes He said ok I think the lights are going to be for awhile I goingin upstairs to get some candles just then Sara unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out I istantally became hard I asked what are you doing ? She shh i always wanted to do this to you She then licked the end of my cock then she deep throated me taking all 7 inches of me in her throat she sucked and strocked my cock faster and faster I put my hand on the back of her head as as she sucked me I felt my balls tighten and I told her I was cumming , she just kept sucking my cock I shot my load in four quick burst and she just sucking every drop and just as I cumed the lights came on she got up real quick wiped her mouth off as I zipped my pants up and buttoned them , She whispers in my ear follow me home when we leave here and i will show a goood time I dont know if the othere herd us or not and I didnt care that they were only 20 feet away nothing could ruin my night

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