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The Wonderfully Naughty Wizard of Oz (Ch9/P1)

Dorothy could feel the sunrise on her face. She cracked her eyes open and looked down. Leandra had fallen asl**p with Dorothy left nipple in her mouth, sucking on it like a thumb. Dorothy smiled, opened her eyes and looked up at the blue sky but saw the end of a spear inches from her face. The spear was being held by a hunched over green creature.

It was a little smaller then Dorothy but was very muscular. Its skin was a deep hunter green color. The skin looked slimy but was not dripping any. It had long fingers with broken nails on the end. It had single ragged cloth that covered its chest and groin. Over top the cloth it had a metal cuirass covering its chest. Dorothy looked pass the spear to see two red eyes staring down at her. She shook Leandra,"Wake up, wake up, we have a problem."

Leandra pulled her mouth from Dorothy nipple. She rubbed her eyes,"Whats the matter." She looked up and saw the creature, who pointed the spear at Leandra face now.

Dorothy looked around to see if anymore were around, but it was only the one standing over them. "What is it?"

"It's a gobkin. They were munchkins that were transformed by the witch Mombi. Once Mombi died they thought they would transform back to their original forms, but didn't."

The gobkin leaned down and looked into Leandra eyes,"Your smart. Smart people are dangerous." It reach behind it and pulled out a horn. It blew it as hard as it could, the sound echoing through the valley. Dorothy and Leandra sat up shocked to see, about thirty gobkins standing up out of the tall grass. They too were carrying spears and had chest armor like the first one. They moved in closer to the friends and point their spears at them. Leandra reached down touching The Magic Belt, stopped when she heard the gallop of a horse riding up to them.

The black horse rode up between the gobkins, who all bowed as it rode by. It stopped right in front of Dorothy and Leandra. On top sat a knight in solid black. The armor gleamed in the morning sunlight. The only color that stood out was the ivory ram horns that adorned the sides of its helmet and the face of the ram on its chest plate. The face plate was down covering its face. Leandra stood up, staring up at the knight,"We demand an audience with your lord." The knight sat there motionless, then turned the horse around and waved for the gobkins to bring them. They grabbed their clothes and dressed as they were pushed in the direction the knight rode.

They walked through the high grass surrounded by gobkins as the knight lead the way. Dorothy tried to make conversation,"Excuse me. Whats your name. Where are you taking us", but the knight never made any attempt to acknowledge her. It just keep its stride to a steady pace.

The sun moved directly over them signaling midday. They stopped in a vast field to feed. The gobkins passed between them a sack which they pulled pieces of meat from. There was a single tree in the distance which offered some shade but not enough for everyone, so the knight did not bother to stop there. Dorothy pulled out a piece of fruit she still had, as Leandra walked up beside the knight who stood watch on top of its horse. "Excuse me ,I have to pee, do you mind if I go over to that tree. I don't feel like doing it in front of everyone." The knight nodded yes and Leandra made her way to the tree.

As she got close to the tree she could hear weeping. She got under the shade of the tree, which was looking at her with big brown eyes. It was alive and crying.

"Do you know where the other trees have gone. I'm all alone. All my friends are gone." Leandra looked back seeing the knight had turned its head and was looking at her. She waved and squatted down, hiking up her robe. The tree keep crying,"Can you help find my friends. I'm so lonely." Leandra looked up at the tree,"Shut the fuck up or all burn you to cinder." The tree closed it mouth not wanting to be cinder.

"Nikko you up there?" Leandra looked up into the tree, seeing a winged monkey appear on a branch.

"I am here my Queen and I have brought with me The Golden Cap.

"Throw it down." The monkey tossed the cap by her. Leandra reached up under her robe and pulled her belt off. She laid The Magic Belt flat across the grass and placed The Golden Cap onto of The Magic Belt. She placed her hands over both and closed her eyes.

"Let those that are two become one. Let the father and the mother join to become the daughters gift." The Golden Cap began to melt over the The Magic Belt turning the once silver belt into gold. The gold wrapped itself around and harden becoming one. She held the belt up smiling at her work and wrapped it around her waist. She looked up at Nikko,"Now let me tell you what I want you to do next."

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