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My Bitch 2

Went out the other night with some b*****rs that ride with me.
We went to a club in a town just a few miles north of where we live.
Its a rock club that plays older rock and some new stuff. We were sitting around checking out a few women, compareing their wares and if we had or were going to try to fuck any of them. As we were on the second or third round of drinks, my cell rang. I knew it was my Bitch from the ring (see my Bitch 1) When I picked up the phone I just said" Get your ass to ----- Club" and hug up.
I told the guys we were going to have fun tonight. They knew she was comming, but we were all suprised when she walked into the club.She had brought her "boyfriend". He didnt know I was going to be there, but thought they were going out to get d***k and he MIGHT get Lucky. HA HA The joke was on him.
When they walked into the club, She spotted me right away, but he didnt see us till they were almost on top of us. Then he just turned pale. He knew He wasnt going to get anything but humiliated that night.
Brandi came to me,and right off got on her knees and bowed to me, right in front of the whole club. She asked me to be good to her Please, because she was still sore from two nights before when she was at a party we had and she had taken 18 b*****rs. I just laughed and said that we would see, but first she had to be punished for bringing her thing with her. She started crying and saying she was sorry but couldnt get away without him. I told her Tuff shit Bitch and grabbed her tit and pinched the nipple hard enough for her to whine loudly, "please no its still hurting from the lst party". I told her to shut up and take the punishment like the GOOD Bitch she is. I told her "boyfriend" to get his ass over to her. He hesitated and i pinched her tit again hard enough she screemed at him to do as I said. He walked over to us, and one of my buddies stuck out his foot and tripped him. He fell face first onto the floor and his face landed in her ass. I told him NOT to touch her again without my permission and kicked him in the ribs. I then told her to get up and take two of my buddies outside and blow them, then I told her "boyfriend" he was to go out and watch her Service them. He followed them outside. About 20 others in the Club went out to watch and take pictures of them. When they got their nuts off in her face they all came back into the club, everyone talking about they wished they had been on the recieving end of that show. She came back over and kneeled down on my right side and as the night went on she woulld get up and get our drinks, and snacks as we wanted. Her boything just sit against the wall and watched her do Everything we told her to. At onetime she crawled under the table and sucked us all off one at a time. Some of the guys would get up and trade places with others, and some of the women would get a chair and Brandi would eat them out till they screemed. She came out from under the table just as the local P.D. came into the club to make their nightly rounds. She was on her knees beside me as a good bitch should be when the cop came over and ask her if she was ok? (She still had a glob of spunk on her cheek and some dripping down her neck. She refused to talk to the cop, and I told him she was a good bitch and doesnt talk to anyone without My permission. He just laughed and reached down wiped the glob from her cheek and hheld it to her mouth. She looked at me for permission, I said goahead it was ok, and she opened her mouth and sucked his finger all the way into her mouth and cleaned the goo off his finger. He just laughed again and walked away.
It was getting to be closing time, so I asked the Owner of the club if we could stay awhile. She said only if she had some of that sweet pussy over there.
I said no problem as long as she was going to suck my cock for the right to have her. DAMN she could suck cock. She closed the club down, while Brandi was sucking 3 cocks that had gotten stuck in her face. Another was stuck up her ass. Brandi's "boything" was just watching as a good toad should. After she got the club shut down and everyone we didnt want there out the door, She came over to me and Dropped my zipper and snaked my cock out of my pants. she sucked me for 4 or 5 minutes, and I unloaded in her mouth. She didnt swollow it but went over to the "Boything" and open mouth kissed him. He started to kiss her back and realized he was drinking MY cum from her mouth. He got pale and spit it out very fast. Upon seeing this Brandi got up went over to him and slapped the shit out of him.Telling him what an ass he was for waisting all that good cum, then licked it all up off him, the floor and then went over to the club owner. She then remembers she had done all this without asking for permission. She looked at me with fear in her eyes, I told her it was ok so she then kissed the Owner of the club and gave her the spunk she had cleaned up with her mouth.
We all had a go at Brandi a couple more times and the club owner asked if she be a sub to Bill, Think she might be a good addition.

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