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The Birthday Party

Warning - contains fisting and other extreme references - do not read if this not your interest area. Otherwise enjoy!

For Jeni

An approaching birthday is always cause for excitement, and this year was no exception. It had been almost a year since that fateful day at the pool, when you had been initiated into some of the city's more specialised pastimes, and it had been a year like no other. A year of pushing your body - and mind - to it's limits and beyond. A year of exploring new sensations, new practices, and new techniques. A year of developiong new friendships, and appreciating just how much more varied and fulfilling - to say nothing of arousing and exciting - life as a lesbian could be. Your decision when you were 18 not to try and oppose the instincts you had felt for several years was feeling completely justified. And now you had been told that some of your friends were planning a little get-together for your birthday, and although you had not been given any details, you were sure it involved something other than a shopping trip followed by dinner. Various hints were being dropped, to the extent that whenever you thought of it your pussy could not help but give a tingle of anticipatory excitement.

Following the realisation of your initial squirting fantasy, you were now adept at fisting - both pussy and ass - and were exploring - with certain trusted girlfriends - ever deeper penetration in your highly adaptible ass. You had also - joy! - finally got to the stage where you could prolapse your ass on demand, producing a very respectable rosebud, which continued to be able to electrify your brain in a way that no other sexual practise was able to, all the more so when said rosebud was being caressed by another girls moist tongue. You had become a regular in the circle at the Rose Garden, the monthly get together for girls who wanted to explore this practice to it's limits. And you had also begun to experiment with larger and larger object insertion, beginning with an inflatable butt-plug, but rapidly progressing to the almost obscenely large didos that your inspirations such as Roxy, Jayda and Alysa were able to use. You had, in short, become a core member of a group of girls who obsessed themselves with hardcore lesbian, particularly anal, activity. And it felt very good! The only sadness emanated from the lack of a regular partner in the social sense - while you were very close to all the girls in the circle, you had not yet bonded on an emotional level, and were not sure that any of them felt quite right. While there were girls in the real world you undoubtedly fancied, and felt could provide more suitable partner material, your interests were such that you thought they were unlikely to be shared by anyone not already active in the scene, and felt not unreasonably nervous of opening up to anyone on the outside.

But that was a minor point. As you walked down the street, you were focussed on the next couple of days before the Saturday when the party was to be held. You had been shopping, but not in the 5th Avenue boutiques. You had finally save up enough to buy some real "fuck me" killer heels - black patent 6" stilettos with thick platform soles, that raised you butt and stretched the backs of your legs when wearing them. You could barely totter along on them, but realised that while wearing them relatively little time would be spent on your feet. A black bondage type dress - a bit like a cargo net, with wide cloth straps that circled your body, but leaving full access to all the critical areas. And finally some latex stockings. A few of the girls had these, and you always loved the feeling, but had never worn any yourself. Trying them on in the shop, you could see why they were so popular - the tight feeling gave a slightly constrained feel, but the tightness of the smooth material to the skin underneath transmitted instantly the stimulation being applied - possibly even magnified by not being in direct contact.

Your pussy and ass were tingling just from the thought of it, and you felt a familiar dampness start to develop in your panties. Thank goodness that had not happened in the shop! Every now and again, you used the pretext of moving the bags to allow your hand to brush against your pussy, and the feeling of doing this in broad daylight surrounded by pedestrians felt unbelievably exciting. It being a warm day, most of the girls in the street were wearing short skirts and halter tops, and you played a game of trying to catch their eyes as they walked along to see if any would hold your gaze. Most looked away quickly , but every now and again one would hold your gaze until you had walked past. When this happened your heart skipped a beat. A couple even gave a very definite hint of a smile, and you saw their eyes flick over your body - as yours had done theirs - and this helped the dryness of your panties not in the slightest. You had had an occasional fantasy about being involved in a lesbian orgy with a bunch of women you had never met before, and the response from some of the girls fuelled that fantasy even further. You felt a hollow in your stomach, and your nipples tingled - glancing down your saw them poking very distinctly through your blouse - and realised that they must have been very noticeable to the girls you had been eyeing. That explained the response! But you were not yet confident enough to approach girls on the street, so passed on by with your pussy getting progressively damper.

Arriving home, you could not wait to drop the bags on the floor, and slip our of your clothes. Applying a water based lube to your legs, you slid the latex stockings onto your legs and strapped the shoes to your feet. The extra height made you totter slightly, but the sight of yourself in the full length mirror caught your breath. My God you looked good! Laying back on your bed, you selected a favourite vibrator, and stretched your legs as wide apart as you could possibly make them. Your pussy lips - by now fully drenched - spread open, and you played with the head of the vibrator on your clit and around the entrance to your vagina. Licking your fist to lubricate it, you slid one hand inside your hungry cunt, and after a couple of minutes vigourous twisting and thrusting, an orgasm ripped through your body. The spasm lasted over a minute as your body contorted on the bed, pointing your legs and squeezing your fist deep inside you. You really should go shopping like that more often!

You did not sl**p well on Friday night. A combination of hot autumn weather, and nervous excitement about the following day combined to make the night long and, in more ways than one, sticky. The hours before the evening ticked by impossibly slowly, as if time wanted to delay the start of the activities. But eventually the appointed hour approached, and, taking a cab downtown, you trembled with anticipation. The party was to be held in the same club that the Rose Garden meetings were held, as none of the apartments were spacious enough for a large party. As you waited for the buzzer to release the door, you fidgeted nervously. Under the full length coat you were wearing the dress purchased a couple of days earlier, along with sheer black stockings, the new shoes and a satin thong. Your firm breasts were held in only by the cargo dress, and you could feel your already erect nipples chafing against the coat. "Dress Prepared" the invitation had said - and you thought you had achieved just the right result. After what seemed like an age, the buzzer sounded, and the door pushed open. Taking a deep breath, you stepped inside.

Unusually, all was dark. As you took a few tentative steps down the hall trying to find a light switch, you suddenly felt your arms being grabbed and pinned behind you. At the same moment, a hood was thrown over your head, and more hands seized your shoulders. Your breath was by now coming in short bursts, and the pit of your stomach melted. You felt the hands removing your coat, and heard a few admiring murmers as the watchers took in what was underneath. You were then propelled carefully down the stairs into the lower floor, and you sensed that you were being taken into one of the basement play rooms. Still gripped tightly, you were pushed one way and another, and you could smell the excitement and heady aroma of aroused women even through the hood. Finally, you were released apart from your arms, which were kept pinned behind you. You heard the click-click-click of a pair of stilettos as they circled around you, but could see nothing. You could smell the perfume of the girl in front of you, smell her warm, hot pussy and sense her presence, but nothing was said. The tension was unbearable. You felt you own pussy quiver. And then she spoke. "Hello Jeni" you heard. And your stomach, which had been full of butterflies, turned to ice.

Although well established in the circle, you had always felt a little nervous of meeting someone you knew from the "outside", but to date this had not presented itself as a problem. The voice, however, was most definitely from someone in real life, and furthermore, it was the voice of a girl you had fancied for quite some time. Ashley was taking a number of the same classes at college as you, and although you had exchanged smiles and even had coffee together on a number of occasions, the right moment had never presented itself to enquire delicately around her sexuality. You suspected she might be bi, but she also had a legion of male admirers, and seemed to go out of her way to encourage the college boys. And you were not the sort of type to boldy ask her out on a date without a reasonable expectation of being accepted. But as all these thoughts whirled round your head, you felt a distinct thawing in your stomach. After all, if Ashley was here at all, then she was, at the very least, bi-sexual; and - given the nature of the club - she was likely to have a keen interest in the sort of practices that you had thought somehow off-limits for regular girlfriends. And this realisation was born out even more firmly a moment later, when you felt the hood pulled from your head, and, blinking, saw Ashley standing in front of you. Your eyes flicked up and down. She was also wearing porn heels, but she had matched them up with white stockings and apart from a leather choker around her neck, was completely naked. Small but natural breasts were fronted by extremely erect nipples, while her butt looked peachy firm, and good enough to eat. She also had a broad smile on her face. "Darling Jeni" she said, "You're wondering what I'm doing here!"

The look of astonishment on you face made Ashley - and several other girls - laugh. "It's OK sweetie" she said, "I'm a regular at another club, and when one of the girls described this new girl they were initiating here, I was like, 'I know who that is, and she's fucking hot!' So when they said they were planning a birthday treat for you, I asked if I could take charge. So here I am! And we're going to take you places you hadn't even thought possible". Too overcome to speak, you nodded. "But the guys? At college?" you stammered after a few seconds. "Ah guys, they're just a pain in the ass" she said. "Sometimes literally! I have to have them as cover, 'cos if they ever find out I'm really a lesbian thay'd make my life hell. Hanging out with a few now and then just keeps them behaving nicely. Anyway, enough of the chit-chat. Tonight, I'm gonna be your mistress for the evening, and you're gonna be my bitch". As she said bitch, she grabbed a bunch of your hair suddenly with one hand, pulling your head back and forcing your mouth open, and forcing you down as your knees bent slightly. She spat full into your face, and then with an a****l intensity, licked your face all over, devouring her own spit, and licking around and inside your own mouth. You gasped at the suddeness of the move, but also at the wave of dampness that flooded your pussy. Holding her face above yours, she spat again, a large glob of drool directly into your mouth, then placing her mouth directly over yours, she sucked your tongue fiercely into her own mouth.

You moaned. With her free hand, she kneaded your breasts through the dress straps, pinching your nipples hard, and squeezing your breats into points. Releasing your tongue, she lowered her head and sucked one of your breasts into her mouth, greedily trying to get the whole breast in, which she almost succeeded in doing. After a few minutes fierce breast action, she returned to your face, licking and sucking as if eating you alive. Dropping her hand, you felt her fingers tingle against your sopping cunt through the thong. She pulled this tightly up between your pussy lips for a
moment, and then released your hair. "Ok Jeni" she murmered, "I think it's time we started".

Leading you gently by the hand - for with the trembling in your knees you felt barely able to walk - you followed Ashley into a room that you had not been in before. You had heard it referred to as The Dungeon", but not having been invited in, had not had the chance to look inside. You had heard sessions from in there on previous visits though, and judging by the screams and moans that came out, it was not a place for the faint hearted. A number of the other girls - some old friends, some new faces - followed. Inside the room, the centre of attention was a low bench, with soft leather upholstery. Towards the top, two short benches led out at right angles, while at the bottom, on either side of the main bed, were two stirrups of the type used for hospital examinations. All around were restraining straps, and a variety of implements hung onto the walls. The main bench sloped slightly down, so that your butt was projected slightly higher in the air. Leading you to it, you were gently laid down, your legs separated and lifted into the stirrups, your arms positioned at right angles to your body - and your calves, thighs, arms and neck were all secured tightly to the bench. One of the girls you had not seen before - you heard her referred to as Katy - took a red ball gag, and strapped it into your mouth. Although you had experimented with girlfriends with minor bondage, this was the first time you had been fully restrained, and God, it felt good! Your thong had been removed during the laying down, and you felt your pussy throb. Both your pussy and ass were spread wide and completely exposed, a feeling that was both incredibly vulnerable but also unbelievably arousing. The final element came as you felt Katy kiss you on the lips, then gently tie a blindfold around your eyes.

Never in your life had you felt so excited, but to exposed. Lacking the ability to see, you could only guess what was about to happen next, and each sensation was magnified by the fact that it happened unexpectedly. You could hear Ashley working lower down, while Katy seemed to be focussing on your upper body. You felt someone climb astride the bench, then suddenly, you felt warm breath on your butt and pussy, and then the moist probing of two tongues around each hole. At almost the same moment, two pairs of hands gripped your breasts, and started to knead and pull them, interspersed with licking and sometimes hard - but arousing - nipple biting. Unable to speak because of the ball gag, you could only moan and writhe in ecstasy. More hands stroked your arms and inner thighs, so that the whole of your body was the focus of attention, and the combination of sensations flooding into your brain was becoming overwhelming. But it was the tongues in your pussy and butt that were having the most effect. Your clit was being subjected to a sustained sucking and licking, with occasional forays between the pussy lips to drink the juice that was now flowing almost uncontrollably. In your ass, you felt the tip of the tongue move from circling the rim, to pushing insistently inside, and as your ass relaxed it was penetrating further and further inside. After several minutes of this, you felt Ashley pull away from your butt, and quivered as her fingers wiped a large quantity of lube between your butt cheeks and around your ass.

Still not being able to see, you had no idea what was planned, but the murmers around the room suggested something was up. As the licking of your pussy continued, you felt the tip of a plug being worked slowly into your ass. This was not too bad! The plug was smooth and warm, but presented little challenge given the sort of things your butt had experience over the preceding year. But just then you hard a puff, and felt the plug start to swell inside you. "Didn't think you were going to get away that easily, did you Jeni?" you heard Ashley ask, as she gave several additional puffs on the bulb. The inflatable plug swelled inside you, pushing against your ass walls. This was more like it! You enjoyed the feeling of internal pressure in your butt, and felt you muscles relax to accomodate the extra width. A couple more puffs brought the plug to a hugely distended state, but then rather than let it goe down, you felt Ashley twist and work it around inside your butt, gently trying to pull it through your butt-hole still inflated. AAAAARGH! This was now a much larger size that you had managed to squeeze in - or out - before, and your butt tightened in resistance. But the sensation was orgasmic - although slightly painful, it was also intensely arousing, a real mixture of pain and pleasure. Snorting hard through your nose, you groaned and trembled as the plug spread wide your butt hole again and again. But it was still just too big to be able to squeeze through, and you heard a soft puff and felt it reduce in size a fraction. But it was still huge. As Ashley continued to work it against the rim, you felt a real pull on your butt, as if the bottom of your ass was being pulled off. But the sensation was so exciting, you barely cared, for then with a sudden final expansion and release, the enormous plug popped out of your ass.

Immediately you felt Ashley's warm tongue lap against your butt. With the start of a rosebud emerging, you felt her lap the soft pink tissues on the inside of your butt, and the sensations were fast-tracked to the pleasure centres in your brain. Even though tied down, you felt your body writhe and contort in pleasure, and you heard a long and a****listic groan emerge from your throat. But the pleasure did not stop there. Taking full advantage of the relaxation of your butt, you felt Ashley's fingers probe your ass, and then her entire fist slid smoothly and easily inside you. Given that an hour earlier, this was a girl that you had fantasized about but rarely spoken to, this was like a dream come true - here was the object of your desire, and with her fist inside your butt! It was hard to imagine a more intimate situation. But more was to come. Sensing the throbbing that was developing in your pussy, you felt the fingers on her other hand part your cunt lips, and start to work their way inside. Two fingers, three, four, and then cautiously, very gently, the pressure was increased until the whole of her second hand was engulfed within you. You strained - as far as the restraints would allow - and moaned. This was the first time you had been simultaneously double fisted, and the sensation was astonishing. Although you had had multiple dildos inside on several occasions, they had been smooth and inanimate. Ashley's hands were not smooth, the ridges of her fingers and knuckles could clearly be felt against your ass and pussy walls. And they were most definitely not inanimate - they were the warm, soft hands of a real live girl, and one for whom you had lusted for some time.

You groaned, louder, biting against the ball gag, and thrashing your head from side to side. You so wanted to come! And that was not far off, as you felt Ashley softly twist and turn her hands inside you, then start sliding each one in and out, in and out in turn, creating a pumping effect in your groin. All of a sudden, you felt Katy remove the blindfold, and you looked down. Ashley smiled up at you, her hands working faster and faster, each hand sliding in and out, the friction building up an amazing feeling of warmth and arousement, and you felt the familiar contractions starting to build withing you. All around, girls were watching, most of them masturbating, a couple kissing and fingering each others pussies. You felt the waves build within you - you were coming! - but just before the moment of no return, Ashley suddenly slid both hands out from within you and stood up. OH MY GOD! I WANT TO FUCKING COME!!! was the thought screaming in your brain, but Ashley just smiled. "You'll have to wait just a little longer, hun" she said, "I've got something else lined up for you". To be so close to climax, and then to come off the boil, was almost unbearable. Your body twitched and your pussy ached as you looked around you, as a number of girls took up a position around Ashley. A number were applying lube to their hands, and then your eyes went wide as the penny dropped.

Chain fisting - where you are repeatedly fisted by a successon of girls - was something you had heard of, but never seen or even discussed at the club. You had also seen a couple of videos on the web, but it seemed such a specialised practice that your doubted it even took place outside the film studio. But that appeared to be about to change, as Ashley selected a medium sized butt plug, and slid it into your ass. "Ok, bitch" she said, "I hope you're ready for this" and with that she slid one of her fists into your gaping, dripping pussy. The comparison to the first time could not have been more marked. Instead of sliding in gently, this time, she rammed it home, and then proceeded to pump it in and out, twisting as she did so, so your pussy walls felt the full sensation of the ribbed fingers and knuckles. She kept this up for maybe 45 seconds, and then withdrawing her hand, another girl stepped up, and with no preamble, pushed in her hand and repeated the exercise. As a third, fourth, and then fifth girl joined in, you could feel the bl**d pounding in your head, and perspiration beaded your forehead and upper body. Eyes wide, you grunted and moaned against the gag. Katy and a couple of other girls, who had remained at your head, periodically leant across to lick your face and squeeze your nipples, but this was no longer where the focus of attention was.

Another orgasm was starting to build, and this one, you were sure, would make the previous one look tame. You lost count of the girls stepping up to fist you. Ashley had been around several times, occasionally leaning over to lick your clit at the same time, or to slide the butt plug in and out. By this time your pussy was so wet, the fists were making a soft slurping sound as they pumped in and out. Lube was no longer required - you were generating more than enough yourself! - and sometimes the girls would withdraw their hands and then lick your juices off their fists above your face, drops of spit and juice falling down onto you. The orgasm built and built and built, your pussy gaped, your clit and nipples felt like the might explode. Until the moment could not be stopped, and an explosive spasm ripped through your body. Katy had been anticipating this, and just before the moment of climax had removed the ball gag. You heard yourself scream, a long, gutteral scream that sounded almost inhuman, as your body twisted and contracted against whoever's fist you had inside you at that time. Ashley by this time had come up to your head, and was smiling down at you, as the waves of pleasure broke again and again throughout your body. The effect of the earlier deferred orgasm had clearly multiplied the impact of the current one, and your body twisted and shuddered for several minutes before slumping back, exhausted.

"Hope you enjoyed the entree, darling, we've still got the dessert to come.." she whispered. You shivered as you felt hands untying the straps that had held you to the bench, and with pussy and ass throbbing - in a pleasant way - you allowed yourself to be sat up, and then pulled to your feet. Ashley took you gently in her arms. "I so loved doing that, and watching your face come like that - I've been imagining that scene for months!" You smiled wanly, and allowed yourself to be led from the room. But instead of heading for the lockeroom, Ashley led you into another room in the basement. She had not been k**ding when she mentioned dessert! This room was similar to the first, except it had a lot more bondage and other restraint type gear inside. And while the bench lacked the stirrups, it was wider, and offered a number of tie-downs. Although exhausted by the previous session, your body had reached a state of arousal where it craved more. You wanted to be taken to a place you had never been to before, to push your body to it's limits, so you offered no resistance as Ashley lay you down on the bench. Taking a long metal rod from the wall, she strapped each end to your feet, forcing your legs apart by about three feet.She then tied your hands to the bench above your head, before taking a selection of pillows to support your back, she helped you lift your legs and position them over your head, with you trunk raised almost vertically in the air. Taking a pair of nipple clamps, she flicked and sucked each nipple until it became

erect, and attached a clamp to each. Finally, taking a short chain, she attached one end to one of the clamps, looped the other end through a hoop in the middle of the bar between your legs, and attached the other end to the other clamp.You were now completely immobilised. You could only move your legs a little without tugging on the nipple clamps, and while that sensation was intensely arousing, you could only take the pain for more than a short period. Your hands you could not move at all., while the bar kept your pussy and butt wide apart and vulnerable. You shivered. This was a more intense form of bondage than you had experienced before, and although you did not know exactly what was to come, you feared the overall effect might f***e you into an uncontrollable orgasm. Several of the other girls crowded into the room, and murmered as Ashley started licking your pussy and ass. After a few minutes, she took from a table on the side a clear plastic vacuum pump. Oh God! Now you knew what was coming.

Although you had watched this done in videos, you had not tried one before. Prolapsing though was one of your more private - and intense - pleasures, and that Ashley seemed not only well versed in the art, but keen to experiment with you caused your hart to pound even faster than it had been already. She slowly and provocatively licked the end of the suction tube, then spat inside it, before upending it and dribbling her spit onto your face. Licking your face, she then held open your mouth so that you could wet the open end of the tube, providing the moisture that would create the perfect seal around your butt. Finally, and firmly, she worked the end of the tube between your spreadeagled cheeks, so that your butt-hole was positioned within the mouth of the tube, and squeezed the bulb.

A low moan emerged from your lips. The sensation was similar to having a girl suck your clit, but more intense and more focussed, and had the added feeling of someone trying to open your ass, but in a way unlike any other experienced before. "Good?"asked Ashley, glancing up at you. Unable to speak, you gazed intently back into her eyes, but nodded quickly. God, you wanted more of this! As if reading your mind, Ashley gave a couple of further squeezes on the bulb, and this time, as if by magic, you felt your ass opening, and a rosebud starting to form at the end of the tube. The suction was intense, but was providing more arousing feedback to your brain than you had imagined possible. You felt your body twitch as if of its own accord. "More! More!" you heard someone say, and realised dimly through the throbbing in your head that it must have been you. A couple of the girls laughed, but most were gazing intently at you, and all were masturbating furiously, rubbing their own clits or fingering themselves hard. "We're not going to do too much for the first time" you hard Ashley say, before giving a couple more pumps on the tube.

FUUUUUUUCK! Your could feel your prolapse inside the tube, not very far, but definitely inside, and the reaction from the girls was such that they had seen it too, and were deeply aroused. A couple orgasmed on the spot, while most clustered around for a closer look, some licking your clit, and others bending their heads so they could lick around the outside of the tube where it joined on to your butt. The sensation of clit and butt licking, combined with the incessant suction on the inside of your butt was overwhelming. With a gasp, you realised an orgasm was inevitable, and at that moment felt Ashley release the tube, and felt her mouth take your prolapse, the very inside of your ass, into her mouth.

With wave after wave of pleasure rolling over you, you looked up. Here was the girl of your recent dreams, someone you would have imagined gladly just kissing to start with, with an inner part of your body inside her mouth. Your eyes locked on hers, and you could see an excited intensity burning in them. You could feel her tongue massaging the soft flesh, a sensation you had never felt before, but one that you would without doubt want again. As the orgasm washed over you, Ashley stood up, and licking the end of the tube, re-applied it to your ass, and gave several pumps. Again, the soft pink flesh was pulled gently into the tube, and you felt the suction pulling at your butt. The orgasm had now become constant, surge after surge of contraction and pleasure swamping your brain. And as again Ashley replaced the tube with her warm mouth and sucked gently, a couple of the girls took up places on either side of your head, and rubbing their pussies hard, squirted copious amounts of girl juice over your upper body, face and mouth. This was too much. The warm, wet sensations on your face and on your butt combined to overload your senses, and you screamed long and loudly. The girls were by now all overexcited as well, and as a further two took up positions on either side of you, Ashley, releasing your rosbud back inside you, lay her head next to yours as more streams of juice cascaded over you both. As they finished, Ashley held a mouthful, and, holding her head above yours and opening your mouth with her hand, gently dribbled it out into your own, before coming down to complete the exercise by licking in and around your mouth, and sucking your tongue again hard. You wanted her so much, but with your hands still tied were unable to direct her, but Ashley, perhaps reading your mind, climbed astride you, and f***ed her pussy down into your face. This was what you had wanted! Hungrily your mouth devoured her cunt, tongue probing deep inside her, and drinking the sweet juices that soaked into your mouth. Ashley rode your face until you could breath no longer and had to move away to gasp for air, as she herself masturbated her swollen pussy to orgasm just an inch above your drenched face.

Finally your orgasm ebbed away, and trembling from head to toe, you relaxed. You must have partially passed out, as you were dimly aware of soft hands gently untying you and lifting you up. You felt yourself beingcarried, and then laid down on a soft, dry clean bed, and as the girls left the room, felt Ashley laying down beside you and drawing a sheet over you. Snuggling up beside you, she tenderly kissed your eyes, lips and face, stroking your damp hair, and inter-twining her legs with yours. This was not the frenzied lust of the preceding hours, but soft, affectionate love-making. A look of warm caring love filled her face. "Darling Jeni" she said, "I can't tell you how I've longed for this moment." Her fingertips played softly down the length of your body, making you tingle all over. "Actually Jeni, I have a question to ask you" she continued. "I know we haven't spent a lot of time together, but I was wondering if you'd like to move in with me? My apartment's pretty huge, and I just have the feeling we we could have lot of fun together". "Do you mean, as in "together" together?" you stammered, unable to believe your ears. If the day had been exceptional before, it was now just getting better and better! "Yes, as in 'together' together" she smiled, "I've got a good instinct, and I think it will work. Actually, there's something else you should know. I've also got an English guy who's coming to live in my spare room. He wants to be some kind of house/sex servant to a lesbian couple, so we get to carry on studying and working, while he takes care of the apartment. Then in the evenings if he's very lucky he gets to watch us, and on VERY special occasions w might even let him join in! Whaddya say?" There was not much to say to an offer like that apart from yes, and as you drifted gently into sl**p together, you could not help but feel that this had been the best birthday present EVER!

The End

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