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She lied there and stretched out her legs. The last one pounded her with her ankles up by her ears. No way she could do that without a 200lbs guy pushing down on the back of her legs while he pumped his cock in and out of her. As she stretched, she felt the cum ooze out of her soaked pussy. She arched her back and got ready for the next one.

The other four guys stood there around the bed as their next friend positioned his cock at the lips of her cunt. He chanted something rude and the others joined in. Then he took off his backwards baseball hat, threw it across the room and plunged his cock into her. He had a nice 6 1/2 cock. Just like she liked. Plus his thick cock head made it all the more pleasurable for her. She looked for that in these gang bangs. One cock she could cum to.

He kept talking to his friends as he kept his rythym. "I'm ruining her, she's gonna be gapped when I'm done. You better get a board for your ass"

Figures, the nicest cock, was the biggest asshole.

She tightened up the walls of her pussy as she wrapped her legs around his skinny frame. He fell forward on top of her. She said so the room could hear... "I can hardly feel you, are you in?"

"Oh, I'm fuckin' in bitch..." His embarassment fueled his hips as he started pumping her furious. Her tight walls were better than any blow job he had ever had. Before he knew it, his balls were empty, they filled her tight, soaked pussy. He was high fiving and getting the cheers from his boys. She knew how to finish a guy off. Challenge his manhood, say something crass... blow through 3 or 4 like that night, that's how she got through being a gang bang whore. She was a professional. It paid the rent and she secretly loved every cum shot she took.

She got ready for her next one...

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