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The hijab queen

The year is 1099 and the first crusades have begun. My name is John and I am a Christian Crusader fighting for the city of Jerusalem. We have fought for many days for this city but all have died except for me. Alone in the desert, I now march to find anyone who can help a warrior like me. With only my sword, armor, and a few drops of water I begin to feel the heat affecting my body. Every step I take causes me pain and soon I give up and lie down to rest. I soon drift off into a deep sl**p thinking to myself, “so this is how I die...”

I wake up in a daze, being dragged by two men. I ask, “Where am I? What’s going on?” They turn to see that I am awake and I realize that these are Muslim soldiers.

One of the guards hits me and says, “Quiet you infidel, we are taking you prisoner to our Queen.”

Too weak to resist I just let them drag me to wherever they were taking me. After a few minutes I look up to see a massive palace. They take me in to the main hall and throw me on the ground in front of a throne. I look around to see that this place is a Muslim palace and it’s heavily guarded with many Muslim soldiers. I look up to see who was sitting on the throne and to my surprise it was an arabian woman dressed in a black niqab and black jilbab. She wore many jewelry to signify that she was royalty.

She asked, “What is this that you have brought me?”

The guard replied, “We found him in the desert my Queen, from the looks of it he looks like one of those Christian pigs.”

She begins to observe me and after some time she finally says, “Pick him up and strip him of his clothes.”

After hearing this I begin to panic and resist the guards. It was a feeble attempt since I was so dehydrated and tired from battle. They pick me up and take all my clothes off. As I stood there naked in front of everyone I noticed the Queen was looking at my cock.

Then the Queen says, “I have never seen one so big!”

She walks up to me and slowly grabs my cock in her hand. She weighs it in her hand and slowly begins to caress it. This gave me a shock, I thought all Muslims were pious and sex was taboo. As she caressed it I began to feel weak in my legs and started to become hard. I looked at her eyes since her veil covered her face and could tell that she was very beautiful underneath. Her clothes were a bit tight and I could see her curves. She had big breasts and a round bottom which stuck out.

She then drops my cock says to the guards, “Have him bathed and give him water and food for he needs nourishment.”

The guard replied, “But my queen, he is our enemy.”

She replies fiercely , “And you are my servant and will do as I say!”

Without hesitation the guard replies, “Yes my Queen.”

She then turns around and walks back to the throne. They begin to take me away and as they drag me off she says one more command.

“Make sure to have him chained up in my bed after you are done with him.”

That command made me wonder, what is she going to do to me? After they bathed me and I had my fill of water and food the guards grabbed me and lead me to a bed chamber. By the looks of the room it was owned by someone of royalty so I assumed this is where the Queen sl**ps. The guards made take my clothes off and then made me lie down on the bed and chained my hands and feet. The guards then leave and left me alone in the bed chamber.

After some time the doors open and I look up to see that it’s the queen. She walks in with two handmaidens dressed in fully white niqab and jilbab.

The Queen then tells one of the handmaidens to prepare me. At this command the handmaiden takes off her jilbab to reveal her naked body. She kept the niqab on and began to walk towards me. She crawled onto the bed I was on and I could see her large breasts hanging down as she crawled towards my cock. She then grabbed my cock and lifted up her veil. She inserted the cock in her mouth and let go of the veil. Her warm mouth felt like heaven. She began to suck slowly and soon I became very hard. From my point of view all I could see was her veiled face sucking my cock. She kept eye contact with me the whole time as she sucked my shaft. With one hand she caressed my testicles slowly and the other she began to touch her own area.

I looked up to see that the queen was also being “prepared” too. The other handmaiden was on her knees licking and eating the queens pussy. The queen put her hand on the handmaidens hijab to show that she was enjoying it.

After some time the handmaiden stopped sucking my cock and walked away from the bed. The other handmaiden did the same and stopped eating the queens pussy.

The queen then began to walk towards me. Still with her niqab on and part of her jilbab ripped open to wear her pussy was. As she walked towards the bed she crawled onto it and said to the handmaidens, “Stay and watch and maybe you will learn something from this b**st.”

She then slowly crawled on top of me and slid her wet pussy onto my cock. Because my cock was covered in slober and the queen was so wet the cock was able to go in with ease. It was still tight however. She began to ride me and moved her pussy up and down on top of my cock. As she did this she began to moan with each movement. I could tell she was really enjoying it because her eyes were closed and her moans became louder as her rhythm became faster.

Her wet pussy felt so good on my cock. As she increased her speed I began to get lost in ecstasy and wanted these chains off so I could fuck her properly. I turned to look at the handmaidens and they too were lost in this scene. They were masturbating one another and began to moan as they quickened their pace.

Soon the chains came off and I was released. I then grabbed the queen and changed our positions. She was the one that was going to be ridden. As I looked into her eyes I could see the lust and passion. She then pulled my face closer to hers and moved her veil. We began to kiss and our tongues began to fornicate. I then rammed my cock into her pussy and she let out a loud moan. I began to thrust over and over and she began to match my rhythmic movement. Each thrust made her moan and want me more.

Soon she yelled, “OH ALLAH, I’M GOING TO CUM”

I rammed my cock into her one more time and she shuddered and moaned louder than ever before. I could feel her cumming onto my cock and the vaginal juice slowly began to pour onto the bed.

I then said, “I’m not done with you!”

I then flipped her over onto her stomach and made her go on all fours. I positioned my cock into her anus and began to thrust. She held onto the bed for support and immediately began moaning again. Soon I began to feel myself about to burst.

I then said, “I’m going to cum inside of you!”

But then she took me out and put my cock into her mouth. She began to suck it profusely and soon I released all of my semen onto her face and inside her mouth. She was completely covered in cum and began to lick all of it off of my cock. Her niqab and jilbab were completely soaked and ripped. She sucked my cock clean and told the handmaidens to come and eat the rest off of her body. The handmaidens came eagerly and began to lick off the rest of the semen on the queen. After they were done the Queen and I both fell into a deep sl**p.

The next morning I woke up with the queen next to me. She had taken off her jilbab and niqab. She was one of the most beautiful woman that I had ever seen.

Soon she woke up and said to me with a smile, “I have never had that done to me before. I shall keep you around and we shall see what else you are capable of, but now I must pray to allah.“

She then got up out of the bed and wore a see through jilbab and a white hijab. She laid out a carpet and began to pray right in front of me. Each time she would bend down on her knees and bow I would see her tight pussy and ass. It began to get me aroused and soon my dick became hard.

I then went behind her quietly without her knowing. When she bowed down again and revealed her ass I rammed my cock into her anus. She let out a huge moan and yelled, “ALLAHUAKBAR!”

I began to thrust my cock into her and instead of resisting she began to follow match my rhythm and began to move her ass back and forth. Each thrust her moans and became louder and started saying, “yes, yes yes! Fuck me infidel! Fuck me!” She then stood her upper body up and began to kiss me by turning her head. We kissed until we both came and began to cum. We breathed heavily together and held that position in ecstasy. She was my queen and I her slave.

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