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Me and Nina

Me and Nina

One day, Nina and I were walking to a store called 10 Spot. It had nice clothes and lingerie we could try on. Nina and I picked out clothes and stuff to try on. We shared the same dressing room because there was no sense hiding from each other. Besides, I love her sexy body.
“Does this look good?” Nina asked.
I looked at her up and down in shock. She was wearing a Victoria Secret Cut-Out Teddy. I began to feel wet between my legs the more I stared at this beautiful goddess.
“Baby? How does it look?” She asked once again.
“That looks…. Sexy baby. Really sexy” I said.
She grinned and changed again as I was putting on a blue t-shirt. Then I felt hands pull my mini skirt down and rub through my panties. I moaned and leaned back into Nina. She turned us to the mirror and seen what we looked like. I got so horny looking at us. She put her hand into my panties and rubbed my clit fast.
“Mmmm. Baby not in the store” I moaned.
“Yes, in the store. I need you”
I smiled. I turned around and grabbed her and pulled her close to me. We made out for some time before I fingered her pussy. I heard her gasp and she started to ride my finger. I let my tongue wander all over her neck and lips and nibbled on her ear.
After a while, she began to pant, riding my finger faster. I pulled my finger out.
“No, baby. Put it back in, please.” She begged.
I kissed her and laid her on the floor. The dressing room was big enough for us to lie down. So we started making out as our tongues danced. I begin to hump her pussy with mine. She moaned and grabbed my ass closer. I humped faster and faster, our pleasure building up.
“Ah ah ah ah, baby. Hump harder” Nina demands.
“Mmmmmmm fuck yes.”
I hump her harder and faster. I feel Nina pinching my nipples, which elevated my pleasure.
“Oh myyyyyy babbbbyy. I ’mmmm cummmminnnnggg!” I screamed.
Nina thrust her pussy up to meet my pussy. We both had cummed and began to slow down.
“Mmmm. Baby?”
“Yes?” I answered.
“That was good. You ok”
“Yeah. Come on. Let’s get out of here”
“Okay” she said, smiling as we got dressed.

After that, we continued shopping. Walmart, Kohl’s and even the sex store. The owner of the sex store knew us very well considering she fucked us both. Her name was Maya. When we got there, she smiled at us and gave us a hug, grabbing our asses.
“How have you girls been?” she asked
“Been good. As you can see.” Nina said happily.
“Well I need a favor from you girls. A huge favor” she said seductively.
“What’s that?”
Since I asked, Maya turned to me and kissed me. I got turned on and felt her hands rubbing on my ass. She pulled away and looked me in the eyes. “That’s what I need baby”
I looked to Nina and she was smiling. We both knew what to do. Maya smiled and pulled away from us to close the shop and lock it down. Then took our hands and pulled us to the back with her. It was a bedroom on the second floor when we got there. Maya got into bed naked and said, “well come on. I can’t wait forever.”
Me and Nina got undressed and jumped in on both sides and squeezed her tits. She moaned. I started to hump her leg as Nina was making out with her. Gripped her tit tighter and humped her leg harder. Maya noticed the fucking on her leg and grabbed my ass tighter, making my pussy wetter. It felt so good I came on her leg. Then I let go of her and lay on my back. I heard Nina and Maya still kissing. Without a doubt I got horny again.
Nina was over stop of Maya, kissing her and fingering her pussy with 4 fingers. I came up behind Nina and stuck 3 fingers up her pussy and began fucking her. She moaned, making her fingers go in and out of Maya faster and harder. Maya started panting hard and grabbing her tits. Nina rocked on my fingers, fucking herself as I begin to lick her sweet asshole. Maya screamed out as Nina kept finger fucking her pussy harder.
I grab the dildo I seen on the nightstand and sucked on it. I Spreaded Nina’s legs wider and got under her pussy. It was so wet and Juicy. As I stared at it, I sucked on the dildo like a lollipop and then slipped it into Nina’s pussy. She was so wet, that dildo slipped right in. I start fucking her pussy as I suck on her clit. I heard her moaning and panting hard. Maya was standing up now watching me fuck Nina.
I fucked Nina harder with the dildo and she screamed. Maya came over to me and kissed me as Nina lay down, resting.
“I have a surprise for you, Baby” she said smiling.
“Oh yeah” I said “What’s that?”
She yelled “COME IN!” to someone. I looked at the door and standing there was a sexy, beautiful goddess. Blue eyes, long luscious brown hair, tanned skin, which was even and fair, and a sexy body with curves. She was wearing a see through pink bikini top with a matching skirt and black heels. She walked in and stood next to Maya, wrapping an arm around Maya’s waist.
“Who’s this?” I asked. I looked back at Nina and she was asl**p. I turned back to the girls and stared.
“This is Ginger. She is my surprise for you and Nina” She said grinning. She looked to Ginger and gave her a long, wet tongue kiss. Ginger pulled Maya into her arms completely, with Ginger’s back facing me. I stared at her ass, her sexy phat, luscious ass. I grabbed it and squeezed it hard. I couldn’t help myself, so I slipped my hand under and rubbed her pussy. She was moist. But there was something else. I felt up further and felt some balls. The higher I went, the more I realized that ginger was a sexy ass shemale. She had a fucking hard dick that had to be at least 8 inches. I grabbed her dick and started jacking her off. I heard her moaning into Maya’s mouth.
She pulled away from Maya and turned to me and smiled. I smiled back. I looked back to Nina, who was peacefully sl**ping. I had just gotten an idea. I whispered to Maya my plan for Nina and she eagerly, but quietly agreed. Ginger loved the idea. But it had to be another day because my Nina and I had to go home and rest.
I gently woke Nina up as Ginger and Maya took a shower together. We needed to get home because it was late. So we got dressed and drove our way home.
When we got in, Nina put on her night clothes, which was a red bra and thong. I hated when she did that because it made me horny seeing her so fucking sexy. I grabbed my phone and texted Maya to come over. We had to put this idea into action.
I got into bed and Nina lie on my chest and fell asl**p. 2 hours later I heard a car drive up. I moved slowly and carefully, so that she wouldn’t wake up. I slip downstairs and open the door seeing Maya and ginger locked in a passionate kiss.
“Oh, sorry. We couldn’t help ourselves” Maya said.
“Uh huh. Just get in and be quiet. Nina’s sl**ping. We have to do it perfectly for my baby”
“Yeah yeah, don’t worry. Ginger’s got this” I looked at Ginger and she smiled, pulling me into a kiss. This girl was a good kisser. She pulled me even closer and I felt her dick. She was big as fuck.
“Ahem” we pulled away and seen Maya. Her arms were folded across her chest and her foot tapping on the floor.
“Oh, sorry. We got carried away” I said winking at her. I told them to follow me, so that my plan could be put into action.
I lead Ginger into the room and closed the door behind her. I felt a hand slide over my ass and squeeze. It felt so good I bent over to feel more, but instead I feel something hard rubbing on my pussy. I look back and see Maya with a strap on. I moan as she slides the fake dick into my pussy and starts fucking me.
She then pushed me against the wall and fucked my pussy even harder, making me even wetter. She pulled my hair and kissed my neck and began rubbing my clit. I moaned louder, coming closer and closer to cumming. Being as though my tits were rubbing on the wall and I was getting fucked harder and harder by the minute, I felt so incredibly horny. I screamed out, making it known that I had cummed on the fake dick.
I was ready for that fake dick to pull out but it didn’t. It stay in for a while, then began fucking me again and I screamed to my release. The she pulled out of my pussy and turned be around. I grabbed her and kissed her deeply before I said, “You are such a good fucker”
“I know baby” she said with a smile.

Meanwhile, Nina was moaning her ass off. Ginger was fucking her pussy hard and fast with her 9 inch dick. Nina hadn’t felt this good for a long time and wrapped her legs around Ginger and held on.
She didn’t know it was ginger eating her pussy and waking her up. She thought it was Bria, waking her up like any other morning, but no it was ginger. Ginger had politely and sexily introduced herself and continued eating her cunt. Nina just laid back and let Ginger eat.
Right now, Nina was screaming as she cummed on Ginger’s dick that was still fucking her pussy. Ginger kissed Nina, her tongue gliding all over Nina’s tongue.
As Ginger pulled out, she lay down and began to stroke her 9 inch dick. Nina saw that she need to cum badly, so she crawled over to her and sucked on her dick.
“Oh yes baby. Suck that dick” Ginger moaned watching Nina lick up and down her dick. Nina groaned, making ginger shiver because it vibrated her cock.
“I’m close baby. Suck my balls” ginger demanded.
As demanded, Nina went low and sucked on her balls. One by one and took the time to suck them thoroughly.
“Yeah baby. Oh here it comes.”
Nina came back up and stroked Ginger hard and fast, leaving her mouth open to catch the cum. And sure enough, there were 4 squirts of cum that shot right into Nina’s mouth.
After milking her dick, Nina had swallowed all the cum and sucked Ginger’s dick clean. Ginger pulled Nina up and immediately began kissing Nina deep and hard.
“That was the best” Ginger smiled.
“Yeah and thanks for the wakeup call, Ginger” Nina grinned.
Then they just lay on the bed, slowly falling asl**p, suddenly exhausted from the fucking they jus did.

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