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My best friend and younger b*****r

My neighborhood friend and I did alot together during our teenage age, the usually sl**ping over each other house, hanging out and talking about sex. we got to the point of experimenting at one of our sl**p overs, we started out jerking each other off, then each sl**p over we would try other things like givinge each other blow jobs and then taking turns fucking each other, I love to fuck his hot ass!!

Well on one occassian my mom said if I wanted to sl**p over my friends I should invite my younger b*****r who was two years younger than I to spend the night, which my friends' mother said absolutely. We were all in my friends basement where we usually slepted in sl**ping bags just talking and of course being teenagers the conversation was about sex. My friend ask my younger b*****r if he ever caught me naked, he said no, he told my b*****r that i had a nice cock. Since we were all in our sl**ping bags and talking about sex we could conceal our hardons, so my friend got out of his sl**ping bag and showed us his bulge in his undershorts, he said come on I know you both have hardons. My younger b*****r got out of his sl**ping bag and sure enough he was sporting a hardon, not quite as big as mine, he said come on b*o let see, I stepped out my sl**ping bag and he was amazed, he said damn is that all you and my friend reached over and grab my bulge and told my b*****r that is all hard cock. My b*****r reached over and grab it and was truly excited, my friend had his cock out by this time and was stroking himself so my younger b*****r joined in, I was truly enjoying watching them both stroke. My friend got down on his knees in front of my b*****r and started to suck on my b*****rs cock, damn that was hot. I asked my b*****r if he was enjoying it and he said yes it felt great, he actually reached over and pulled my underwear down and started stroking my cock, oh yeah I loved it, my friend then took my cock in his mouth and my b*****r knelt next to him and watched, after a while my friend took my cock and pointed it at my b*****r and said you want to suck it, he just took my cock deep in his mouth and went to work on it, by this time on was laying on the floor watching my younger b*****r working my hard cock in and out of his mouth while my friend was sucking and pulling on my balls. Damn what a feeling, I did ot want the night end!

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