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Paying For It!

I work at a small landfill and was at work by myself on a Friday. A local builder that I know fairly well came in with his wife in their Denalli. Fred was his name and he was very d***k as was his wife. Fred is I am going to guess in his late fifties and his old lady is probably about fifty five, blonde hair, okay boobs, okay everything else. She was probably hot in her day but now she has a few miles on her.

Fred said he was going to lose his house because of the damn economy, he also said that he was going to lose his wife's Denalli, it was a very nice SUV. She was very upset. Fred said he only needed about four hundred dollars to keep the car. I kind of laughed and said that I just got paid and would pay a hundred dollars an hour for some time with his wife. They looked at each other and then his wife, Jill, said she would do anything to keep that car. They both looked at me and I said "hey I was just joking". Fred then said that it would really help them out and he really needed the money. Okay I said I will do it tonight at the Econolodge at seven.

They left and I could not believe what had just transpired, but it had been awhile since I had gotten any strange and my balls needed to be drained. But then again she was alot older than me, i am only twenty one. Well hell, its all pink on the inside right?

At seven I got to the Econolodge and waited in the lobby, in case they did a noshow. But here came Jill all alone. I got a room and up we went. She said that she had never done this before and that she hoped not to diappoint me. She took off her top and bra, her tits looked better than I thought, about a
"c" cup. She had nice tan lines. She said I had to wear a rubber and I told her no as I was paying good money for this and I wanted to enjoy her, she agreed and she knelt down and took my semi hard dick into her mouth. It got to rock hard status quickly and she removed her jeans and panties and got on the bed. Her body looked better than I had expected, she had a nice light brown bush, not too thick and petite frame. She was very wet and I thought I should eat her out as some foreplay and to get a closer look at her muffin. Her pussy smelled and tasted great. After a few minutes of working her pussy with my mouth she pulled me up and guided my cock into her honey snatch. I slid in with ease and she was tighter than I expected. She ws ready to fuck, she said it had been awhile since she had had sex, I told her I was in the same boat. I started to move my dick in and out of her, her pussy held my cock tight as if it did not want me to pull it out. I was picking up the pace, her breathing was getting faster, her boobs were shaking like jello. My balls were preparing to deliver a large load of spooge, I could not believe I was pumping a woman old enough to be my mom and that I was paying for it. She was holding me tight with both her arms, her legs, and her cunt. She hit her orgasim hard at about two minutes into our session. Her pussy clamped my cock hard causing it to explode deep inside her. I must have pump a couple of gallons of dick sauce into her. We laid there for several minutes and then she said that was one of the better fucks she has ever had. I told her I felt the same way. We fucked two more times, she got her four hundred dollars and I spent almost the whole four hours inside her pussy.

For the next six months she fucked me for the car payment, but then we fucked alot other than that. She would just stop by the landfill and let me dump a load in her fine pussy or we would meet somewhere else. We became fuck buddys, she was my booty call. Her husband knew she was still fucking me for the car payment but nothing else. She ended up fucking several other guys for money also but those were one night stands and she said they were not as good as I was. I really enjoyed pumping her full of my jizz and making her orgasim, they moved away and I never saw her again.

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