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The Sexual Awakening Part 2


I sat at the Breakfast table with my head down, as I shovelled a spoonfull of Cheerios in my mouth mom broke the silence. "So how was tits?" she asked. "I'm sorry what?" I asked not sure what I heard was right. "How was it, your birthday I mean? Get any good gifts from you friends at school?" My mind flashed back to Mrs. Macy f***efully fucking me in her office and I must've smiled because mom said "That good huh?"

"Yeah it for the record books." I said with a smile. "Are you finished?" Mom said gesturing to the empty bowl. "Yeah, here." I said handing it to her. "So what do you have planned fir today?" "Ben's coming over to work on...on a little Science Project." "What like for school?" she asked. "Yeah something like that." As if on cue there was a rapid knock at the door. "There he is now." I said going over to the door. I opened up and Ben was fidgiting, shuffling from one foot to the other. "Dude what the Hell's wrong with you?" I asked quietly. "I couldn't sl**p man, I just stayed up all night working. I might've had 12 cups of coffee too." "Well stop it you're freaking me out!" Ben and I walked past the livingroom where mom was watching "Good Morning America". "Morning Benjamin." she said as we walked by. "Yeah you to Mrs. Oh!"

"So first things first Cam did you *SQUEAKY SQUEAKY* with mommy last night?" I looked at him crosseyed "No now stop being gross." I said. "Hey I'm not trying to be, this is for science!" "There was a moment this morning when I...I thought she was looking at me like a tiger would look at a piece of raw meat. But it was probably just my imagination." "Yeah or the power of the Watch makes your mom Cock hungry." "Why are you so fixated on my Mom Ben?" I asked. "OK now don't shoot the messenger or anything but in all honesty, your mom is smokin' hot!" "What?" I asked. "Dude do you not see it?" he asked. "Here's a picture of my mom." he said holding up his Droid Phone. "She's very...pretty I said." "Yeah she...she's something alright. She's what my zayde calls "Prost" as in plain. Now look at your mom, she's 42 and looks like a supermodel." "I'm not gonna bang my Mom so just drop it!" I said. "Ok fine!" he said and dropped the subject.
"Now where do we start?" I asked. "We go to the beginning, the watch's origin." he said. "How old is it exactly." he asked. "All my Mom said is that Grandpa Brandon had it with him on Normandy in 1944. But it has the f****y crest carved in it so it could be older." "Is that was that is, I thought it war a rabbit." "Yeah it is a Rabbit...or a Hare as in O'Hare a typical Irish name." "I think I know where our first stop will be." He said handing me his phone. "Alexe's Jewelry...why here?" I asked "One it's close, just a few blocks away. And two it says they are experts in watch repair."

Ben and I hurried past my mom and we were out the door. After fifteen minutes we were at Alexe's storefront. "See what did I say." We opened the door and walked inside to a tinkling bell. "Hold on I'll be right with ya." Alexe, a bent and greying old man said from beyond the room. "Hey Cam over here." Ben said pointing to a display of pocket watches. "How can I help you?" Alexe asked emerging from the back. "What can you tell us about this watch?" I asked handing it over. "Hum...yes." Alexe said looking at the watch with a Jewellers scope. "It's old." he blirted out. "That's's old? I coulda told you that." Ben said. "Well truth be told I know rings, but my granddaughter she knows Watches... Nadia come here!" Alexe called to the back. "This is my Granddaughter Nadia old watch expert. Nadia help these boys." Alexe said. When Nadia entered the room time stood still, she was an incredibly hot 28 year old woman with golden blonde hair that down came to her waist. As she moved her tight T-shirt would ride up revealing a tight stomach with impressive abdominal muscles. So looked at the watch with these deep piercing blue eyes. "It's a 1911 Schroder, a Swiss made watch. It's in very good shape, where did you get it?" she asked. "It belonged to my Grandfather." I said. "It's Impressive, you don't see 1911 Schroder's they're incredibly rare." "Why is that?" I asked. "Legend says that the entire run, of Twenty was destroyed due to a Manufacturing mistake...come around back I wanna open her up and look at the springs." She said. "Papa, I'm taking the boy to the back to check out the gears." she said. "Ok Nadia." Alexe said. "I'll wait here Cam, I'm looking for something to get my mom for her Birthday anyway."

Nadia grabbed my hand and led me into the back room, past shelves stocked with all manner of junk until we came to a table with a lighted magnifier and a series of finely tuned instruments. "Just sit right there while I open her up." Nadia said pointing to a chair next to the table.

The inside of the watch was crammed with springs, coils and gears whose purpose was beyond me. "That's interesting!" Nadia said. "What is?" I asked. "This coil design, I've only seen it once. It's the personal style of Milo Rembaldi, a reclusive genius from the early 20th century. There's no record of him working for the Schroder Watch company unless..." she said looking at the case. "See these marks here, someone took the insides out of a 1911 Schroder and put in Rembaldi's could've been Rembaldi himself! That is one very special watch you have." Nadia said closing it up and handing it to me. "Thanks Nadia that was...very informative." I said. I was about to stand when Nadia put her hand on my knee. "Not yet." she said

Nadia dropped to her knees and slowly unzipped my pants. She pulled them down to my shins and repeated the action with my shorts. I gripped the side of the table as she slid her tongue around my cock. She looked up at me and slid it gently into her gaping maw. My eyes darted from hers to the door, I kept careful watch in hopes that Alexe wouldn't enter. She pulled her head back and gasped for breath as a tendral of spit flew from her mouth. She smeared it on my prick as lubricant then stood and turned. She dropped her pants and bent over a nearby stack of boxes. I hurried over and quickly slid it in. She began to moan as I increased my pace. To stifle the sound I put my hand over her mouth, which she took as an invitation to perform Fellatio on my fingers. Wanting to finish as fast as possible I increased my pace and came very hard. "Oh my god that was intense!" Nadia said her body trembling. "Yeah you can say that again." I muttered. She pulled my face close to hers and kissed me. "Come back anytime." she said with a giggle.

I quickly put my pants back on and got out of Dodge.

"Ben we're leaving." I said exiting the backroom. "Ok boys see you around ya." Alexe said to our backs. "So what did she say about the watch?" Ben asked. "Well the case is from the Schroder Watch company made in 1911. It's rare because all watches were reportedly destroyed due to a 'Manufacturing Error". "What type of error, the 'They make women super horney error"? Ben said. "That's only the tip of the Weird-Berg. It seems that the internal mechanisms were designed by some reclusive genius named Milo Rembaldi." "Rembaldi, I know him. He was like the 20th century Leonardo Da Vinci. What else did she say?" "It got kinda hard for her to talk after that with my balls in her mouth!" I said panicked. "No way, you got blown by that hot Russian chick while her grandfather was in the next room, dude that's bold shit! Do you realise what would've happened if Alexe caught you, he would've turned you into Borscht for sure he was an Olympic Wrestler." "This is getting insane Ben, I can't go anywhere without women trying to jump my bones." Ben stopped trying to digest what I just said. "Oh I'm so sorry Cam, all the hot women begging to get fucked by you must be real unpleasant." "It's not that Ben...I'm starting to enjoy it." "And that's a bad thing?" he asked. "What if it takes over and I turn into some...sexual deviant?" "If it makes you feel any better how about this. If you ever get out of control I'll be there to stop you, deal?" he said holding out his hand. "Deal!" I said shaking it.

To Be Cumtinued...

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