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First time interracial party mmmmmmmm

This is a 100% true story about my girl friends first gangbang. The events of this evening are still fresh and accurate. I don’t clam to be a skilled writer or master of the pen. Bear with me on this encounter, and enjoy the events of the evening.

Last Friday evening we attended an IR party in our town. We arrived a little after 9:00 and were making small talk at the bar area. I was chatting with some people and after about ten minutes, noticed my girl friend, Miss M, wasn’t with me anymore. I thought maybe she was checking out the rest of the house, so I went looking for her. After checking upstairs, I headed back down just as this one black guy was coming out of the fuck room. He told me that my Miss M wanted me in there right away.

As I entered the room, she was laying on the bed with cum running from her just fucked pussy. She ordered me to lie down as she straddled my face and f***ed the rest of his cum into my mouth. After she was satisfied that her pussy was clean she got up and pulled her dress back down. I looked over and saw the other guy standing there smiling at me for drinking his cum. That was the first load of the night, and we were only there fifteen minutes!

We returned to the bar area and enjoyed a few drinks as she flirted with some of the other guys there. After she had a couple of drinks, she was ready to slut it up a little more and took off her dress to reveal the sexy red string body suit she was wearing. I then helped her change shoes and laced up her red cum-fuck-me boots. The black guys were all over her in this outfit and I was enjoying watching her flirt.

I was watching one of the black guys play with her ass and soon she was leading him back to the room with me following close behind. His clothes were off in a flash and her lips were wrapped around his thick black cock, making him hard as a rock. He pushed her back and slid up her red lace skirt, then proceeded to stretch her hungry pussy with his BBC as I watched and waited. After a good hard fucking I saw his black balls start to tense up as he flooded her pussy with his seed.

After his cock was drained, he looked at me and told me to get my mouth down there before any of his cum leaked out. I did as ordered and soon Miss M again was telling me to lie on my back as she finished fucking my mouth and forcing every drop of his cum out. I thanked the black stud and Miss M for the treat. Before we could get dressed, there was another guy waiting for his chance to fuck her. This guy was two pumps and a dump chump. He had a big load that was soon filling my mouth and after her pussy was once again clean, I was permitted to slide my white cock into her hungry pussy. Miss M told me not to cum in her, that she only wanted black seed in her pussy. I took my own orgasm right to the edge before stopping and pulling out of her hot pussy. We got dressed and went back to the bar area.

Before too long there was another guy hitting on her and soon we were heading back to the same little fuck nest for another round of BBC milking. This time, her stud had nice 10 inch cock and Miss M was doing her best to keep up with his assault on her wet pussy. Soon another black guy who we met earlier that evening came into the room and asked to take a turn with some of that white pussy. This guy had a real thick 10.5 inch cock hanging that was soon buried ball deep in Miss M’s sweet pussy. This guy pounded her hard for a good ten minutes till her tight pussy got the best of him and he pumped his superior seed deep into her womb. Once again, she was on my face feeding me his cum and the other guy was fucking her mouth as I cleaned up the mess.

The first guy resumed his assault on her pussy as I sat at the corner of the bed and watched. He just kept pounding away at her pussy and didn’t cum for about twenty minutes. It was like watching a machine at work, non stop pumping as Miss M came over and over again on his big cock. It was great watching him take her as his own and using her pussy as his personal cum dumpster. As with all the loads Miss M took, she had me drink every drop from her before I was permitted to once again slide my cock into her stretched and very fell fucked pussy. Just as before, Miss M told me not to cum in her. I felt honored just to be able to feel how loose her pussy was, and as before, took my own orgasm right to the edge. Now I really had a case of blue balls, but Miss M was enjoying my denial. After that round we took a break and had a couple of clod beers as her pussy rested.

As we were chatting with another couple, the first guy of the evening approached Miss M again and he was ready for round two. This time I was able to watch as he took her pussy as his own. After he planted his seed, Miss M just spread her legs and pointed to the mess he left. This time, none of his cum went to waste and she held my head as I licked every drop from her. Miss M told me to fuck her and I was more than eager to accommodate her wishes. I soon found out that she was only building the anticipation and making my balls bluer than they already were. She could tell that I was just about to cum, and she told me to STOP! That wicked bitch was enjoying her game!

Looking back, I saw two more guys enter the room and start to undress. Miss M’s pussy was still hungry and she looked so hot with her red cum-fuck-me boots pointing towards the ceiling as another black stud fucked her brains out! Soon his cum was added to the collection and I barely had time to taste it when the next man told me to move over. This guy took her doggie style and fucked her hard! Miss M kept screaming…..FUCK ME…..FUCK ME!!! She had me lick her pussy as his black cock was pumping her full of cum. I thought she was finished for the night, but before we left the room, the stud with the 10.5” cock who fucked her earlier, was back for his round two.

By this time Miss M’s pussy was just about finished for the evening and she was having a hard time taking him again. After all, he did have the biggest cock of them all and he meant to give her every inch till he was finished. Thankfully he didn’t last too long till his seed was being planted again. I soon found myself being fed my ninth cream pie of the evening! At this point I knew Miss M was done for the evening. Before we got dressed, I once again slid my white cock into her sore, loose pussy and told her now it’s my turn! My balls were so full and ready, it didn’t take me long to give her the tenth and final load of cum for the evening.

We gathered our stuff, said our good-byes to the host and headed home with smiles and cum on our faces. Till we got to bed it was 3:30 AM. What a great night of IR lust! We’re really looking forward to the next party this guy throws.

Two months after the first story.....

We went to another IR party this past Friday. Here are the events of how this evening turned out! Miss M wore her short black dress and white top blouse, with no panties or bra on.

Once again, our arrival time was at 9:00 and there were already several couples and single black studs there. After about an hour of chatting, Miss M was ready for some good BBC. The lucky guy she selected was slender and very well built. We made our way to the 3rd floor playroom, but I was told to wait outside as the two of them got to know one another a little better.

It felt like hours as I stood by the door and waited. After about 15 minutes, I went back down stairs for a fresh beer as they played. When I returned, all I could hear was the bed squeaking and Miss M moaning with pleasure. It was more than I could take, as I stood there with my hard cock in my hands. After a little while, I opened the door just a crack and watched as his BBC kept pounding what used to be my pussy. Miss M’s moans were of pure pleasure as she had one orgasm after another on his black cock. This drilling went on for another 10 or fifteen minutes, then he blew his seed deep in her hungry white pussy. At that point, I was told to enter. As always, she told me to lay on my back as she used my cuckold mouth for clean-up duty!

Looking up, I saw his black cock was still hard and ready for more. Miss M sent me back out to the hallway as he went back into her clean pussy for round two. I was feeling quite humiliated, standing there watching with the door open just a crack. Other couples and black bulls passed by on their way to the other playroom, and all I was permitted to do was watch with my hard cock in hand. Round two didn’t last as long, and soon I was back at the foot of the bed and ready for my second creampie reward. I thanked them both and we made our way back to the bar area as Miss M rested her used sweet pussy.

Later in the evening, one of the studs we met at the first event showed up and Miss M was ready for her next sound fucking of the night. This time, he led her to the front room on the 3rd floor, but by the time I got there, the door was locked. Once again, I stood outside as she had her pussy taken by a superior black bull. Thank goodness, I only waited about fifteen minutes till the door opened and I could enter.

Miss M had this glow on her face that told me she was well fucked, and all his cum running from her sweet pussy showed me just how well. This time, I couldn’t hold back any longer, and buried my hard cock, balls deep into her cum-filled pussy. The feeling was fabulous as my cock slid in and out of her loose, well fucked pussy. Her bulls cum felt like a silk glove and coated my cock with the best lubricant in the world! My cock was so hungry and excited, I didn’t hold off too long till my cuckold cum was mixing with BBC cum. The bed was a sloppy mess as we left to return to the bar area.

Maybe about an hour later, one of the black guys showed up from a swing site we’re on. He’s been trying to sample some of that sweet white pussy for the past year, but Miss M wasn’t interested. Well, after meeting him in person, and getting to know him better, Miss M’s opinion of him changed. It was getting real late in the evening, or should I say early morning, so we invited B back to our house to do a hot tub and get better acquainted.

Miss M and B were playing around a little in the hot tub and his cock grew to a very impressive size that had both of our eyes twinkling with desire. This time, Miss M wanted to be put in the fuck-swing to take his BBC. I dropped to my knees and gave her hot pussy a nice wet kiss before B took over and gave her what she really needed. This time, Miss M had a little trouble taking his whole cock at first, but soon got used to the size and was cumming all over yet another superior BBC. After B finished filling her pussy, I was on my knees and between her thighs, sucking every drop of the nectar from her sluttish pussy as she rocked back and forth from the swing.

When Miss M was cleaned properly, I was once again permitted to slide my cuckold cock into her and add my own load of cum. I thought she was finished, but still needed one more cock for the evening. After drinking my own cum from her, she asked B to give it to her again. It was my turn to watch as he took my pussy and made it his own. Mr. B drilled her hard as I told him that her pussy belonged to him, and he could have it anytime he wanted it. I think the thought of coming over whether I was home or not, and fucking Miss M when ever he wanted to, sent his cock into it’s second eruption of the evening. As he pulled out……. My lips were there to catch the last drops.

At this point, the sun was just starting to peak out and the birds were already chirping. Time for sl**p and a well needed rest. We’re looking forward to our next adventure, and hope that Mr. B will be a regular visitor to our bedroom.

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