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My wife takes on me and five of my friends ~ first

STORY: Wife takes on 6 Guys


My wife and I have always shared a very open and active sexual connection between us, neither of of have every prescribed to the notion that sex was something to be hidden or ashamed of. For us sex is a natural expression of ourselves and is to be shared openly. We have both always been able to distinguish the difference between lustful sex and love.

Up until the point of this story we had each shared numerous partners both together and alone but our liaisons were usually limited to another couple or a single male or female partner. While we openly enjoy having sex with others together we do also enjoy times we are able hook up with another partner by ourself as well.

It was a Tuesday evening and I had been working on landscaping around our pool over the holiday season hoping to have everything finished for a New Year's pool party. I was almost finished but was running out of time and since Tuesday was supposed to be a picture perfect day in the mid 80’s and would be my last chance to get everything finished before the party on Thursday I asked five of my buddies to help me get the job done. Knowing that I always offer beer and drinks in exchange for work they agreed and it was around noon when we got started.

My wife had to work that day so we had the house to ourselves and by mid afternoon the Miami sun had warmed up to a nice 90 degrees. Warmer than normal for the last days of December but still very welcomed. We all had our shirts off and had been drinking more than normal due to the heat and the work. It was about four in the afternoon when we finished up and all of us were completely soaked in sweat.

Leahanne arrived home around the time we finished and was admiring our work. One of the guys, Larry, had made her a margarita knowing she did not drink beer and brought it out to her. I was not aware that he had mixed it with Whiskey instead of Tequila but Leahanne could outdrink any guy when it came to Tequila but Whiskey really brought out her wild side.

As Leahanne sipped on her margarita the guys all knew about our sexual openness and started trying to embrace her and hug on her. Now, you can look at the pictures on this site to see what she looks like but at 5’4” and 115 lbs she has never had problems getting attention from random guys or ladies when we are out. Leahanne was starting to have fun and was acting all silly about the guys being sweaty and “gross” as she squealed and tried to run to escape their grasps. This just got them trying harder and soon each of them had visible hard ons sporting beneath each of their shorts.

I had turned some music on the outdoor speakers and had lit the grill while also joining in on the fun. Somehow during all the groping and chasing Leahanne had been stripped out of her skirt and shirt and was now only in her heels, red thong and a black and red lacy bra. All of us guys were dressed in shorts and shirtless. At varous times some of the guys would stop and grab a brat or hamburger off the grill or grab another beer but the fun of chasing and teasing Leahanne continued until sunset which was right around 5:15 and the lights came on. I was drinking a beer talking to Julio when Larry came back saying he had prepared Leahanne another margarita she had asked for but could not find her. We went and looked and found her lying on top of Juan kissing him deeply beside the pool house. By this time both Juan and Leahanne were both fully naked. We all watched until they noticed us and stopped getting up.

Each of my buddies works out at least several days a week and stay in good condition, none of them would classify as heavy or overweight at all. We all went up to the house and Leahanne said the smell of us was driving her insane, she said we did not smell like BO but rather musky and full of testosterone. She normally likes guys to smell very clean and freshly showered but tonight was different. We managed to all get into our bedroom where we have a king sized bed and there was no delay in all of the guys being out of their shorts and sporting full rigid hard ons.

Leahanne got on her knees in the room and grabbed Juan and took his raging 8” into her mouth sucking him deeply making him moan out in pleasure. Paul came up beside Juan and she began alternating between Paul’s 6” and Jaun. It was hot as hell to watch and the smell of sex filled the room very quickly. I waited about 10 minutes and then walked up and picked Leahanne up and laid her onto the bed. I began to lick her sweet little fresh pussy and was soon joined by several other tongues as other guys alternated in feeding her their cock. I could hear guys cum and hear Leahanne struggle to take their full load into her mouth and it was not long before she was cumming herself as she enjoyed having her pussy licked and eaten. Once she began to cum she was deep kissing the guys whose cocks she had been sucking minutes before and I could tell some of them were new to being kissed while the lady had a mouthful of cum. It did not take any of them long to adjust.

Leahanne loves having one cock in her mouth and one in her ass at the same time and she was not ready for the guys to deliver. The guys became like a school of sharks in a feeding frenzy, there were cocks coming at her from every direction and load after load of cum was being pumped either into one of her waiting holes or onto her hot body. (This happened in the 80’s before condoms and STD’s were really well known, now everything happens with a condom only and we are both tested regularly and disease free.) I waited my turn and Leahanne straddled Julio with is cock in her pussy and I entered her cum filled ass from behind. I started pumping and felt pressure against my own ass and then started getting fucked from one of the guys from behind as I fucked my wife in unison with another guy beneath her. It was an amazing feeling and I always wondered who it was and if he knew it was another guy instead of her that he was fucking. We all four managed to cum at the same time one right after the other. It was an amazing experience. Once I was finished and pulled out after the guy behind me pulled out I laid on the bed and fell asl**p deeply for about two hours.

I awoke to find everyone asl**p other than Chris and Leahanne. All the guys were lying in the bed still naked with cum crusted on their bellies, cocks and balls while Chris laid on top of Leahanne and slowly and methodically pumped his cock in and out of her pussy whle kissing and sucking her nipples. Leahanne was half asl**p and half rocking and moaning in pleasure and I kissed her deeply taking in the heavy aroma of sex and cum on her breath from the multiple loads of cum she had taken in her mouth. I asked her if she was ok and she said yes, she was just enjoying the slow fuck and the quiet. I laid awake for a while as my cock grew hard once again from the sounds and smell of the sex that filled the room. It must have been at least an hour before I heard Chris moan and then cum for what seemed like forever, I also heard Leahanne cum in unison with him and my own cock was once again filled with bl**d and my balls with a fresh hot load of cum.

Leahanne got up and went into the bathroom and then returned to find two of the other guys awake and ready to go again, we all three took turns in various positions before I blew another load and again fell into sl**p.

Leahanne was absolutely on fire that night, as we were all piled in one large heap on the bed as she took on three of the six cocks at one time during many times through the night. I know I had cum more times than I can remember and when I finally rolled out of bed three of my friends were still passed out in the bed. All of us were completely covered in cum as well as the bed being totally soaked. I remembered being fucked in the ass several times through the night and my ass was full of cum. While most my friend to this day will say they are straight and that they don’t remember the night it is only parts of the night they don’t remember. Being with Leahanne they seem to remember and want to repeat vividly.

When I walked out into the living room Leahanne was sitting on the couch still naked and completely cum covered and filled. My other buddies were in the living room still also naked and just sitting around. It was well after 5 in the evening already and getting dark again. We had managed to fuck all night and all day with each of us taking shifts it seemed at waking and having fun. It was only Leahanne that had stayed awake and been involved all night and all day. It was now Wednesday and we had a large party of friends scheduled to show up on Thursday at 8 PM. Leahanne grabbed my cock and pulled me into her. She kissed me deeply and asked if the house really smelled up ass and sex or if it was just her. I laughed and told her the house did in fact reek of both ass and sex. She kissed me deeply and told me she had a blast and said Thanks and that she really needed to get some sl**p and asked if it was ok for her to go to bed. I took her to the guest room and put her to bed and closed the door.

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