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Last part - BDSM - Remember the Leatherparty'

Part II (Final part) of "Remember the Leatherparty's COC Amsterdam ?"

"Well trained boy you have here..." the Co-organiser said to Mark.
- "Not really, he's still quite new to the scene, so tonight is sort of D-day for him".
"Well, it looks like he already capitulated, don't you think ?"
- "I'm not so sure, he's got quite a reputation of being a little smartass. So i want to break him in good!".
Ofcourse Mark was right, i've been around since young, like i told you. With the opposite of a shortage on lovers i might add. I think i even was starting to get overconfident with myself. That’s probably why BDSM attracted me. The change of control, the teasing/humiliation, the submission. I learned to bear pain, accept it, and loved it. The opposite of the sweet attention i used to wallow in...
"You better not break his tiny bottom then...'
- "Not a chance, his butt is like fucking steel. Last month i broke one of my canes on it !" (It wasn't as easy as he made it sound! ;))
Mark leaned towards the guy and whispered something.
"Are your really....? I thought you said you made it just for the looks ? It wasn't intended to be actually used...?"
- "I know, but i think he can take it. He really digs a good beating. Besides, i'm not gonna risk breaking another cane, hehehe..."
'Not to be used ??' Damn, this was gonna be some beating. 'Not breaking another cane...' if that was how hard he intended to hit me with that thing... Again, shivers down my spine, goosebumps, i even broke a sweat. And the more i imagined this paddle was, at some time, going to land on my butt, the more i sweated. I started to get a hard-on, my thoughts where a mess, what was i thinking, longing for what i feared ? But i couldn't help it, some instinct just took over.

"Someone's eavesdropping, i believe..." the Co-organiser said. Mark looked at me, soaking wet from the sweat by then. "Ease up boy, i told you i wanted you to beg for it. So this is your call..." I raised my head, somehow figured he meant i would be begging for more after he used the paddle, but he wanted me begging for it to start with! Ask him, no... *beg* him to use it! Fear & desire battled in my thoughts. I'd much rather have Mark decide if and when to use the paddle, than me calling this condemnation over myself. I somehow felt the "If" was now no longer an option.
The floor sank from underneath me, i felt light in my head. I about collapsed but then Mark leaned forward, took me by the shoulder and asked if i was ok. I looked up at him and muttered "i will be...". He gave me a zip of his beer and then a puff of his cigarette. Satisfied after this check-up he continued talking to his friends at the table. I saw them looking at me once in a while, but i didn't care. For now i was in my own little world inside my mind, in a rollercoaster of thoughts and feelings, actually feeling quite happy...

I really don't remember how long we sat there, could be fifteen minutes, could have been an hour. Time seemed a useless dimension right now. Finally mark stood up, in a instant i stood next to him, ready to follow him. It seemed we went back to the lockers.
"Take your jeans off. Don't want to ruin them on the first evening do you ?"
Actually didn't wanna ruin them at all, wearing leather jeans was new to me, and i just loved the feeling of it on my naked skin. And i loved the touch of Mark's hand through it, it really was like 2nd skin! So a bit disappointed i kicked off my shoes, the leather stuck to my skin 'cause of the sweating i did, limping on one then the other leg i managed to get the pants off.
“Put your shoes back on !”, while I did i my dick was growing rapidly. Mark took a one-belt leather pouch out of his bag and handed it to me. I put it on but then had a massive struggle to get my swollen dick in. This evening was really getting to me.
Mark just grinned, "Having a good time i see ? Good, let's get rolling.." He cuffed my hand in front of me and clipped them to the harness i was wearing. Keeping the leash real short and over his shoulder he hauled me up the stairs again, right across the dancefloor and again up the stairs.

Up on the balcony he looked over the floor below, leaning against one of the pillars. He took out the bottle of poppers and took a couple of hits, and then gave me some... Pulling the leash, still held short, down he again gestured me to sit on the floor beside him, which i happily did. I saw mark looking around, thinking, but *what* was he thinking ? What's next ? Did he expect something of me now, remembering the inevitable happening i was supposed to ask, err, beg for...? He pulled me up, "Get us some beer" as he put the leash in my mouth again. Surprised i looked at Mark… But he looked at the barman and put up two fingers, when the barman fetched two bottles of beer Mark gave me a push towards the bar. The barman gave me the two bottles and said with a smirk "playtime is over i guess ?" without expecting an answer.

't isn't easy drinking beer with both of your hand cuffed to your chest, so i spilled half of my beer. In a playfull mood, Mark licked it of my chest. "Still ok ?" I nodded; "uhuh" "I could fucking devour you, little fella... You're holding up well. You will not dissapoint me now, will you ?" Furiously i shook my head, "No, i will not, Sir!".

I noticed a change in mindset with Mark, he pushed me down on my knees, and quite harsh said "I need a leak..." and with that opened his fly, took out is cock and emptied his bladder on my face, in my mouth and on my chest... When done, pulled me up again and walked to the wallside of the balcony. He dropped me rear-end up on a crate, grabbed a low stool from somewhere and sat next to me. Mark caressed my ass and suddenly smacked it hard with his hand, i twitched.. Then he smacked it again... Third, fourth.. By ten my ass was glowing. The well-know 3 string handwhip appeared in Mark's hand, i loved it and hated it (like the first zip of Whiskey that burns your throat, but then gets better with every other zip).
As most of his gizmo's, the whip was self-made by Mark, who was a pretty good craftsman with leather. Like the paddle (!), it was his own creation, in a keep-it-simple-and-effective style. Just 3 strips of leather on top of each other, 3/8" x 2/8" and 10 inch long, at the end connected with a sort of beltclip. Like said, very effective. At the first stroke i yelped, the second wasn't less intrusive. The triple strips, when perfectly on top of each other, pounded though my whole butt, when spread evenly the three individual strips stung into my flesh. After five lashes Mark paused and gave me some poppers, then every stroke got more powerful than the one before. Waves of endorphin rushed thought my brain, pain became pure pleasure; With every hit another rush. As my ass undoubtedly turned redder, my dick got harder. Again i got shivers and goosebumps, but now as a reaction from my body to the beating. I moaned and groaned with every stroke.. After a while, Mark leaned over me, and looked me in the face. No need to ask if i was ok, my whole fucking face said YES.

Then something snapped, my heart started racing and i my head pounded. In a fuddle i blurted out; "Will you use the paddle on me now?". "...please...Sir" i added quickly." Mark raised his eyebrows. Realising what i just did i started breathing really heavy, i wanted that Armageddon of a spanking now, if ever...

He pulled me up, gave me a zip of my (now lukewarm) beer and sigarette, waiting for me to get my wits together. 'Ok, your call..." said Mark, "...but at MY time!".
How could i be so stupid, Mark's in charge, and will be for the evening. Using the paddle at my request would look like Mark did as *i* asked.
Surely, that would not happen, except for one reason; if i would say "Stop!", the codeword. And no way in hell was i thinking of using it. "Stop" is not the finale of the session, it's an emergency-brake, and to be used as such. If you had your share, the Top should see that, a Top isn't supposed to cross the limits of the bottom, he's supposed to stretch them. "Stop" is for security, ie if you flip out or something. But i trusted Mark, and for sure, i never used the codeword with him...

He looked at me with a firm expession, mixed with pride and anticipation. "OK, c'mon boy, let's go..." Go ? Where ? Why ? but as i looked around i saw we had a bit of an audience. A pretty much inspired audience... Mark uncuffed me and took off the leash. Startled i looked at him. The disappointment must have been all over my face. He calmed me; "Oh no, we're not done yet, but i doubt you'll be going anywhere now..." I sighed, "besides, i'd like you to stay put without restraints. Show me you want it... No more games." he continued.
I very well understood; using this paddle was as significant for him as for me. A first time ever, unknown territory for both. This is no “punishment play” but the real deal. This was going to be a thrill!

Mark went downstairs again, i closely followed, and on the way, got us two fresh beers. When he seated himself close to the dancefloor, i sat down at his feet, without any instruction.
He lit two cigarettes and gave me one. I looked at the people dancing.. The atmosphere was overwhelming, the anticipation intense, time seemed to stand still, this party seemed to last into eternity. The music was awesome, rhythmic, heavy, transcendental. Mark looked at me, from head to toe, as i sat there, squatting, wearing only a harness, leather pouch and worn shoes. Knees pulled up to my chest with my arms around them. Vaguely showing him the darkred welts on my strained butt in the flickering lights of the dancefloor.
"Come here!", as i did he gave me two sniffs of poppers, he pulled my face in front of his and whispered " for me, sexy!"
So i did, i was even more uplifted by the music and danced for Mark, giving him every agile move i had, while he leaned back, threw his right leg over the armrest and obviously enjoyed the sight. While dancing i relived every aspect of the evening up to now. I felt euphoric ! As the music changed to a dreamy kind of trance i lowered myself in a slow movement, rolled over the floor back to Mark, jumping back up and on my knees in front of him. I looked at him with a naughty grin. The look on his face was superb, grabbing me by the harness as he leaned forwards, he kissed me. "You *are* a little smartass you know. But i like a bit of cockiness in a boy." then dropped me back.

The Co-organiser dropped by again, looked at Mark as to ask if he was interrupting anything. Every time i was astonished with the way people respected and handled the role play here, not just ours, but with everywhere i saw... Mark nodded his friend welcome, who already fixed a couple of beers. Mark took a big zip then poured a gulp in my mouth, TG… did i have a dry throat.
"I have some business for you.." the Co-organiser said to Mark. "For the next Party we wanna hang up some slings, but as you can guess, they need to be real sturdy. I heard you make 'em out of the full hide ?"
Mark just said "No problem, call me tomorrow.....late...". Then grinning while looking at me "I'll be pretty exhausted after tonight’s endeavour..."
- "So you're gonna pull through ? It wasn't one of your mind games ?"
"The little critter did beg me for it, yeah, it's happening allright, he's ready..., ask him."
The guy asked "Are you ok with it, boy ?"
Mark nodded at me, but then saw the twinkle in my eye... An enthusiast "Hell yeah", and i got smacked in the back of my head.
"err, Yes i am Sir!."

"The brat ought to get it...." he laughed, as he stood up and greeted Mark, "Talk to you tomorrow..."

"Little to convincing, bit too cocky also. Get up !" When we where both standing : "Go!"
I just knew where he wanted me to go. I had a apocalyptic feeling this was it... I wanted to run as well as linger, but finally we arrived at the alcove. I suddenly got real serious, stood in front of Mark, my head bent, awaiting his instructions... He reached towards my crotch and with 2 clicks dropped the pouch. My cock bounced up. Looking at my very serious face " Well, he's happy just the same...." I just pinched my eyes...

"Ok, ready boy? Say it!"
"Yes i am, Sir..." in a sincere and serene tone... My heart pounded furiously, i breathed heavily ...

Mark turned me around, and laid me on the bench. It was covered in leather and actually reasonable comfortable, meaning it was pretty flat and didn’t jam any of my bones or organs. I was in a half kneeling-half bended position, my ass slightly lifted up… Perfect for receiving a good whipping. Mark took a sniff of poppers gave me two hits, then handed me the bottle. “Take when needed, but don’t overdo it.” He positioned himself sideways behind me. My heart was still pounding, my whole body was tingling in anticipation.

I felt his hand on my back, then ever so lightly the paddle pressing against my ass. Then it disappeared, and came back with a swing. It wasn’t a powerful stroke, It didn’t even hurt, but the mass of it made it feel like the hit rippled trough my body up to my neck.

The second one was a lot more powerful, it made a smacking sound, the muscles in my ass twisted as i moaned. This was really different, it went a lot deeper. A normal whipping would be felt on the skin primarily, this was felt in the flesh.

The third was again harder. *Smack!* the sound echoed in the small hollow room. The energy from the mass of the paddle propagated through my spine. My butt got hit by the paddle, but my whole body got the beating My ass glowed, but on the spots of the “old” welds it burned…

Mark checked up on me… “If I ask, nod if your ok..”
I knodded vigorously, immediately followed by stoke nr. four.
“Not to enthusiast fella, don’t wanna mash you up… much.”

Five, Six, again each with more f***e then the prior one. Shivers and goosebumps, as i usual get when I start enjoying a beating , but this time it was a lot sooner …

I received nr. Seven, then took a double hit of poppers. The old welds now started burning like hell, then faded to an itch that drove me crazy…

Stroke nr. Eight came with even more f***e then the others. I yelped, bounced forwards, the bench squeaking. I relaxed, then felt my body starting to transpire.

Nine, Ten…. The rivets stung in my flesh. I sweated even harder...

Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen. More shivers, i took another hit of poppers.

I knodded…

f******n, Fifteen, Sixteen. I felt some of the rives puncture the skin on the older welts. With as result a big rush of sweat…

“Still ok ? “
Again I nodded, now slowly…

I went in a sort of trance, pulled back from the world around me. Al senses focussed on this one thing happening. By now I could almost feel every individual rivet on the paddle when it hit me. This feeling was just bedazzling, I sort of got detached from my body, though I did feel the beating. As the strokes continued, they where no longer strokes with a paddle, they became the most powerful caresses on earth…

I felt my body tremble,. I sweated even more, it dripped from my back on the floor. My body started contracting and releasing every muscle in my back, belly , ass and shoulders, as my head went into ecstasy… I didn’t even notice having a hard-on, it was just natural…
Mark got up behind me, I felt his cock slipping into my ass. The salt from his sweaty crotch burned on my battered and bruised skin. He fucked me hard and deep…The heat of being fucked and the burning feeling of the sweat made me cum. My spine arched backwards, Mark took out his cock and with three short jerks came over my ass….
I grunted, it felt like he poured liquid fire over it. The salty cum burned on the welds and bruises. My muscles tightened as the burning ebbed away. He came up in front of me and let me clean up his cock. Then he sat beside me, gave me what was left of the beer. Flat, warm, but very welcome. I was waisted, exhausted, empty, but felt incredible. “Try to get up”. I did, my belly stuck to the leather from al my cum… I didn’t try sitting down, so i lay sideways on the bench. Mark lit two cigarettes. “Ok, speak up, how you’re doing”. “That was one fucking hot session Sir…” I sighed…

When I recovered slightly, Mark got up. “Ok, endgame” he said, as we walked down. “But get us two fresh beers first…” Damn that meant back to the real world, the normal rules of engagement. We zipped our beers, then, coming to my senses i realized i was standing about stark-naked at the bar. In the scarce light i tried to inspect the remainders of my behind…

“Any last thoughts about what happened tonight”
- “Yeah, how the hell am i gonna fit in my leatherjeans now ? “
“Fucking Smartass…”

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