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The Wonderfully Naughty Wizard of Oz (Ch8)

Leandra held on tight, looking down at the spot that once held the remains of Omby Amby. She pulled herself up and over the railing, looking around to see if Dorothy or The Lion had witnessed what had just transpired. To her delight there was no one but her. She walked over to the map that had caused her to kill Omby and just like Omby, she tossed it over the side of the ship. It swayed in the wind until it hit the desert and turned to sand. She looked out at the desert and saw land on the horizon.

She gathered Omby clothes and walked down the stairs to where she had stashed hers. She slipped on her black robe and quietly went down into the ship quarters. Dorothy and Lion were fast asl**p in there rooms. Leandra went to Omby room and threw his clothes on the bed. She looked behind her to see if the coast was clear and formed a small fireball in her hand, like her mother would do. She tossed the ball of fire on Omby vacant bed. She closed the door as flames began to dance on the bed fabric.

She went down to her room, closed the door and laid on her bed. She knew that Lion would smell the smoke and would alert Dorothy. Without fail the smoke started to fill the quarters and The Cowardly Lion with his heighten senses smelled the smoke. He jumped from his deep slumber and ran to Dorothy's room. He used his paws to break Dorothy door open.

"Dorothy wake up the ship is on fire. Wake Leandra, I'll get Omby."

Dorothy shot up from her bed and ran down to Leandra room. She tried to open the door but it was locked. She banged on the door. "Leandra wake up, the ship is on fire." Leandra unlocked the door and rubbed her eyes. "This better be important, I was fast sl**p." Dorothy pulled her out her room to see the smoke,"The ship is on fire, we have to put it out."

Just then Lion was running up to them. "Dorothy its no use. The fire has spread to quickly, we have to get outside."

"Wheres Omby?"

"It was his room that was on fire Dorothy."

Dorothy began to cry and moved towards his room but Leandra gabbed her. "It's too late, he's gone. We have to get outside." Dorothy took one last look at the flames coming from Omby room and darted up the stairs after her friends.

The three of them stood outside on deck as the smoke bellowed out from behind them. Leandra pointed to land,"We are almost there, just a little more." They moved to the front of the ship and felt trapped. If the fire didn't get them, it was the desert that could kill them. The ship quickly engulfed in flames. Land was so close but the ship stopped a few feet away.

Lion looked over the railing down the green land of Oz. "We have to jump. I can only carry one of you." Leandra pushed Dorothy on top of Lion,"Take Dorothy, I have my own way down." The Lion backed his himself away from the railing for a running start. He dug his claws into the wood as Dorothy held on tight. He sprang to life and leap over the railing, flying through the air. Dorothy closed her eyes as they fell towards The Deadly Desert.

"Dorothy you can open your eyes." She slowly opened her eyelids and lush colors of green and yellow washed over her eyes. Her and Lion were on solid ground. She turned her attention to The Cowardly Lion but he was busy looking at the burning ship. Dorothy turned to see Leandra standing on the railing naked with her robe in her hands. She jumped off, holding the robe over her head. The wind caught the robe and turned it into a parachute. Leandra guided herself down right beside Dorothy and The Lion.

Dorothy hugged her,"I'm so glad you made it." Dorothy broke her hug when she heard the breaking of the ship as it sunk into the desert. "I hope Omby didn't feel anything when he died." Leandra held Dorothy hand,"I'm sure he didn't."

Dorothy turned from the burning wreckage not wanting to remember Omby burning but with life. Leandra slide her robe back on,"If you follow the West Branch River it will lead to Lake Quad that is by the Emerald City."

Dorothy turned back to Leandra,"What do you mean by - you - aren't you coming with us."

"I'm going a different way, I have something else to do. I'll meet you at the city when I can."

She started to walk away but Dorothy wouldn't let her hand go. "We stick together."

Lion walked beside them,"I have to report back to Queen Ozma. You two take care of one another. Just tell one of the a****ls that you need my help and they will relay the message to me." Dorothy hugged him tight,"I love you Lion thank you for everything." He bowed to Leandra and sprinted towards the river.

"Well it's just you and me Leandra. Which way do we go." Leandra pointed north and they began walking. They traveled through Winkie Country, admiring the open fields and meadows. Night came fast and they decided to stop by a small pond under a large blue fruit tree. Leandra got some wood branches that had fallen off and built a fire. She waited for Dorothy to gather the fruit to conjure up a small fireball.

"That was quick." Dorothy sat down and placed the fruit between them.

Leandra grabbed a orange and started peeling it,"I just have that magic touch."

They stuffed themselves until they couldn't eat anymore. Leandra looked at Dorothy in the light of the fire and reached up wiping juice from her chin. Dorothy smiled and slide her mouth over her finger sucking it. Leandra leaned up and kissed her. Leandra tongue sliding between Dorothy red lips, exploring the inside of her mouth. Dorothy closed her eyes enjoying Leandra warm lips pressed against hers. They parted lips and Leandra stood up. She pulled her robe off, standing in the fire light naked except for The Magic Belt. Dorothy stood up and removed her corset and skirt. The fire warmed there naked bodies as they kissed again, holding one another close.

Dorothy slowly pulled both of them to the ground. She had Leandra lay on her back as she got over her in a sixty-nine. Dorothy lowered her trimmed pussy down to Leandra mouth, as she leaned down to taste Leandra sweet pussy. The two of them moaned, feeling the others tongue, as it roamed and licked.

Leandra reached her fingers up pulling Dorothy pussy apart. She slide her tongue into that hot wet pink cunt. Swirling her tongue around,it was so moist and soft. Leandra leaned in more, so her noise could consume the fragrance of Dorothy pussy.

Dorothy pushed her pussy into Leandra face, as she slide a finger in. Sliding her finger back and forth,watching it begin to get covered in juices. She slide her finger out and sucked on it. "Oh my god Leandra your pussy taste so good." Leandra pulled her mouth away,"Dorothy yours is just as good." Dorothy held Leandra knees and began shaking her ass on Leandra face. Leandra licked at her pussy lips as her cheeks slapped together. The shadow from her ass spread across the tree, her cheeks clapping back and forth. Leandra slapped her ass,"Shake that ass." Dorothy round cheeks rocked back and forth shaking it in front of Leandra.

Then Leandra grabbed hold of her cheeks and spread them. Before Dorothy knew it, she had a tongue licking at her asshole. She spread her knees wider so Leandra could slide her tongue in. Leandra smiled and slide her tongue in, Dorothy asshole as sweet as her pussy. Her tongue pulling Dorothy sweet ass juices into her mouth.

Dorothy licked her lips, missing the taste of Leandra and slide her tongue back in her warm cunt. The two of them flicking their tongues faster, lapping at savory nectar. Leandra pushed her pelvis up, making Dorothy get her whole mouth around her pussy. Dorothy wrapped her lips around her pussy and sucked it out. Swallowing warm juices down her throat. Leandra gripped Dorothy ass hard and started to cum in Dorothy mouth. Dorothy eyes widen feeling Leandra squirt hot cum into her throat. She tried swallowing what she could, the rest splashing against her face. She closed her mouth and turned facing Leandra. She leaned down and kissed her. Pushing the fresh squirted cum between each other mouths, sharing the delicious extract.

They pulled there wet mouths away and smiled. "Its your turn to cum" and Leandra threw Dorothy on her back. Dorothy pulled her legs back holding her ankles. Leandra got down between her legs and began devouring her pussy. She slide two fingers in, pulling them back and forth. As the tip of her tongue flicked on Dorothy clitoris. Her pussy so wet gleamed in the light of the fire. Leandra put her mouth on Dorothy's clit and sucked it, then pulled on it ever so slightly. Dorothy body shook, her pussy feeling like its on fire. Leandra pulled away and shove in three fingers and worked faster. Pumping her fingers in and out,"Come for me Dorothy, spray it on my face." Leandra opened her mouth as Dorothy bit her lip and exploded, squirting hot liquid from her dripping pussy. The first stream hitting Leandra right in the face. Then the next one shot right into her mouth. "OH GOD", she screamed cumming all over Leandra face. Leandra licked up the left over cum, not wanting it to go to waste. Leandra leaned down and kissed her sharing the taste.

Dorothy let her legs go and they collapsed in each other arms. Wrapped in the warmth of the fire. There sweaty bodies pressed against one another. Leandra rested her head on Dorothy big tits.

Dorothy eyes got heavy as she began to fall asl**p. "I love you Leandra." She fell asl**p as Leandra looked at the fire, afraid that she was starting to have feelings for Dorothy.

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