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My Mum's friend.

Well I was unemployed at the time and my perants where working in this resturant, when I had gone in for my dinner, my mums friend was there and she asked how was I doing with getting a job. My mum explained that I had been going to interviews and trying really hard to get a job, her friend Rita asked so what are you doing tomorrow then, I explained that I had nothing to do. She then asked as It was in the summer and was suppose to be a really hot day would I like to spend it on the beach with her and some friends. Rita was a beautiful Lady with long blond hair and huge tit’s and the most beautiful legs, she was in her mid 40’s, but looked a lot younger. She told me she would pick me up at 8am the next morning.
She arrived at 8am on the dot, so as I left the house I got into her car and as she said hello, I noticed two other ladies in the back of the car, one was her 17 year old daughter and the other Lady was about the same age as Rita, she did the introductions and Sue her daughter along with Tracey said hello to me. We drove over to a very special beach and as rita parked the car we walked the short distance to the beach hut that she owned. It was a wooden shed painted in bright colours. Inside was a single bed with a big soft matras and some soft quilts over it. A small table had a small gas burner on it with a kettle and some mugs, tins with Tea, coffee and sugar in them. Make your self at home she said as she walked down the steps and onto the sand with her large towel.She spred it out on the sand and the other two ladies did the same she spred out another towel along side hers telling me that it was for me. I had my swimming trunks on all ready so Istripped down to them and left my jeans and shirt in the shed. I watched as the three of them stripped down to the swimming costumes all three had two pics bikinies. My eyes nearly poped out my head as I saw them in all there glory and the three of them went into the water, as they got out and walked back up the beach, water droplets glistening on there skin. We all layed down in the morning sun and I fell asl**p.
I was woken by Sue saying I should put some sun cream on. As she offered to rub some on my back, I had to just lay there as I got an erection from her touching me. Then we all sat and chatted about differant things, Rita was saying how she would have a word with her Husband to see if he could find me a job, as the sun got hotter we all went for a swim, as I was walking out of the sea I felt a sharp pain in my foot. I had stood on some broken Glass and cut my foot badly Rita, Tracey and Sue got me up to the beach hut and Rita got the first aid box out telling the others to go and enjoy them selves and closing the door, she boiled the kettle and washed my foot to make sure it was clean. I was looking at her nipples as her beautiful breasts where on view as she knelt infront of me, then she gasped as she saw my cock poking out of my swimming trunks. “ Well your not a boy anymore are you.” Rita said as she put her fingers into my trunks and pulling them down to revile the whole lenght of my erect cock, she just took my hard veiny shaft into her mouth and started to suck my young cock. As I watched her swollow my knob down her throat sucking me deep into her mouth then as she let me slide back out her tounge liked down my shaft to my balls, she sucked each one into her mouth then licking back to the helmet before swollowing my whole lenght down again.
My cock was throbbing hard as she relised me and as she stood up she removed her bikini bottoms and sat on the bed as she stepped out of them unclasping her bikini top and leting her big firm tit’s free for me to see, as she lay back on the bed I saw she was not a natural blond a thick mat of dark brown hair covered her as I went down on her open pussy my tounge started to probe her cunt lips and her juices where running down her to her ass hole, she spread her leg’s wide and I lapped and sucked her wet and very willing pussy making her mone with her pleasure as she squirmed around on that bed I could imagin her with her husband doing the same things to her. I probed my fingers into her then as I inserted my tounge deeper inside her she clamped her leg’s around my head, all I could do was inhale her mucky smell as I greedly sucked her clit she came like a steam train as her orgasam washed over my tounge. My cock was so hard and throbbing as she relised me from her grip and I moved up between her wide spred leg’s I aimed my cock head at her open cunt as I looked at her magnificent breasts, I was rubbing my knob in her juices coating it with the moist cum that she had running from her as I possitioned my cock at her entrance this was only the third Lady I had been in this possition with and there was no way I was not going to fuck her. She looked up at me and she told me, “ it’s OK you can do it with me, I want your virginity! Your a young man and you need to loose it.” As I pulled my foreskin back and entered her wet pussy with my cock head, I just thought If only she knew I had fucked two other Ladies before her, she squeeled as I entered her with the whole lenght of my bare shaft. She felt so good as my knob hit the inner depths of her willing cunt. Her leg’s where tight around my back as my balls came to rest on her ass and the whole 8 inches of my cock slipped up her. I was inside her as deep as I could go and throbbing like an engin on tick over. She was cooing as I filled her with my bare meat. She then felt me pushing into her slowly removing an inch, then pushing it back in her, as I rocked back and forth letting more of my shaft slide out before ploughing it back up her, as my pace quickened and my shaft strokes got longer, she was panting as I sucked on her huge nipples in turn as I squeezed her tit’s and thrust my cock in harder and deeper. Then with out any warning she held on to me as she came on my cock, she went into spasam after spasam as her cunt walls squeezed my cock, her cunt contracting around me as I drilled deeper inside her. We where both totaly naked and in a passionat embrace as I shot my seed deep into her, jerking hard and shooting my think white cream way down into her. As we lay there the door opened and It was her friend Tracey, she just stood there looking at her friends wide open cunt dripping with our mixed juices as My cock slid in and out with slow short strokes as my white arse was riseing and falling, Rita looked up and saw her friend looking at the two of us as I continued to fuck her slow and hard, there was no way I was going to stop now. Even if her husband had walked in my cock was going to stay inside her.
As the light dimmed as Tracey closed the door and left us to continue fucking Rita wrapped her whole body around me as she rolled me over onto my back and as she sat up and rode my cock I just watched her tit’s bouncing as she fucked my cock, she ground her pubic bone onto mine and gasped as my cock was swelling inside her. We just fucked in differant possitions and after 3 hours she was so sore that we had to stop. I had cum in her so many times that she just flooded the quilt as I with drew my cock still hard from her. “I have got to have you again!” she said as she looked up at me. My cock waving in the air and glistening with our juices! I leaned over her and kissed her on the lips and replyed “ Any time, just let me know where and when.”
So this was the start of an affair I had with this Mature Lady friend of my Mum’s, this lady taught me well how to love a Lady and we fucked many times, but that’s another story.

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