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The Storm

I went on vacation to this this lake resort, by myself. I just needed some peace and quiet, being able to do what ever I want to do. I like this resort I went to, because I'm able to lay on the dock without a bathing suit if I want.

Which, the first day I was there, I went to the local store, stocked up on some groceries, a few bottles of wine and a new blow up raft. I went back to my cabin, made some lunch, changed into my cover up and headed to the dock. I brought my radio and the raft. Got things set up, blew my raft up and tied it to the dock, so I don't float too far away.

I poured my self a glass of wine, got my cover up off and got onto the raft. The sun is shining brightly, the heat on my skin feels awesome. Some good tunes on the radio has helped me drift off to sl**p. I woke to the sun not shining on me anymore. I looked up and seen some grey clouds moving in.

I pulled my raft back to the dock, and jumped in the water to cool off. The sun came and went as the afternoon went on. When I climbed out of the water, I put more lotion on my body, then sat in a reclining beach chair for a bit longer.

The sun was staying hidden behind the clouds and the wind has picked up. I put my cover up back on, gathered things on the dock, making sure nothing would blow into the water. I grabbed the radio and headed back to my cabin. I plugged in the radio and changed the station to hear the weather report. They are calling for some strong winds and heavy rain.

I'm thinking to myself, a good thunderstorm at the lake. As long as there isn't any lightning,I'm able to sit in the rain, totally naked and enjoy. I can pull my toys out and fuck my pussy. I haven't been able to find anyone to fulfil my fantasy of getting fucked in the rain, so I will do.

A truck pulled into the driveway, I pulled my cover up on and watched this guy jump out from his cab. A very nice hunky guy got out, went to his cabin by the boat dock, unloading his fishing gear and other belongings. He see me, smiled and got into his truck again to leave.

I was going to start the bbq pit, but the clouds are getting darker and thicker. I went in to take a quick shower, I need to get the lotion off of me. Plus, I knew if the storm would hit, I may not have any electric. Once I got dried off, I put some baby oil on my legs and my tits.

Looking for the candles and a flashlight, I hear a strange noise. I looked up and out the window. I didn't see anything, so I went back to what I was doing. I found some candles and matches. I layed them on the table where I could find them if needed.

I made up a small salad for my dinner, got another glass of wine and went to my picnic table by the lake. I sat there watching the boats get back to their docks before the storm got here. I look over to the dock and there's a boat in a slip. It wasn't there before, but who knows. I shrugged my shoulders and finished my salad.

The guy in the other cabin never came back, so I went over to see if he had everything picked up, not to blow away. As I walked closer to his door, the wind picked up and started to blow things on the dock. I headed in that direction, picking swim toys and cans off the ground. I pull the chairs and my raft closer together, using my rope to tie them all to a pole.

I'm walking back to my cabin, trying to handle the wind from knocking me down. A huge gush of rain hit me and pushed me to the ground. It startled me, as I was getting to my feet I felt a hand on my waist. It was the guy from before. He helped me up and led me to my cabin. I told him thank you as he went back to his own cabin.

The wind picked up, the lights flickered alot. I made sure the window were all closed and lit a candle. all of a sudden a loud clammer came from outside and the lights are off. The only light was from the lightning and my candle. I just sat there in the dark, watching it storm from my window.

As the wind picked up, lawn furniture was flying everywhere, I seen some of the things from the dock blow off. I guess I didn't tie them down good enough. With all the noise from the wind, I was getting a bit nervous. I knew he was across the yard from me, but the storm still kinda worried me.

My candle burnt out, so I was beginning to light another, when I heard someone at my door. It was him, he said he couldn't find any candles and saw that I had some. Why should he sit in the dark by himself? I told him to hang with me and we can enjoy the lightning show together. He introduced himself as Tim.

We sat at the table for a little while, chatting up a storm. I got up to use the bathroom and to refresh my glass of wine. I told him, there was more wine if he wanted some. He had already poured a glass and moved to the couch. I came out from the kitchen and sat next to him.

By the conversation we were having, I could feel my pussy twitching and my nipples growning harder. I know he could see that he was exciting me, by the way my very erect nipples were poking through my shirt. I placed my hand on his leg as we were teasing each other.

Tim reached over to me, pulling my head closer to his, looked me in the eys and kissed me. A deep passionate kiss, tongues in each others mouths, slow sucking on our lips. I put a hand on his chest, the other on the back of his head, to pull him clser to me.

Tim had put a hand on my shoulder and has worked his way to my chest. He outlined my nipple as it protruded to be harder. His kisses has went from my lips to me ear, to my neck and back to my ears. His hands are all over my chest and waist.

I can feel my pussy getting wetter as he rubbed my tits and kissed me. I ran my hands to his shorts and felt his cock. It was growing as I touched him. I reached up, rubbed his chest again, then back to his cock.

Our breathing has gotten heavier, our kisses deeper, our hands all over each others body. Tim pulls me to stand up next to him. We start to slow dance, being tight next to each other. Tim, pulls on my shirt to take it off. My tits are waiting for his touch. I do the same to his shirt.

His hands are cupping me as he held me tight. His hands roaming from my chest to my ass, has made me soo freaking horny, that I'm tugging at his shorts, to get them off. I want to see the cock I'd been feeling grow. He helps untie his string as I'm pulling them off.

I get his shorts to the floor, squat down to examine his ever growing cock before putting it in my mouth. I licked and sucked on him, making him tell me how good I feel. I'm lifting his balls to pull them both into my mouth, running my fingers between his sack and his asshole.

As I'm making love to his cock with my tongue, I have slipped a finger to my clit. The moisture has built up, that my panties are soaked.

Tim has me to stop sucking on him, he takes my hand and leads me to the bed. We kiss some more as he lays me down. His tender sensual kisses are working their way down my toroso, working his kisses as he pulls my shorts off me. His hands are spreading my legs with ease.

Tim licks and kisses my clit as a finger is tracing my pussy. I'm raching down to open my clit for him. His tongue is feverishly licking my nub. I'm cumming as he sucks on me harder. My hands are on my tits, pulling and tugging at my nipples. I'm rubbing Tims head and pulling him tighter in my pussy.

Tim lifts to kiss me again, as he puts his throbbing cock in me. A long thrust as his enormous head works it's way in. I spread my legs futher and Tim slowly slides in and out. No need to rush, he says, we have all night.

Here we are two strangers making love during a thunderstorm. It's not the love making fantasy I have under the rain, but this is just as good, if not better. I'm ready to cum again, my breathing is faster. Tim pulls from me and goes to suck my nectar as it comes from me. Tim has his fingers in me pumping to get more cum.

I'm moving with his thrusting fingers. I reach for his cock. Tim pulls himself over my head and puts his cock in my mouth. He is back to fingering and licking my pussy. His tongue is making love to me. As I suck on his cock harder, he flicks his tongue faster. Faster he flicks and sucks on my pussy,his tongue in and out of my hole.

Im moaning again, I pull his hand to rub my clit faster. I tell him that an orgasm is building up. He rubs and fingers my clit. I'm wiggling around and begin to buck his face as he licks me. I pull his cock from my mouth as I scream. My pussy is aching to cum. Tim rubs my clit harder and feels me beginning to squirt on his hand.

He lifts to get my hot juice on his face. I rached down to rub my silky juice all over. Tim, then pulls his cock to enter again. There again, a long slow thrust. In and out, nice and slow. No rush for the rest of the evening.

As I have came numerous times, Tim is ready to fill me with his. He kisses me long and hard as his cock head grows. He's telling me that my pussy felt soo good,that he's ready to cum. I clinched my pelvic as he came inside me. He continued to fill me with many thrusts of cum.

Tim, pulls out, pulls me to his arms and holds me close. We can see the storm is still here, but not as strong as earlier. We fall asl**p for a bit, before waking to the sound of thunder. I get up to use the bathroom again, then Tim joins me. As I'm sitting infront of him, I pull his cock towards me to suck again.

His cock is hard again, Tim pees and lifts me to the bathroom counter. Slipping a finger in my pussy, he realizes I'm ready to have him again. He enters my pussy, this time with a hard quick thrust. I smile and moan loudly. I wrap my legs around his waist as he rams me hard.

Tim bends to my tits and sucks them hard, then all his concentration is on fucking me. He lifts me and walks with me still on his cock. We walk over to the kitchen table. He fucks my pussy , before he goes in for dessert. I've got thick cum coming from my pussy.

Tim licks every drop, then fucks my hole harder. He flips me over, fingers my ass as he pumps my pussy. I'm on all fours as his enters my ass. A long sigh of enjoment comes from us. Again, hard long thrusts, in and out, pumping me full of his ever larging cock.

I'm fingering my pussy as he is fucking my hole. As our breathing is stronger, I tell Tim I'm ready to cum again. Tim and I both cum at the same time, making a big mess of cum on the table. I sit there while Tim sucks my nipples, before getting a washcloth to clean up.

We get another glass of wine, then lay in bed til we fall asl**p. When we woke in the morning, the sky was blue, the sun shining and furniture was everywhere. I went to the bathroom to take a hot shower, before going to clean things up. tim joined me for a shower love making.

We get things cleaned up from outside, before Tim asks me to go fishing with him. I accept the invite. Collecting rays from the middle of the lake is better, than doing it alone.

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