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Stranger Danger : Gangbanged by strangers Pt. 2

As of part 1, you can tell i have not liked any of this happening!
So today, here is part 2!

An hour was gone, and I was having my plan to run away, but they held me till they stopped. I was about to run away, and then they put me down. "Please, let me leave!"
"Oh we'll let you leave; with us!" they said.
They crowded a small around me and picked me up. They manhandled me across the car and strapped me up. They held me until they got to their house. Carrying me in, they threw me around. I was terrified. They set me on the couch and left into the kitchen. I bit off all the tape, and ran to their car. I wasn't locked, so i got in and drove home. Little did i know, they followed me! I ran in the bathroom and locked it. I soon heard pounding. And i realized, they followed me.

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