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Riding the Lakefront-Chapter3

August 13,2008...6:30pm...Chicago Lakefront Bike Path--Irving Park rec lot...8:30pm

My life changed that night!

The silence of the car...sitting there...thinking about the call I had just experienced...was deafening! What began as my usual bike ride ended in a catostrophic state of affairs. What began as just this innocent ride ended with the creation of a black mailed sex slave about to embark on an unbelievable series of escapades with no end in sight. I lost interest in the radio. I lost interest in stopping at the gym to clean up. I lost interest in getting something to eat. These were the routines I lived every Wednesday night and Saturday morning. But, today...tonight...was different. I sat there smelling the effects of their piss on my bike shorts/shirt thinking how I would like to burn them...but then, that would serve no purpose. Besides, that would be something else to explain at home how I had to drive home naked. No, I just had to sneak in the house quickly to the shower. Them having my phone number sucked, I thought. What the hell do I tell my long time roommate? I slipped and fell in a urinal? How do I explain peculiar phone calls? A break in my usual routine?

I pulled by the mail box to get the mail when my lesbian neighbor, Kara, came over.
"Got the strangest call. Someone from your guy wanting to know if you got home ok...that they were worried about you after your party tonight. Said you fell in a real dicy situation and might smell a bit. DAMN! THEY WERE RIGHT! WHAT DID YOU FALL INTO???? You smell like a urinal!"
Those pricks..called my neighbors!
"That is about it....actually, a freak thing happened and believe it or not, I got doused by a 5 gallon bucket of piss. The water wasn't working at the gym and they were saving piss in this bucket. I didn't see it and it tipped over...YES...on to me! Soaked my clothes..But no water at the gym and what would I do? go to a motel and ask to use their shower???? so i drove home...that was SO nice of them to show they cared."
"Don't say anything to Lisa ....don't think she would understand. You know what a prude she is!"
"Safe with you!"
"Love you guys too." I picked up the mail and was backing up to turn in the driveway when the phone rang.
"Ok must be about to the house. Saw your neighbor, right? Kara? Nice sounding. Now, you KNOW we mean business.If you don't want Kara or the lovely housemate Lisa finding out about you, then you have your work cut out for you. Go in and get past this first hurdle. Now, on Friday night, you are to go to a private party and you are going to be the guest of honor. You will come ready! Shaved. Hole greased. Clean. Arrive at 9pm. Side entrance. Know that you are going to be used by probably 15 couples and all of them black. No condoms. You, my friend, will be their breeding ground for the night. As they see fit! Come prepared for being fucked, flogged, or anything else they wish. Several of them will want you spread eagled; a few will want you caged. You have NO say in the matter at all! Whatever...WHATEVER they are their slave. The cool thing about this is...what they want is repatriation for what happened to their relatives. Anytime we can get a white bitch, it pays premiums! I mean...there will be no limit to what they will want to do with you. You ain't gettin' exposed to nothin'. Most are married. But gives a chance for some of that "gettin' back even" for the shit we put up with. Piss is in the cards..definitely. We like that with you, especially. What is great about you are just a thing. Big tits. Big clit. Nice clean, pink hole. Just BEGGING for abuse so we gonna repeat what happened in that bathroom on the bike path. Will give you the address on your way. Have fun...enjoy the moment."

Bastard. None of this is my fault...yet, I am going to be punished. I guess I understand what he is saying about the hurts caused that weren't their fault and how they had to take it. Doesn't make it easier, though. I am innocent of all this and now, am being punished for my genetics. How will I come up with a convincing story?

Hurrying in the house, I went immediately to the shower and got and all.
"Hey...What's the rush?" Lisa said.
"I couldn't shower at the all sweaty; stinky. Will be down in a little bit. I may take a soaking down later. Sounds good for my aching muscles!" I really wanted to tell her..'I need to soak my fucked asshole and want to rinse out their cum' but couldn't. First I showed. Soap on the clothes, shoes, etc., took them off, and stripped off the rest. My anal tissues were severely sore...bruised...and I knew I carried the seed of these men. Hopefully, at least clean and undiseased seed. Only time would tell. But did it matter? I mean Friday was going to mean wearing lots of cum...fresh condoms. Exposed to all kinds of people. I poured in several ounces of lavendar bubble bath, filled the tub with hot water, and stepped in! Damn...this felt good. I pulled my ass cheeks apart....and the water seeped in my gurl pussy. What a confusing life! Mentally a woman. Physically? Mostly a woman. Facially? Mostly a male! Sexually? A small clit like dick. Big 48D tits and nipples to die for! Big white I am 6' tall and 310 lbs. Wearing my weight like any other female. Big soft pliable belly. Big soft white thighs....just begging for somebody but my choice..not f***ed into things.

Things were changing for me....

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