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He knows what he wants

Just thinking I'd book the room and wait. Before get room e promise that from start we're just going fuck each other, no talking, just straight to it. Always chat afterwards lol. As you get room I open door when you knock, you look amazing and have little cheeky smile on your face haha. You just say hello and start kissing me, feels fucking good! As we're kissing, we walk towards the bed, you've got your back to it, you fall on the bed with me on top off you. You start undoing my jeans as I start fingering your wet pussy, fuck your wet Lucie! We're both kissing so hard, I start kissing down your neck, dying rip top off. You pull my cock out and slide it between your legs, you can feel how hard I am. I just lift skirt up little, pull your knicks to the side and slide every inch of my hard cock deep inside your wet pussy. Feel so good to finally have my cock inside you. You moan my name and kiss me hard on the lips. I start sliding my hard throbbing cock in and out your tight pussy, kissing you really passionatly. Feeling your hands sliding up my top, holding me tight, your lips against my lips, your tongue gently sliding in my mouth.

We start getting faster and harder, hear you moaning in my ear as i kiss your neck, Lucie you can hear moan your name as I start fucking you harder. You start getting louder, nails digging into my back. I still can't believe we're doing this, feel so fucking good fucking you, your pussy wrapped round my hard cock, hearing you moan for more, feeling your lips against my body. I start thrust harder as i can feel your close to cumming and you know i'm about too.

We start kissing again as we're about to cum, moaning our names, fuck me Lucie, I want you so much, you can feel me getting deeper with every push! Lucie I'm going to cum, I you want cum all over my cock! I want make you cum so much! As I'm cumming we both look at one another, staring in each others eyes, still cant believe its happening and how good it feels!!!! Fuck I'm going cum Lucie, all over you babes!!! You kiss me as your close too!!! Your screaming for me fuck you harder, pulling me deeper! Lucie you cum first which makes me cum inside your pussy!

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