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Dad Eat My Cum From Mom’s Pussy

I’m back home again, living with my parents after being away at university for the last four years. I’m the youngest of four and the only one left at home now. It’s Saturday night and I have just came back home from the village pub early as nothing is happening there, it’s a big change from the city life I have been used to.
Ever since I was young, Saturday nights were a special time for my mom and dad to be alone, mom would make a meal and both would get dressed up as if they were going out. We knew never to go in to the living room after nine o clock if we happened to be home, when we were younger we were usually sent around to our auntie’s down the street, my older s****r said they would be having sex, which meant nothing to me at my young age.
“Just me, I’m going to bed”
“Come in here a minute, if you can” dad shouted
Both mom and dad were on the sofa with a drink in their hand, mom looked a bit tipsy and I noticed her blouse not buttoned up correctly
“What’s up” I said
“Your home early, sit down and have a drink”
“Are you sure, I’m not disturbing you, am I”
As mom went to get me a glass dad said
“I think I’m driving your mom in to an affair with another mam”
“What makes you say that?”
“I haven’t been able to satisfy her for the last six months, I can not get an erection”
“Too much information dad”
“Sorry son but it’s true, I want her to be happy, but not with another man that I don’t know, she might leave me”
“I don’t think she would dad”
“She has a very high sex drive your mom”
“Too much information again dad”
“How would you like to have sex with your mom?”
“I couldn’t, she’s my mom”
“It would only be once, hopefully it the stress of trying to get an erection making me worse”
“I don’t know dad, what would mom say”
“She probably that tipsy she would just think it’s me”
Mom came back with the glass for me, she did look sexy for being 56, I suppose. As she poured me some wine I could not help but look at her breasts squashed together in her bra as her blouse had a couple of buttons undone at the top.
From where I sat opposite I felt uncomfortable watching dad hit on mom, he kept kissing her full on the mouth and had his hand under her skirt. I could see more of her legs becoming visible as her skirt rode up higher.
Mom was a larger, well built woman, not fat but big boned, it was now I saw her pale chunky legs spilling out from her black stocking tops with white suspenders. Dad had his hand right between her legs now and I was starting to get turned on. All of a sudden mom stood up and left the room
“Where mom going” I asked
“She’s away to take her knickers off, are you going to do what I asked”
I felt torn, I didn’t want to fuck my mom, but on the other hand she did look sexy and it might stop dad from worrying about her not having a cock for the last six months
“Yes I do it for you”
Mom took her position back on the sofa, all happy and grinning from ear to ear, did she know what dad had planned for her. It was not long before dad had his hand up her skirt while they kissed; he had pulled it up her leg so I could see more. Mom obliged and parted her legs wide for him.
I was not accustomed to seeing so much hair on a pussy; all my girlfriends had little tufts or none at all. This was thick and dense, squashing out from between her legs with a slightly visible pair of parting lips that looked fat and chunky. I rubbed myself through my trousers discreetly and mom seemed to slid to the front of the sofa exposing herself more to me.
Her pussy lips was open and willing, sticking out from her mighty triangle of hair. I quietly undid my trousers, wanting to play with my throbbing cock. Mom seemed to gasp as I pulled it free from my boxers as it stood skywards, had she seem me, I wondered.
Dad beckoned me across as he moved his hand from between her legs and on to her tits. I knelt in between her legs thinking, do I just stick it in or play with her a little. My mind was made up as mom’s hand pulled my head in towards her hairy pussy and on to her long, fat lips.
I’d never seen a mature pussy before and realized what I had been missing as I started to lick and suck her while smelling the warm aroma of mom at the same time. I couldn’t get enough of kissing mom’s pussy and her chunky legs bulging from her stockings as I inserted a finger inside her.
Looking up to see her reaction, I could see that dad had undid her blouse and was now playing with her tit through her bra. Mom seemed to moan with every stroke of my finger and it was not long before a wetness started to make a sloppy noise. I poked my tongue in with my finger, tasting my mom’s pussy lube.
She held me in to her pussy tighter, eventually moving me on to her clit, which was easy to find, mom bucked and twisted under me as I sucked her to an orgasm.
Lifting my head from her pussy, she stood up and wriggled from her skirt and slipped her blouse off in front of me, she stood wearing a white basque covering her round motherly tummy and suspenders down to her black stockings. She pulled me in to her again as I knelt, I steadied myself with my hands on her bum under her suspenders licking her wet hairy pussy, which I couldn’t get enough of.
I felt her wanting to move and let her go, she slipped both her straps off her shoulders exposing her big round tits and dangled them over my head. Looking up, she dropped her long hard nipple in to my mouth and I began to suck, she had beautiful big tits and I could feel them swinging and knocking in to my face.
Mom moved back on to the sofa and spread her legs as wide apart as she could, like an invite for me to go in between them. I kissed her stocking covered leg from her knee up to her stocking top while playing with what was hanging out the top with my hand. I never seen chunky legs like these before and was overwhelmed with them.
Next was her pussy, another first for me, she was so hairy and I was intrigued by her fat chubby lips sticking out from the mass of dark curly hair.
I was ready to fuck my mom, cock sticking straight out in front of me and lined up with her fanny entrance. She had lifted her feet on my bum and took me by surprise, the f***e she used to pull me in to her; she must have strong leg muscles. My cock slipped in to her moist love hole, the size of me must have taking her by surprise with the sudden gasp and her shuffling about trying to accommodate her son’s manhood inside her.
I withdrew slightly to give her time but she used her feet and legs again, pulling me straight back in, followed by another gasp from her. I felt her inside walls gripping me as I slowly pushed my full length inside, she was either used to a smaller cock or her insides had shrunk in these last six months of not having dad’s cock.
I looked down to where my cock went out of sight in to mom, mesmerised how her big fat lips sucked around my cock with every pull out. I felt a passion never felt before, my cock felt extra big and hard and every thrust was followed by a gasp or a grunt from mom.
I was now fully inside her, her hairy bush prickled in to my soft shaven skin around my cock. She felt so tight still, each thrust was heaven and I knew I would not last long, she was panting and whimpering
“Oh Yeeeees” she cried out
Our eyes made contact and with each thrust her face winced a little, was it pain or pleasure I was giving. I saw movement out the side of my eye; it was dad’s hand moving on to mom’s tits. Mom responded and unzipped dad and pulled out his cock, it didn’t look like he had much trouble with an erection now. He was a little smaller maybes but looked as hard as rock.
Dad knelt on the sofa as mom beckoned and pulled him by the cock in to her mouth. Now this was weird, me fucking mom and dad inside her mouth, I felt strangely turned on by the situation and rammed my cock harder in to mom. Her moans were muffled by a mouthful of cock but I got the impression that’s what she wanted, harder and faster.
It felt quit erotic watching mom with a mouth full of cock, wanking it faster in to her mouth. I kept thrusting, wondering who would be first, just then dad tensed, thrusting his body in to mom’s face.
I’d never seen another man cum before never mind my dad, mom sucked and swallowed while moaning. This seemed to make me want to come all the more, I thrust harder in to her tight fanny and my cock felt ready to explode.
Mom suddenly gasped and dropped dad’s cock from her mouth
“Yeeeees, Yeeeees,”
He milked the last squirts of his cum from his cock, hitting mom in the face as I felt her insides tighten
“Fuck Yeeeees squirt it in me” she howled
Her legs stiffened on to my bum as she lifted her fanny up to meet my thrusts, then it happened, her fanny muscles spasmed and sucked around my cock tight. She held me that tight with her legs, I could not move. Her fanny seemed to go in to overdrive nipping and sucking on my cock until I could not hold back anymore.
I literally saw stars and held my breath as long as I could as I felt my explosion building; caused by her rippling fanny muscles, then it happened. I exploded deep inside her, The most intense orgasm ever triggered erupted like some giant volcano, huge jets of hot cum squirted from deep inside my balls, ending up deep inside my mom’s fanny. Each explosion was met with a grunt from her as my cock twitched and bucked while filling my mom’s fanny full.
Mom moaned and panted with each spasm of her fanny, making her tits heave up and down on her chest, I took then in my hands feeling the softness of them, prolonging my orgasm even longer.
Dad was now kissing mom’s face where he milked and squirted his cum from his cock; she held his head firmly as she panted. Eventually her grip on her legs softened before falling to the floor, mam and dad were kissing each other with passion now as I slipped from between her legs. Her fanny was still open and looked swollen, my cum was starting to trickle out from way inside but she still kept her legs apart.
Dad hand was now on her tit and working down to her fanny, he stuck a finger inside and began to finger her
“Go down on me love” she said
Mom pushed dad’s head down to her fanny as he clambered off the sofa and in between her legs. She raised her feet on to the sofa and thrust her funny in to dad’s face while holding his head.
“Yeeeees lick me”
I could not believe what I was seeing, dad was eating my cum from mom’s pussy and it seemed normal for the two of them to be doing this.
“Fuck yes, suck on me” mom hollowed
I left the room as dad made sucking, slurping noises and went to bed in a state of shock after just fucking my mom.
It was late morning when I went down in to the kitchen, not sure how to face my parents, there was only my dad there
“Want some breakfast son, I‘m cooking today”
“Where mom”
“Still in bed, she’s a little sore and tender after that fucking you give her last night”
I could hardly believe how frank dad was about what happened
“It looked like you were enjoying yourself; I know she enjoyed it immensely”
“I did dad, but do you not mind”
“No, in fact your mom, We were wondering if you would like to do it again”
“I don’t know dad”
“Think about it son, she like it from you”
It became a regular thing on a Saturday night after that, mom and dad had their fun evening then I would fuck my mom when I got home from the pub. She would kiss me not as a mother, but as a lover would with tongues, even after dad had squirted his cum in to her mouth she wanted to kiss me with passion. After a few weeks mom asked if I would share in the fun on a Wednesday night, have a meal, some drink and the three of us frolic about playing silly games. It was the only time dad could get an erection was when I was fucking my mom; he went all limp when the two of them were together. Mom enjoyed having dad hard again and I was converted to the larger, mature hairy women that I so love to fuck now.

The End

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