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Fishing on my Day Off !

Well I only got one day off a week from my driving job. So to unwind in the peace and quiet use to go fishing at a Lake, but on this day the Lake was so busy that I thought I would go up the near by river for a change. I had fished hear a few times before, but had never had much luck there.
I put up my equipment and as it was a bit over cast and rain was forcast I put up the bivvy tent to shelter in if the weather got to bad. I had been fishing for a couple of hours and had a lot of fish at the start, but every thing seamed to have gone quiet and the rain was still holding off. There was no one around and it was so peaceful, I went for a lay down in the shelter of the tent. I must have fallen asl**p for an hour or so and woke up to a dog sniffing at my bait. As I looked up and saw this Lady standing under the shelter of the tent with the rain pouring down, she apologised for the intrusion and that her dog had woken me. I looked her up and down as I noticed she was a very attractive mature Lady in her 50’s, she had a tweed skirt on and a waxed cotten jacket, I invited her in and as she removed her wet coat and head scarf she climbed into the tent with me and went to sit on the cushions, she slipped and her skirt lifted and revealed her stockings and suspenders, her leg hit mine and as I lost balance I fell on top of her with me positioned between her legs!
As I went to get off her and apologised to her she just pulled me back on top of her and she kissed me hard on my mouth, her tounge probing inside my mouth as she pulled my shirt open, her blouse was unbuttoned and my naked chest was rubbing against her white lace bra. Her skirt at this point was bunched up around her waist and her legs where clamped around my back. Her hands where all over me, I could feel her undoing my trousers and suddenly her hand was inside my boxers and she had hold of my erection. She gasped at the size of my cock and then spoke to me, “ well you have a very impressive cock young man!” “How do you fancy giving me a ride on it for and hour or two?”
I was unable to speek as I squeezed her left breast that had fallen out of her bra, I just clamped my lips around her nipple and began to suck on her tit. She just moaned with pleasure as I pushed my other hand down her panties and I slipped a finger into her wet vagina. I just lay there on top of her finger fucking her and sucking on her nipple. Suddenly she squeeled as she had an orgasam. Her legs swung open and as she relised her grip on me I just dived straight down and pulling her panties off to reveal her wet hairy cunt, I went to work licking and sucking on her clit and swollen lips, fingering her deep and tasting her warm juices as she came again on my tounge and fingers. She then pushed me over and made her way down to suck my cock, as she pulled back my foreskin and licked my knob, sucking my hard cock into her very willing mouth. She sucked and licked my whole shaft, even sucking on my balls as her tounge licked up to the helmet. She then said, “ It’s time you fucked me with this big hard cock of yours. “ So with out a word I laid her down as she removed her skirt to revile her suspender belt and Stockings framing her mat of pubic hair, I realised she was a true red head, her ginger pubes looked so wet from her own juices, her blouse and bra where removed and I just positioned my self between her legs and as I slid my bare cock into her open and very willing pussy, my cock stretched her open more than she had ever been before. It was a very tight fit in her willing cunt, as my cock swelled bigger and larger with every thrust. After about nine or ten thrusts into her the hole 8 inches penetrated her. I fucked deep and hard into her as she wrapped her legs up around my back again and pulling my into her as she thrust up to meet my lunges inside her. My knob was swelling bigger as she squeezed the whole of my shaft making me fire my cum deep into her wet and willing pussy. My seed coved her inner walls of her open cunt and as I withdrew my shaft from her my spunk run out of her, I rolled her over and entered her pussy from behind, fucking her hard in the doggy position as she knelt there with her bum in the air with my balls slapping against her as I shot more cum up her willing hole. We then laid on our sides and spooned for a while then she took control and rode me like a stallion, impailing her self onto my hard shaft. Then with out a word she lifted off my hard cock and spinning around she remounted my cock and fucked her self on it for ages. Then she laid back and spredding her legs really wide I mounted her again and fucked her for all I was worth, until I could hold back no longer and I pumped her full of my cum again. She then rolled me off her and she got dressed and as she left the tent she looked at me and said, “ Same time next week?” I replyed , “ yes sure I’ll be hear. “
That was the start of a brilliant affair I had with this Lady. There are more things she did with me. Including getting me to fuck her best friend and her daughter, but thats another story.

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