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On the farm, by prettygirl

When I was growing up I would spend my summers on my grandparents farm in NC. Its where I had the greates time of my life, the first time i saw the Bull and his balls that hung down to the ground. I was surprized he didn't kick them when he walk, and when I saw him get hard before doing his thing with the cows I almost fainted. My grandma saw me and laughed, she said don't worry not all men are that big thank god she added. I saw the pigs, goats and etc do it. The farm has a small river behind the barn where the chicken coop is. The strangest relationship I saw was my pet cat I called Mittens and the rooster. They where always to getter. when ever Mittens was in heat the rooster was always trying to mount her. My grandma would try and chase the rooster with a broom and be yelling while she did that. I laughed so hard I would cry.

One day the sky got real dark and the wind picked up. I was feeding the chickens with grandpa and he said Suzy Q get your garandma and cousins to the shelter. I ran as fast as I could grabbing mittens as we all went in. we all new a twister was comming. Grandpa was the last one in he always was. After it was over grandpa went first and then gave the all clear. chicken coop was destoyed and part of the roof on the house had a tree fall on it.

We couldn't find the rooster I looked every where. Mittens was pacing by the river I went there to look. I didn't see the rooster any where till I heard him crow , he was blown across the river. Mittens would stop meowing she was in heat, and the rooster crowing finaly not knowing why the rooster tried flying across the river. Yes chickens can fly a bit. He didnt make it and went in Mittens jump into the river to save him grandpa, grandma and I watched as mitten swam out after her friend. She got to him and he went down she dove down to get him grandma yelled at grandpa to go in and help. grandpa did but not happy. When he got to the rooster and mittes she scratch hin but he held tight.

He got back to shore Mitten was like a wet rag and the rooster wasnt moving, The rooster died, My grandpa said there is a morale to all of this. I looked at him for the words of wisdom he always had, He said " where ever there is a wet pussy you always find a stiff cock" Yes I know a long story for a Joke

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