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The Driver Delivers his Load.

Well I had been working as a Driver most of my working life and when I got a job as a Delivery Driver I never expected that this sort of thing would happen.
I was delivering food products to local Hotel’s and guest houses where I live,
over the summer season. This one Hotel was owned by this couple, he was about 60 years old a lot older than his wife, as she was in her 40’s and really very attractive.
I was only in my early 20's and as horny as any young man of that age.
I use to let myself in to her store room and leave her order there, but this day she was waiting for me and invited me into the Kitchen. She told me she wanted to check all the Items and so as I carried every thing into the room and stacked it up for her to check off each item. She was sat on the large Kitchen Table, she was wareing a white blouse with lacy frills down the front, a grey straight skirt with a large split up the back, a pair of paintant leather stilleto’s and Seamed Tan Stockings as she sat there I could see her stocking top’s and had an instant erection as she uncrossed her legs to give me the full view up her skirt.
She smiled at me and commented at the bulge that was clearly visible in my trousers. “So you like what you see then?” She asked me as I looked at her, her bright red lipstick glistened as she licked her lips and than she asked me, “ So would you like me to help you with that?” As she got down from the table and her skirt rode up more revealing her stocking tops and her suspenders. She just knelt down infront of my unzipping me and diving her hand inside and pulling out my erect cock. As it came into her sight she gasped and said, “ Oh my God, that’s huge! Your so much bigger than my Husband.” I stood there as she pulled back my foreskin and sucked my knob into her open mouth. She just swollowed my whole length down her throat and slurped away on my shaft. Up and down she went on my hard cock licking her way down to my balls and sucking on each of them. As I looked down at her I could see she had one hand up her skirt and she was rubbing her self hard.
At this point I had to pull away as I could feel my cum riseing, I pulled her up and pushed her back against the Table and flat on her back as I lifted her gorgeous leg’s and pulled them appart she had no Panties on, I had the full sight of her blond pubes and the swollen gash of her pink, wet pussy. She looked so horny as I went down on her and I sucked on her clit, licking her deep inside her open hole, tasting her Juices as I pushed a finger inside her,then another and another untill I had my hand up her cunt. I pumped her with my hand then as I felt her cum on my fingers, I slowly pulled my hand out. She looked up at me and pleading said, “FUCK me, Please? I want your young cock in me.”
At this point I explained that I didn’t have a condom, she replyed, “You don’t need one with me.” My cock was so hard I just positioned my knob at her entrance and slowly pushed into her, feeling her inner cunt walls clamping onto my shaft as I slipped right up her. My knob was locked deep inside her as I started to thrust and pound her as she lay there impaled on my hard bare cock. It took me just a few strokes then, I pumped my thick white cum right up her, shooting it deep into her belly. I pulled her blouse open and forcing her lace bra up and out of the way, taking her nipple in my mouth and sucking as I jerked deep inside her and continued to fuck her harder and harder. My baby batter lubricating her as my cock swelled bigger inside her. I just drilled deeper into her with every thrust, screwing her harder onto the Table and lifting her leg’s high in the air as I placed them over my shoulders, this position gave me an even deeper penetration into her willing hole. With her forcing her self on my shaft as I pushed inside her squeezing my balls hard against her. We just fucked long and hard for over an hour on the Table, changing possition as we could. Spooning was a great way to have her, eventualy getting her up onto her knees and fucking her in the doggy possition untill she was laying back with her stilletos pointing up in the air as I remounted her in the missionary possition fucking harder into her, then as she shook with her own orgasam I fired more of my cum deep inside her pumping more of my seed into her, filling her with my young fertile seamen. This lady was a brilliant fuck and as I climbed of her and got dressed she asked me if I could give her the same order next week? I replyed, “ Yes! Sure.”
As I left picking up my delivery sheets and opened the back door there was her Husband with a smile on his face and a wet patch of his cum on the floor.
“ She likes you alot! “ he said as I walked by him and jumped into the van and drove off.

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