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Riding the Lakefront-Chapter 2

August 13, 2008...8pm....Rec lot...Irving Park Rd...Chicago lakefront bike path

The event that actually changed my life began when I needed to piss about 6:30pm while on my bikeride. Tightfitting bike shorts were worn because of the padding in the ass area. But had I worn a pair of shorts with a zipper, none of this would have happened. Had I not worn a zippered tight biker shirt with my 48D tits showing, this might not have happened. But, it also was extremely hot and to be zipped up would have been ridiculous. 95 degrees, humid...typical August summer late afternoon/evening. Even at the gym, my bra was soaked. Sweat pouring forth. So, letting some air on the tits while riding seemed natural. Yes, I had a bra on while riding but a very skimpy bra as I enjoyed letting the twins out for air sometimes in public and few people ever rode the south side to actually get much viewing of my tits so I felt pretty comfortable doing so. The tits seemed to get some attention from a faction of people I was totally unaware of watching me. Yes, I went by parked cars but seldom gave them a thought. The lesson I was learned and would continue to learn aware of your surroundings and who is around. My need to piss cost me a lot...right at that time...being fucked and pissed on. But the cost would become much greater for me in the future. These guys held me at a total disadvantage. They knew me, my routine, days I rode, times I rode, and what I looked like. I couldn't identify them if my life depended on it. I never saw their faces. I am guessing one was white and one was black and they were about 25 but they both could have been white; both could have been black. What I DO know is...they both had very hard, thick, long cocks and didn't use any lube. They simply jammed and slammed my raw gurl pussy hole. They more than filled it. Yes, I had been fucked before but more with a little TLC and lube. Never f***ed fucking. Never just taking it deep and wide with little regard to the sensitive/tender tissue. What I do know is, they must drink alot as well because they pissed a hell of a lot. What I do know is they have my ID, my home address, my phone number, and other information I have for ID in case of an accident. I DON'T carry it for this purpose. Now, they had all that information as well. They also took pictures of their handiwork.

The note on the car was a reminder of my situation. Imagine me not cooperating. Imagine me blowing them off. What would they do? I sat there dazed....overwhelmed. Trying to collect my thoughts...How do I go home stinking of piss, all the filth of my outfit from laying on the floor...what would I do to explain my situation to anyone that saw me. The phone rang...
"BTW bitch....we videotaped our session. You talk to ANYONE and I mean ANYONE about this...and we release the tape to every fucking adult outlet on the face of this fucking earth. Porn star overnight! We send copies to your neighbors. In a short time, we will know more about you than you ever dreamed possible. Then, any slipups and well, it won't be our fault that everyone knows what a fucking whore you are. Understand?"
'Oh, my god!' Videotaped?
"BITCH! ANSWER ME! DO YOU UNDERSTAND? or shall we demonstrate what we mean? Let's have neighbors at 26555 named Anderson, right? Two women! Think they want to see this session? NOW YOU KNOW WE MEAN BUSINESS! SO?????????"
"i't do anything with that...."
"NOW you understand that we own you til we see fit to dump you? Do you understand that we now have ourselves a cracker whore. Do you understand that we now have a cracker whore sex toy that we can use anytime/anywhere? You like parties, don't you whore? You like being the center of attention, don't you whore? Well, Saturday night, two weeks from now, you be gonna be that center of attention. 7:30pm...and we will tell you what to wear/how to that skank?"
My head was would I explain all these sudden changes in my routine.
"BITCH! FUCKING ANSWER ME!You are tempting me to release this your fucking ignoring my questions. So, here is the deal, Cunt. Answers better come more quickly and what we want to hear or the Anderson girls...whom I assume are lesbians and don't know this side of you YET....will be the first to get your fucking entry into the porn business...the hardcore porn business. Remember when we told you to beg for more? Well, we got all that on tape. Looked like you were really enjoying yourself. We know different but the tape shows it was like you begging for more fucking/cock sucking so...that will be a convincing tape to share. Now, do you understand we own you til we see fit to dump you? Do you understand that we now have ourselves a cracker whore sex toy we can use anytime/anywhere? and You undstand we wil tell you waht to wear/how to dress?"
"Yes what, whore? Why don't you address us properly and say thank you?"
"YES SIR...and thank you SIR".
Click. The phone went dead.

The ride home was long.

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