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Mycox4U aka Johnny wants Lateshay badly...


Hello there My Sexy Lateshay...
I just watched what I believe to be your latest Video, "Lateshay Thick 'n juicy mini skirt strip!"
As ALWAYS Lateshay, you have given me an ENORMOUS RAGING HARD ON!
I haven't Jacked Off and CAME to Your Videos in quite a Long While, but Don't ever get the Idea that I have forgotten about you... You Sexy Gorgeous Girl... YOU!
I don't think that it's any secret between us that I am in Love with YOU!
Anyway, just before I started this Message and AFTER I watched Your Video... I had this Fantsy about You and ME!
Just Imagine that you're in Sunny L.A... We have just returned from a FUN Filled day of frolicking in the Pacific Ocean at the Beach in Santa Monica.
The Hot water pelting your skin feels Soooo Relaxing as we shower together, with my Warm soapy, slippery hands gliding all all over your soft skin washing away the Ocean's salty residue... After rinsing off all of the soap, drying your skin from top to bottom, front & back... I Brush and Blow Dry your Silky Hair, I take your hand in mine and lead you... totally naked, down the long hall to my bedroom.
Laying you down on my Big Soft Queen Sized Bed, I Fluff two pillows and comfortably stuff them beneath your head to allow you a full vision of myself as I Drop to my knees between your Silky Soft thighs and Kiss a path all the way up your legs, your thighs and Suck your Swollen Clit between my warm Lips and Flick with the tip of my Tongue!
Your Hips begin Thrusting Up and Down, I hear you Sigh and Moan Loudly as my active Firm Tongue PLUNGES DEEP inside your Hot Wet PUSSY and my Hands Grope, Fondle, Caress and Squeeze Both of your Ample TITS!
Tongue Fucking your Juicy Cunt and Licking, Sucking & Flicking your Sensitive Clit Over & Over... Again & AGAIN... Until every muscle in your body contracts, a Strong SHIVER Courses through your Body... Tugging Down on my head, your Hips Thrust forward just as your Juicy HOT pussy EXPLODES and the Warm Creamy CUM GUSHES into my Open Receptive Mouth and All over my Face! Raising back up, still on my knees and still between your outstretched shapely legs... I swallw your Creamy CUM with exception of the one tiny drop that trickles down my chin...
With one ankle propped on either shoulder my Hands grasp your hips Tightly tugging you back as I PLUNGE All 7 1/2" of Thick HOT THROBBING Cock DEEP Inside your Juicy pussy so Hard and Sooooo Fast that the SLAPPING Sound of our mutual Flesh SLAMMING together Echoes throughout the entire room! The Long Hard Rigid Cock Penetrates DEEPER & DEEPER... Until at long last you feel the Tickling Sensation of my Soft Pubic hair Brushing against your Bare Clit and slowwwwly begins withrawing... Only to be RAMMED Back inside you, Again & AGAIN!
My Fat Hard Cock POUNDS IN & Out of you ... Over & Over... FUCKING & POUNDING IN & OUT!
As you Thrash and Squirm all over the Bed, my STIFF HARD COCK SLAMS IN & OUT OF YOU ~ Until you and I Groan at the Same time and you Feel the HOT Sticky CUM Filling your pussy as You ERUPT and the Mixture of Our Mutual CUM streams down the crack in your ASS and Drips from my Heavy Extended Balls! Collapsing on the Bed beside you, our hearts are POUNDING and our Breathing is Labored as I Wrap my strong arms round you and we drift off to sl**p.
Early the following morning, the Sun Beams through the Eastern window as you awaken to the sensation of the flat of my anxious tongue Licking your Moist PUSSY and waking you to another warm day....
OMG, Writing this fantasy for you made my Cock get Sooooo Long Stiff and Hard that I wrapped my fingers around the HOT Shaft and I began Stroking up and down, the more I Fantasized... the tighter my grip became and I JACKED OFF until the CUM Swirled around my Balls, Coursed up through my long stiff Cock and I Spurted a Sticky, White Stream all the way up my chest and stomach!
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