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Mrs Graham the Librarian

Mrs Graham isn't her real name but it started with a "G". She was our school librarian, and I had fantasised about her since I was 12. By 1979, I was in Year 11 in Australia,aged 16 and studying hard and spending a lot of time in the Library.

Mrs Graham was about 40, blonde, and slightly greying. She wasn't what a normal 16 year old would have been interested in normally, but there was something about her. She wasn't fat, but she bulged in the right places, wore tight clothes, and had enormous breasts. I knew she had big nipples too, because they often showed through her bra and blouse.

I used to like watching her through the library shelves. On many occasions, I seemed to be in the right place as she returned books to the shelves on the other side, in the next aisle, her big tits jiggling as she sorted all the books into the right order. One day, while thinking she didn't know I was there, I stood watching her, with a Ned Kelly book in my hands, staring through a huge gap in the books, at her on the other side of the shelves, her freckled cleavage heaving as she pulled out books from her trolley. I thought she was busy and destracted, but suddenly one of her hands grabbed one of mine (My right hand) and pulled it through the shelves, pressing it on her chest. I had to lean down further, making it look like I was after another book, while I squeeezed and fondled; not believing my luck. I didn't do anything too adventurous, but I'll never forget feeling her hard nipples through the clothing. "Come and see me in my office" she said, and went back to replacing books like nothing had happened.

A few minutes later, I was in her office, playing with her enormous tits, but only on the outside. She let me squeeze and fondle, but she didn't get them out. She suggested that I come to her house the following Saturday. Things were different then. Teachers often did group things from their own houses; mainly for girls. They would do arts and crafts, cooking, Mrs Graham did book binding; and all the k**s knew where all the staff lived. I went to Mrs Graham's house, and pretended to be interested in putting clear adhesive vinyl on book covers, with a few girls. I was the only guy. When the others had to go, Mrs Graham basically told me that her husband went away fishing, a lot, and usually for the weekend. I can't remember her exact words, but it was basically "our little secret". The first time, the girls had had to leave for a netball match, and Mrs Graham said I would need to help her with all the extra work.

Shs started kissing me. I was a virgin, and had hardly even kissed before. It wasn't long before she had her tits out, and I was in heaven. She had brown skin on her shoulders and cleavage, with freckles and tan lines from her swimwear. I was so turned on by the tan lines! Her breasts though, were white, with massive areoli, and nipples like car battery terminals. Each breast was as big as my head! The first thing she did was teach me how to tit fuck. I blasted teenage cum over those mountains twice that afternoon.

I used to see her about every two weeks. She never let me fuck her, but I fucked her giant tits a lot, and she could suck like a demon. Usually, she would do a combination of both. She could deepthroat really well, and her special trick was to stick her tongue out while doing it, licking the bottom of my cock as it went in and out. However, she could go so deep, that when she took me right in, her tongue would actually lick the back of my ball sack. When she did this, I always came way too early, and Mrs Graham must have swallowed a gallon of my cum.

Sometimes, I tit fucked her with her bra on, and my cock under the bra. This was great. It held it in place without her needing to help, but sometimes I got a bit embarassed, because the pressure made my cum spurt out all over her face and hair, but she loved it! I couldn't believe this lovely, motherly librarian could be so... dirty!!!!

This went on for about 18 months. I finished school and started work, but she started a "book club" for k**s who had left school. It wasn't very popular, and this was great for me. One day, nobody showed up except me. I had a car by then; a big two door Valiant Charger. She suggested we go for a drive and I finally got to fuck her. Three times in an hour an a half, in the back of my car. Finally, I could watch those giant things bounce up and down while I shot all my cum inside her! I had seen blonde women in magazines with black or brown pussies, but her pussy was blonde. I will always remember her white skin, blonde pubes, pink clitoris and nipples, and my urgent purple cock pounding in and out of her.

That was the only day we ever fucked. She moved away not long after, and I was distraught. I had fallen in love. I still am, and she would be 70 by now.

I still think of the joy of peeling down the front of her bra, squeezing those giant nipples, and ramming my teenage cock between her massive white mounds and blasting all over her lovely face.

I'll never forget Mrs Graham.

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