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She looked at me with those sparkling blue eyes. Mischief played there as she raised delicately trimmed eyebrows, "Well? What do you think?"

What could I think? My mother stood before me on her 40th birthday awaiting my father to exit their bedroom. She stood there with very little clothing on. This was not like her at all. My mother is the flannel nightgown at 10 minutes past dinner every night! My mother wears baggy sweatshirts and crappy old pants. Not THIS evening!

"Will he like it? Would you like it?"

Would I like it? YES, I DO like it, I thought as my cock thickened down my pant leg.

"Cat got your tongue?" she giggles playfully as she turned to wash her hands bending slightly at the kitchen sink.

The dress was some sort of form fitting knit and the form it fit was delectable. Five inch black pump heels held tiny feet and thin but shapely calves. The hem was short enough to bring your eyes up about six inches of tanned thigh. Mom's narrow hips and even slimmer waist just begged to have arms wrapped around them. That ass. What a gorgeous ass! Firm but not full. It used to sag a little but that was before she started exercising the previous year.

"Looks great, Mom," I sputtered and she turned at the waist, looked over her shoulder and playfully smiled scanning my face and then down toward my hips.

"Glad you approve, young man," she nodded to my erection with a giggle.

At 18, I was easily aroused. Shit, a shampoo commercial could get me aroused and Mom liked to tease me about it. I hid my erection by standing behind a kitchen chair.

Mom's smile was brilliant and wide, lips colored a soft pink. Around her neck she wore a long strand of pearls that hung down to her cleavage resting in the darker patch of skin there. My cock further tented out my pants as I took in her full bosom. Overweight as a teen, her chest had over-developed but as she lost weight after having me and also again over the last year, her breasts had not lost much of their heft. It was a joke with Dad that Mom didn't really like. She didn't like strange men ogling her and she normally wore bulky sweaters or sweatshirts. This black mini dress was a rare treat. Those full breasts heaved with each breath and it caused me to catch my breath.

"Wow! Honey, you look fabulous!" Dad exclaimed as he tossed on a suit jacket over his golf shirt.

"Jim! Not that old jacket, go get the other one I laid out on the bed!" she laughed. Turning to me, "You know, it's not too late for you to come with us. Are you sure you won't come?"

Hiding behind the chair I firmly shook my head.

"Well give me a hug then and wish me the best on my birthday! I'm getting so old!"

She came around and I couldn't avoid her seeing my bulge in my pants. She glanced down, smiled and pulled me in. Her tits crushed against my chest and my cock throbbed against her thigh. I felt her rub my back and pull me even tighter to her. My arms naturally enveloped her narrow waist and rested on the tops of her hips. Ah such peace this was ... and ... what a piece she was!

"Ok, young man," she whispered in my ear, "I wish we could hug much longer but this old gal already has a dinner date!"

They went out the door and I made my way upstairs to my computer. I looked at a couple of porn sites and stroked my cock. Warm, thick, and full, I stroked my dick up and down for several minutes. Leaning back in my chair, I watched a "mature" woman and a younger guy go at it. And I thought of my mom and shot my load into the palm of my hand. Wow, that was much more intense than I expected.

I'd thought of mom sexually before but tonight something had me going. That tiny black dress and those heels on her perfect feet must have done it, I thought.

* * * * *

A bit more than an hour later, I was horny again. I snuck into Mom and Dad's room and found their top dresser drawer open. It was a treasure of toys, some that I wasn't very familiar with. There were old condoms that were no longer needed since Dad got his balls snipped. There were some silicone rings with bumps on them. An unopened bag showed them to be cock-rings. I wasn't sure what they were used for. There was lube, a dildo and a vibrator still in its package. I set them aside and then I found a purple pouch. Inside was a harness and attached to the harness was a small plastic device right at the center of the crotch. Digging deeper into the bag, I found a remote control and turned it on and heard a barely audible hum. It came from the plastic device in the crotch of the harness. The more I turned the dial, the more it hummed.

I smelled it and realized that mom had worn it before. Not only that, she'd worn it many times before. My cock was rock hard and I didn't hesitate to stroke it. I wrapped Mom's harness around my cock and played with the remote feeling the vibration sensation increase and decrease. I began to feel light headed when I began to wonder where Mom had worn this before.

Their car pulled into the garage and I cleaned up as fast as I could. I rushed to get out of their room before they came upstairs! I tried to remember how the stuff was stacked in the drawer and just tossed it in as quickly as possible. Heading to the door with my cock swinging back and forth, I realized I had left the harness on my cock. Quickly, I tossed it back toward the drawer hoping it would go in, hastily pulled up my pants and exited the bedroom as silently as possible.

We met in the den and mom flopped down on the couch. She bent down to remove her heels and I loved how her tits spilled forward and jiggled as she tugged off her shoes, her purple veins visible through soft white skin. I sighed and sat across from her. Dad looked wiped and went to bed.

Mom sat back and her head rolled back against the couch, "Can you be a dear and get me a very full glass of that red wine, honey?"

Getting up, I grabbed a pillow to hide the bulge until I had walked behind the couch. I casually tossed the pillow back on the coach. Mom smirked. When I returned, she was reclined on the couch so I put the glass down on the end table, took off those spike heels and rubbed her feet.

"Your father is absolutely out," she commented before quickly slugging down half the wine I'd brought her.

"What happened?"

"He saw Brad Johnson and the two of them went to the bar leaving me with Brad's boring wife. By the time they came back to the table, your father was trashed. So, we had appetizers, paid the bill and left. I had to drive home!"

Her eyes turned red and she crossed her legs violently and she stopped short and looked at me as if she'd briefly forgotten something. Those legs called to me and I couldn't help but glance but I held that glance too long, and she smiled.

"Honey," she paused, "exactly what were you doing in my room?"

"Oh, I was looking for some Tylenol. I ran out in my bathroom."

"Uh-huh. A HEAD-ache?"

"Yes, a headache."

"Which HEAD, young man?"

Busted. I didn't know what to say. I stammered but nothing really came out.

She laughed and I felt better, "Look, I know you're curious and I know that finding a young woman, your age, who you can experiment with ... I know it's difficult. What do we always say?"

"Stay safe."

"That's right, honey," she paused taking a gulp of wine and licking some off her lips. Then a drip rolled down her glass, she scooped it with her finger and then casually sucked it off her finger. "Do you get random uhhh erections?"

"Yeah, I guess. Not quite random."

"Me?" and a smile slipped across her pink lips.

"Well sure, Mom."

"Like now? I saw the move with the pillow ..."


I stood and let her see the outline of my cock down my pant leg.

"Very nice, sweetie, And I did that?"

"Sure did, Mom. You're a beautiful woman!"

"Thank you, honey. And you're a pretty well endowed young man!" She gulped some wine.

"Sorry, I went into your stuff, Mom."

"I'm not."

She adjusted her dress on her legs and held something in the palm of her hand. I got closer and looked. It was the remote control from the vibrating harness. She rotated the dial slightly. "Whew! It's getting a little hot in here, don't you think?"

My throat was dry and I gulped. "Yes, getting very hot."

Her bright white teeth showed through those pink lips as her tongue casually licked them. Her chest was heaving slightly and I enjoyed the view of her compressing cleavage.

"Honey, it is my birthday, maybe we can do something a little different."

"Sure Mom," I croaked. "What do you want to do?"

"Suppose you lower your pants and let me see what you have in there?"

Other things she had said shocked me. This went to a whole new level of fucking crazy shock! Suddenly I felt shy and just stood there.

"Let me help you," the words were soft and caring. Deft fingers tugged on my pants. The same fingers that taught me to pull pants up as a k**. They taught me to tie my shoes. They taught me to write my name. They taught me to play tennis. Now, they were pulling my underwear down and going to teach me something new. I always was a good learner and she was always a wonderful teacher.

My cock stood out straight, thick and hard, mere inches from her face. Throbbing and aching it bounced as if a heavy weight hung on the end ... which it did. It throbbed and with my heart that raced in my chest and pounded in my ears.

"I guess you like what's going on here?" she asked with one eyebrow raised.

"Um ... I do," I said in a hoarse whisper.

She smiled, "You have a beautiful piece of equipment there, my sweet son. Very nice indeed. You're going to make some lovely young woman very happy."

"Thanks, Mom. I'm glad you like it," I said but in my head I was screaming ... 'TAKE IT IN YOUR MOUTH!'

"Stroke it for me. Show me how you stroke it."

As I stroked it, she changed the speed on the remote control and I watched her eyelids flutter for a moment as the waves of sensuality washed through her core. I pulled on the skin and pulled it up to the head showing off for her and she licked those pink lips. This whole situation had me so close to cumming. If I hadn't cum so much earlier, I would have exploded but almost screamed when she licked her lips again.

She caught her breath when I smeared pre-cum from the head all the way down the shaft. She turned the vibrator up again and now I could hear it emanating from her crotch as her hips squirmed back and forth on the couch. Undulating back and forth she pressed her hands down on her crotch to adjust the harness. Another gulp of wine.

"Oh honey," she cooed, "can we pretend a little? Maybe a little dirty talk?" I nodded and she continued, "I sooo need that big cock of yours up my hot cunt ... you've got me so hot watching you beat that thing. Yeah, stroke it big man, stroke it. It is sooo thick and sooo long."

"You want it Mommy? You want this big cock up your sweet slit?"

She nodded eagerly, "Yes ...God, it looks so good. Ready to eat. Yum. I want to suck it and eat it and lick it and the fuck it. Your mommy sounds like such a fucking tramp, a whore, doesn't she?"

I laughed, "I love it Mom."

"Good boy ... your reward?" she pulled her hand from her crotch and lowered the spaghetti straps on her top and lowered her dress to reveal her full and fat tits topped off by large, very large areolas and long stiff nipples. Purple veins wound their way from her neck to those massive mammaries.

I started cumming. The first shot went beyond the back of the couch. The second shot landed on my mother's tits and she grabbed my cock and aimed the rest into her mouth while pumping the length of my cock with her tiny little hands. I kept cumming grunting and crying out for all that is holy and rope after rope shot down her throat.

She swallowed my cum and smiled for the briefest moment. It was an incredible moment with her tits hanging out, those nipples so hard and brown, my youthful balls pumped creamy cum into her mouth, down her neck and all over her generous milky breasts. I collapsed back in to the chair watched my mother shiver and moan as the vibrator hummed on her clit and climax came to her suddenly. Release captured her face and she sighed turning the dial to the off position.

"Mom," I started. "That was ..."

"... A onetime thing, honey," she interrupted. "We shouldn't have done that. I mean, I know it was fun and exciting but we really can't be doing that." She tucked those beautiful breasts back into her dress, stood for a moment looking at me. "That's quite a nice piece of equipment there, young man. You're going to make someone very happy some day. It's just that this is so wrong for you and me. You see that, right?"

"Yeah, Mom. I guess. It just felt so good and if it feels good, we ought to be doing it."

"I understand, Baby, but it is i****t and if it ever got out ..."

"It'll never get out, Mom!"

"There's also your father to think about. It's like cheating."

"It's like teaching, Mom, teaching. You're teaching me to be safe. You're relieving me of those pent up urges, Mom. Really!"

"Let me think on it, sexy man. I'll think on it."

* * * *

The days went by and things returned to normal for the most part. Mom went back to her ugly baggy clothes. Every day I longed for her smell, her desiring gaze and her touch. I wanted to see the swell of her breasts, the dark nipples and her breasts so plump that the veins pressed against the skin. The "girls" at school were no longer a point of interest for me.

We passed through the next two weeks and I was too afraid to do anything. I wanted to scream at her, "Look at my cock! Look at it! Touch it, suck it, and fuck it!!" but instead I feigned non-interest. I pretended to be something I wasn't ... I pretended I wasn't horny.

Saturday morning and I had my usual hard-on, thick, long, and ready for action. I did what I usually did in the morning for the past two weeks ... and thought of Mom. Her tiny and tight ass, those slight hips and sexy tapered legs invaded my mind. Her full breasts bounced as I imagined her sliding up and down my cock above me. My right hand furiously gripped and pulled the skin of my cock up and down while my left hand cupped my balls urging them to erupt. Teasing and pulling, gripping and stroking, I brought myself to shoot rope after rope up across my chest. My heart was bursting from my chest and my heaves were close to sobs as I pounded my fist on the bed. When would I get to touch her again?

Breakfast was uneventful as Mom was already gone. Dad stopped by the kitchen table and chit-chatted for a moment which ended with, "Are you alright, son? You seem distant. Is something bothering you?"

I wanted to scream out, "I'm horny for your wife! I've got her on my mind all the fucking time! I MUST fuck my mother!" but of course nothing came out except for meek and muted unnatural answers.

The evening came and dad had one too many scotches and fell asl**p on the couch again. I pretended to go out for the night but honestly, all I did was walk around the neighborhood for a while. Cold, I headed back.

"About time you came back," she said from the living room couch. "I had to get your father up to bed by myself. Is everything alright?"

I thought for a moment. There she was ... my old mom, not that vibrant woman of two weeks earlier but a mousy woman covered by a full length flannel gown. She was about as unattractive as a woman could get. However, there was a slight swell at her breast and I even found the exposure of her petite ankles desirable.

"Mom, I think we should talk about the other night," I started very nervous and my voice squeaked a bit embarrassingly.

She smiled, pearly white teeth shined at me, "What would you like to talk about?"

"I, umm, liked it Mom. I liked it a lot."

She leaned in, "I'm sure you did ... so did I." Softer, "I thought we might do something now while your father is asl**p."

She wanted me, too. I could feel it. I shook for a second, "Really?" I ripped off my shirt and undid my belt.

"Whoa Tiger!" she smiled. "We've got to have some ground rules. I'm not into i****t here. That would be just wrong."

"What?" I cried.

"Relax, it's ok," smiling softly, her eyes dancing like stars on a dark night, "we can look but we can't touch."

"B-but you touched me last time!"

"Honey," it was that stern Motherly look of don't-argue-with-me. "i****t is just not right, dear. But, we can help each other out, now can't we?"

My cock was pressed hard against my pants. It ached for release from the confines and I made a decision ... let's just see where this goes.

I lowered my pants and then my underwear and stood before her with my rapidly rising cock. Thick and wrapped in gnarling veins it grew larger and larger. Her eyes widened and I saw her hand adjust something beside her. I stroked its eight inches, slowly pulling the foreskin up to the head and then pulling it back again. She gasped as I cupped my balls and hefted them for her to see. I got closer and could smell her perfume.

Mom's jaw dropped a bit and she smiled shyly, "Nice big cock, sweetie. Very nice. It seems even bigger than the other night."

It hung less than a foot from her face and she gazed upon it. I could hear something but just not place it. It was like a hum and then I realized what she was adjusting ... her harness vibrator was humming quietly beneath that ugly flannel gown.

"Touch it?" I asked.

"No," she took a sudden breath in," no, umm touch, no i****t." She grunted as the intensity of the vibrations increased.

"How about a kiss, then? Surely a kiss is just a kiss, isn't it, Mom?"

She thought for a moment as I pulled the skin back and forth.

"Ok, just a kiss. I mean ... a NORMAL kiss."

I leaned in and she closed her eyes. She turned her cheek to me and I kissed it gently. I then kissed down her neck and up to her earlobe. I kissed her cheek again and she turned involuntarily and my lips met hers. They opened and my tongue snaked out surprised to meet her tongue, where they intertwined. She grunted and I held her hand, waited a moment, and stole the vibrator control.

"Noooo!" she cried into my mouth, "No, what are you doing?"

I turned it up slowly listening to the intensity of the faint hum increase.

"Oh God! She gripped her crotch lewdly. Give that back, Jeremy!"

"Will you take off that gown?"


"If you take off that gown, I'll give it back."

"Young man, give that to me right now." She stood with that stern look.

I turned up the vibrations and she gripped her crotch again, groaned and bent over. Then I turned it down again.

"Take the gown off, Mom and maybe I'll give this back."

"I'll just take the harness off, young man," she warned.

I pulled her to me trapping her small frame to mine, my rigid cock pressed to her belly, "You planned this. If you didn't plan this then why do you have the harness on?"

A smile crept across her lips and her tongue flashed across them, "Yes, my young Jeremy, I planned this." She kissed my lips and our tongues met again. "But, you should know that I wear this harness quite often. Out to dinner with your father and sometimes I wear it at work." She paused and whispered, "Your mother is a very - horny - slut!"

She pulled back and I saw a sensual wickedness in those dark eyes that played with my soul. The gown was off and her petite frame stood before me, tanned brown, clad in a black bra and a black thong. Those beautiful ankles connected with thin calves and thighs. My thick cock throbbed at the sight of her narrow hips and waist. Each hand gripped a massive tit as she bobbed them up and down above an almost flat stomach - a show for me.

turned up the dial again and she groaned, pinching her nipples as they extended from the bra. She suddenly stopped and pulled the bra off. There they were, full and hanging down only slightly, dark brown nipples erect and jutting out into the night air like chocolate kisses perched on a two swelling melons. Slight blue veins pressed against the soft skin. Mom gripped her tits and pulled on her nipples while staring into my eyes. I adjusted the vibrations again and watched her near a climax.

"You like Mommy's big tits, don't you?" she queried and I nodded agreement.

"Jeremy, when you were a baby and I was nursing you ... well, let's just say that you couldn't get enough of my tits. You just kept sucking and sucking even when all the milk was gone."

I was getting close to cumming and so was she. It was in her voice. It was in her eyes. Those chocolate nipples extended and hardened as I just stroked my cock slowly and steadily. My balls ached for release.

Cunt juices drooled down her thighs glistening her knees and shins. I spread the pre-cum all over my thick cockhead and she gasped, pinched her nipples and pulled on them again and gave them a twist. I turned up the vibrations.

"Are you ready young man?" she asked with hope.

She was ripe and ready to be plucked. "Are you?" Coyly now ... "baby, I'm so ready to cum. I just look at your thick and long cock and want it .... all of it stuffed in every hole I've got. It's one gorgeous cock. She reached out and gripped it."

Kneeling before me, she pulled on it with two tiny hands and aimed my cock at her mouth. I move forward and gripped her head and began stuffing it into her mouth. "Such a thick and stiff cock," she commented as she talked around my meat.

The remote control was now at maximum and she was gasping and unsure what to do with herself. She pinched her nipples and sucked on my cock taking me deep down her throat. Her other hand plunged into her pussy, two fingers and then three. "Uh, God Jeremy!!" she cried out as her orgasm ripped through her. Load after load squirted into her mouth, she swallowed what she could and the rest flowed down her chin to her chest. The valley between those tanned tits became covered with creamy white spunk.

She gasped and smiled as she licked her cum splattered lips. "My, my little boy has so much cum!" and she spread it around those tanned brown melons of hers.

I stayed hard watching her and smiled as she kept rubbing my cum into the skin of her big tits.

All at once, she was up and gone to the kitchen getting a glass of water. "What a great ass!" I thought as she walked naked around the house. We shared the water and my cock stayed hard.

"What are we going to do about that?" she asked pointing at my stiff prick.

"Only one way to get it to go down, Mom. It needs your help."

"Ha, we said no touching!"

"YOU said no touching, Mom. You said it but then we touched didn't we."

"Yes, we sure did, mister," and she knelt on the floor before me and slowly wrapped her hands around my cock. I sat on the couch and felt the unique sensation of a fantastic hand job. My cum was the lubricant. It was exquisite. Her eyes were glued to my throbbing cock while her hands stroked up and down. My eyes were on how her swollen tits rose and fell with each stroke.

I spread my legs and she got between them. An evil grin appeared as she wrapped those tits around my cock and bounced up and down, "You like this, son, don't you. You like it a lot."

I groaned, "Yes Mom, I do. It just feels fucking awesome!"

"Yeah, you like Mommy's big tits whether they are titty fucking your cock or they are getting bounced around while I jerk you off."

She backed off and then stroked her nipples all up and down my cock. It was a unique feeling and she looked into my eyes, I thought for sure that would send you squirting."

I smiled, "Only one thing will make me squirt. Why not get on it?"

"Honey, it's too big. Just too many years without something this size in me. Yep, too fucking big."

"Huh? But Dad, he ..."

"Oh baby, you get your gift from MY Dad for sure!" she laughed almost to herself.

"Mom, surely you can try to get on."

"No, final answer. Stop asking!"

She continued to pump my cock with her hands, determined to make me cum and then I remembered the remote control and turned it on, again.

"Uh, no-no, you shouldn't do that! Mmmm, it is so intense, though. Nice try ..." I increased the speed, "Oh Jeremy, shit."

She didn't let go of my cock but she stood up and tried to get the harness off without letting go of my cock. She was just so focused on my cock, she couldn't let go but she wanted the harness off. She wiggled her butt and her ass shook. It looked great and I turned up the vibrations even more.

"Oh fuck! Jeremy! What the fuck are you doing?" she whined. "Please! Please stop ... I ... can't concentrate when you do that!"

It had a higher setting and I hadn't tried it yet and gave it a couple of turns and she groaned, covered her mouth with one hand while still stroking my cock with the other. She bit her finger and then straddled my hips and guided my cockhead to her swollen pussy lips. Pulling aside the harness she impaled most of my cock head with a guttural grunt.

"YOU, young man are in huge trouble." She grimaced and took another third in placing her hands on my chest.

Leaning forward to get more cock in only pushed her tits in my face and I enjoyed those chocolate nipples as they extended into my mouth only to be sucked hard and flicked with my tongue. She cried out and then covered her mouth guiltily with her hand.

She started with a rocking movement and then arching her back. She rode me slow and eventually took all of me in and then she started shaking. I guess quaking is the right term for it was her whole body that shook. "I'm so full of cock," she whispered as her body quivered above me. "Oh ... OH! ... Jeremy!"

My balls erupted at the sound of her voice speaking my name with such passion. Hot jism shot through the tube in my cock and splashed deep within her cervix. She grunted like an a****l, a desperate deep growl. A sheen of moisture, of perspiration, of just plain old sweat covered her sweet skin as she kept rocking and shaking.

A tear dropped to my stomach and then another on my chest. The source was my mother's closed eyes as she concentrated on enjoying yet another climax ripping through her spine. "Oh fuck ..." she commented softly as her cunt muscles squeezed and pulled on my waning cock. Milking all of my cum. More tears dropped and she giggled nervously, embarrassed by them.

I helped her off my hips and guided her to the rug on the floor where she lay back with open legs and resting on her elbows. She looked tired now but still gorgeous. Suddenly sl**py, her gash was swollen and red and her clit thick and longer than I expected, like a little nub, it still stood out proud.


"Yes, babe?" her voice soft and sweet.

"Did I do ok?"

"Oh my ... ok? Yeah, you were wonderful."

"Can we do this again?"

"You're ready already??" she laughed nervously.

"No, I mean ..."

"Yes, baby, we will definitely do this again someday. Just not now."

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