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Unusual Footwear

I had a feeling I knew where tonight’s escapade was going. Kara had been glancing down at that second drawing on the coffee table most of the evening. We had been sitting on the sofa reading for a couple of hours, resting up after a bit of touristy activity. Kara’s feet were resting in my lap. Well, not exactly resting; she was using them to teasingly fondle my cock and balls.
I had noticed earlier that the Magnums were still on the nightstand from two nights previous, but I had also noticed that two of the sealed packets had been pulled from the box. I glanced to Kara, eying the drawing again.
She caught my gaze.
“What do you think?” She asked.
I tried to be coy.
“About what?” I asked in return.
She nodded toward the drawing.
“I’m not even sure it is possible.” I replied honestly.
“Only one way to find out.” She stated.
I looked at the drawing and held back a shudder. When I had drawn it, the thought of the indicated act had been terribly exciting. Now, looking at is as a blueprint, it was just frightening.
Kara slid her foot up under my balls, lifting them gently and wiggling her toes to massage them tauntingly.
“You know you want to try.” She said.
“Then, after,” She continued. “We can do anything you want. Anything at all.” Her other foot caressed my arm. “Anywhere you say.”
“Anywhere.” She then offered up another incentive. “Any time.”

I knew it was to prepare me for what was to come, but the intensity of her fist and forearm pressed up into me only made me more apprehensive over what was to come. I felt as if my insides were being pressed up and out of me as it was. I couldn’t imagine what our planned event might truly feel like.
“Ready?” Kara asked.
“As I’ll ever be.” I replied uncertainly.
Kara slid her arm from me gently and I felt the soft rush of cool air that heralded her hand’s exit from my anus. I watched trembling as she peeled the rubber sheath from her hand and dropped it into the wastebasket below the nightstand before tearing open the second packet and removing the latex sleeve from it.
Rising to a sitting position, Kara pointed the toes of her right foot and brought the sheath to them, rolling it up her foot and stretching it over her calf like a stocking.
This was insane.
Quivering in fear and anticipation, I watched my wife shift her body backward on the bed until I could no longer see her. I could feel the muscles of my buttocks wanting to clench, but fought the urge, knowing it would only increase my pain.
I felt the initial pressure against my still-stretched anus as Kara started to feed her toes into my rear. It wasn’t too bad at first, much like when she was starting with her hand, but then the width of her foot began to present itself.
I buried my face into the comforter and fought not to cry out as the ball of her foot insinuated itself painfully into my rectum. There was a minor lessening of the pain and pressure as the arch of her foot reached the clutching muscles of my anus.
“How are you doing?” She asked.
I opened my mouth, but no sound came out.
I flapped a hand toward her, which she took to mean that I was holding up.
“Here goes then.” She said.
A cry ground out of my throat, muffled by the thick batting clenched in my teeth as she pressed her foot deeper.
“Got to change angles.” She said, twisting her foot slightly to continue its agonizing insertion. Suddenly there was a distinct lessening of tension and I knew at that point, her heel had made its way in. Kara’s foot was in my ass. I thought about the joking threats young men often made to each other about breaking their foot off in their adversary’s ass and nearly laughed.
The laugh froze in my throat as Kara insinuated her foot deeper into my rectum. My internal organs and the muscles of my abdomen rebelled at the intrusive pressure and I cried out in pain, startling my wife. Her resultant jerk hurt even worse. I cried out again.
I couldn’t see her face, so I could only imagine the look of horror there.
“I’m pulling out.” She said quickly.
Slowly, as not to hurt me further, Kara began to retract her foot, only to find she couldn’t.
“I’m stuck!” She said, her voice tinged with panic.
I should have expected as much. A foot is a triangle and while it is sloped going in, it is flat on the end when trying to come out. My anus was gripping her ankle and the depth of her heel was like a hook, blocking her foot from retreating any farther.
Trying to find a better position to retract the intruding member, I tried to turn my body sideways. It didn’t help.
“How do I get out?” Kara asked.
“I’m not sure.” I gasped.
To free her heel, she would almost have to flatten her foot. That wasn’t an option. We moved together through a series of hopeful positions, but all were to no avail. Finally, it came to me. We had to make her heel angle to her leg.
“I may have an idea.” I said, my voice raspy with pain.
“You’re going to have to feed your hand into the rubber, make a slope to your heel.”
We were both on our stomachs at that point, a position ill suited for any part of what we were to attempt.
“We’ll have to get turned over.” Kara said.
“You will.” I replied. “It’ll probably work better if I’m on my stomach.”
“Okay.” Kara warned me. “Here goes.”
Moving carefully, my wife turned onto her back, her foot twisting around in my rectum painfully. I had been right. This was insane.
“Now what?”
“Let me get to a position that frees your hands.” I suggested. Moving as carefully as I could, I crawled my torso off the side of the bed, resting my chest and chin on the floor. It put Kara in an upright sitting position. “See what you can do now.”
“Trying it now.”
I felt Kara’s fingers inside the latex sleeve as they bumped up against my clutching anus.
“Hold on,” She warned unnecessarily. “This is going to hurt.” Slowly and as carefully as she could, Kara fed her foot deeper into me again, her fingers pressed to her ankle. “A little more.” She said. She pulled back on her foot, holding her hand steady so that her fingers would not slide back as well. “You doing okay?”
I wheezed out the closest thing I could to a confirmation.
“Here’s goes then.” She replied, sliding her foot deep into my body again, her hand insinuating itself with it. When she heard the high-pitched moan that eked out of my throat, she halted her intrusion again. “Brace yourself.” She said.
I brought my hands back to grasp the bed rails, clutching them as tightly as I could. I could feel her twisting her hand into position and knew she was moving her fingers to grasp her heel, turning her hand itself into the extra slope of a new triangle. She tried to pull her foot and hand back, but with both thoroughly buried in my ass and both trying to move in the same direction, she could find no leverage.
I felt her other foot touch my body repeatedly, looking for some point of purchase, but there seemed to not be one. There was no place on my butt, legs, or back that would give enough leverage.
“Sorry about this.” She said, her foot sliding to my groin. Hooking her toes, she grasped the ridge of bone that rested below my scrotum and bracing herself, began to extract her foot and hand from my anus. It was slow going, as she struggled not to lose her grip on her heel or on my pubic bone. I had no idea how much strength she had had to use to free herself, until she suddenly came free. In one sudden motion, Kara’s heel passed out of my rectum, she tipped backward onto the bed and her remaining foot lost purchase on my pubic bone and kicked me savagely in the balls, knocking me fully into the floor.
I lay there gasping for breath, hearing my wife struggle to free her hand and foot from their imprisoning condom. Finally, I saw her feet come to rest on the floor beside me.
“Okay.” She said. “That’s a big never again.”
I nodded in agreement, my entire midsection screaming in pain.

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