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The Taxi Driver get's Laid. Pt 1.

Well I have had many differant Jobs in my life and I was once a Taxi driver
where I live back in the 1990's. I was 27 at the time and I picked up this
Lady that was very up set at the time. Her Husband had just left to work in
Germany and I picked her up to take her home after she had seen him leave to
get his Plane. She was 57 and had Long curly Black hair, she wore glasses
and didn't say much as she sat sobbing in the seat next to me as I drove her home.
About half way to where she was going she stopped crying and started
to chat to me, just plain small talk about the weather and stuff like that.
She then started to flirt with me and asked If I found her attractive?
She moved her self so she could look at me as I drove and she lifted her leg
up and placed it on the self under the dashboard, pulling her skirt up and showing
her long legs. For her age she was a very sexy Lady and she explained about how her
hubby had left her for a Job abroad. She asked me if I thought it was fair that he
should leave her alone while he went away. I tryed to reasure her, then we arrived
at her House. She asked me to help her in with her shopping Bags and she would pay
me the fare. She gave me £20 for a £8 fare saying I could keep the change If I would
help her with something.
She then grabbed the bulge in my pants and squeezing my hardening cock telling me she
could see no reason why as her Hubby had gone away with out disscussing it with her why
she should not take a younger Lover while he was away for the 3 months.
As she kissed me and fondaled my cock, I placed my hand up her skirt and found her
panties around her knees. Her wet and very hairy bush squelched as I put a finger in her.
We where still in the Hall and as I pushed her back against the wall her legs parting,
there was a niose in the living room. She had several Dog's and they tryed to get out.
We stopped and she went and let them out into the back garden, returning to drag me into
her dinning room. Sitting on the dinning room chair and spredding her legs I neeled infront
of her and started to lap and lick her swollen Pussy till she squirted in my mouth.
She just slid off the Chair and pulling my cock out she gasped as she saw I was fully erect
for her, she just layed back on the rug and spredding her legs wide pulling me on top.
I sliped my whole bare shaft up inside this married Woman right into the hilt, as my knob
hit the inner depths of her willing unfaithful hole, I just plowed in and out of her
slamming my heavy Balls against her has I Fucked this willing Married Lady, she was undoing my
shirt and pulling my clothes off as I lunged in Deeper and Harder with each thrust.
As her long legs w****d around my back and she pulled me in as deep as i could go I shot
my young man Cream deep inside her making her squelch with each stroke my balls where emptying
as I filled this lady there on the floor in the missionary position. She looked up at me as I
thrust deeper into her again as my cock just got harder thinking of her hubby sat on his plain
while I was cumming in his wife. When I looked up as the door opened and another lady was stood
there in the door way. It was her friendly Neighbour from next door checking to see if she was ok.
She just stood there looking down at my throbbing cock lunging into this Lady as she looked up
and spoke to her asking her to go and put the kettle on and she would be there in the kitchen
in a few minuits.
This other lady left with a shocked look on her face as the Lady beneth me pulled my cock back
inside her telling me not to stop.

I will tell you more later

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