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At 21 years of age, Mark Bradford had been serving in the United States Navy aboard an aircraft carrier when he received word of his parent's tragic and untimely death. Mark had two s****rs, Kathy, who was five years his senior, was married and living in New York. His younger s****r Danielle, or "Danny" as he affectionately called her, was or rather had been living at home with their parents. Although still finishing her last year of high school, Danny had turned 18 just the week before. Mark remembered being fortunate enough to actually call and talk to her on her birthday. She'd been so excited, enthusiastic about being taken out to her favorite restaurant for dinner with their parents. It had been the last time he had spoken to her before the accident. Now, he could only imagine the sorrow and horror that his younger, "little" s****r as he'd always called her; was going through.

Immediately granted emergency leave, Mark had already made arrangements to go home. A trip that would still take him the better part of two days to make. Luckily, his older s****r Kathy had taken the earliest flight out from New York, arriving on the west coast where his parents had lived the following morning. It still meant that Danny had had to endure that incredible first night, lonely...and alone with no one there to comfort her.

It had been nearly two years since he'd last seen his older s****r. She had made the trip from the east coast to the west to see him graduate from boot camp. It had been over a year before that when Kathy had married and moved with her new husband Frank to New York, where he'd been transferred. Mark had been fortunate enough to come home on leave for a week during the Christmas season the year previous, now nearly six months ago. It had been that long since he'd seen Danny, and the last time he would ever see either of his parents again.

The fact that it had turned into the worst month of his entire life was an understatement. He'd gotten one of those infamous "Dear John" letters from his high school sweetheart barely two weeks ago, something he had not even shared as yet with any of his f****y. Still carrying her good-bye letter with him in the pocket of his Navy pea coat, he fingered it, remembering the words she'd written him as she'd told him of her love for someone else. As shocking and as painful as that had been, it was nothing in comparison to the news of his parents death, nor of his immediate worried concern for his younger s****r's welfare. With all that had happened, he let go of the wrinkled envelope, vowing not to mention to either one of his s****rs that his future with Sharon wasn't going to become reality. Mark wondered briefly if Sharon would even bother coming to his parent's funeral. That thought immediately reminded him of everything that Danny must have initially gone through and had to deal with prior to his older s****rs arrival.

Mark finally exited the departure gate after landing, looking hurriedly for his s****rs, whom he knew would be waiting for him. They would not be so easy to spot, he was however... standing there searching for them in his finest Naval dress blue uniform.

"Mark! Mark!" he heard Danny, as it could be no other voice than hers, as she called out to him. Whenever she addressed him, she'd gotten into the habit of calling his name out twice. A point which he had often teased her about, telling her that she sounded like a hair-lipped dog barking at him.

"Danny! Kathy!" Mark answered back excitedly, spotting them as they stood just outside the barrier separating departing passengers from arriving ones. Pressing his way as politely as was possible, he finally reached his s****rs, threw down his duffel bag and embraced them both. Almost immediately, as he stood hugging them, he realized how much both of them had changed in the reasonably short time since he'd seen either of them.

He'd expected a change, even anticipated it, upon first seeing his s****r Kathy. After all, it had been nearly two years. But what he saw was even more drastic than anything he could have imagined. When he'd last seen her at his graduation, Kathy had worn her dishwater blonde shoulder length hair in the same style he'd remembered her wearing it all through high school. Now, she stood hugging him with hair nearly as short as his was, colored platinum blonde, almost pure white.

"Wow s*s...your hair!" Mark said, stepping away from his older s****r and taking his first really good look at her since their initial meeting. "New York has certainly had its influence on you," he stated mildly. But it wasn't just her hair that was different; she had a harder look to her face than he remembered seeing before. Perhaps it was the stress and trauma of recent events that had aged her slightly, hardened her looks and features. But not a topic that would go over very well should he comment on it now.

Danny, on the other hand, had changed very little. She still wore her hair long, styled with the same ponytail he'd always remembered her wearing. The only difference being that she had colored her own dirty-blonde hair so that it was now more of a strawberry blonde color, adding character, softening her features as opposed to hardening them like he saw in the eyes and face of his older s****r Kathy. There was one more slightly noticeable difference too, a fact that he didn't dare comment on. Either Danny's breasts had decided to grow somewhat in less than a year's time, or she was enhancing their looks by the bra she was wearing. A point, much like Kathy's hardened features he wasn't about to bring up.

They hadn't even spoken of his parent's death. All that would come later, no doubt on the long drive home from the airport. For the moment, it was simply good to be standing there, hugging them, seeing them once again. He and Danny had always been close anyway. Closer in age to one another, Mark and Danny had often spent their time together while growing up, playing with one another, constantly getting into mischief. As Kathy had been their "older" s****r, she had always been more distant, preferring to spend time with her friends, rather than any quality time with either of them the way they had. A fact, perhaps, that she had often resented, finding herself jealous of her b*****r and s****r's close relationship.

Mark allowed himself the luxury of closing his eyes briefly as they drove home in near silence. The next few days would be at best hectic, as well as sad. There was a lot to do, but he didn't really want to think about that at the moment.

"Mom and Dad left your room exactly the way it was before you left." Kathy said reaching over, placing her hand affectionately on Mark's knee as he sat on the bench seat between his two s****rs. He flinched, recovering immediately. The shock of having anyone touching him, even though it had been his own s****r, reminded him how long it had been since he'd even been touched by a woman, intimately anyway.

He wasn't surprised by her comment, even after he'd hinted that he and Sharon might be getting married some day, his mother had left his room just the way it was, as though he would come home someday. And now he was, just not the way he'd intended.

Mark felt his s****r's head leaning over to rest upon his shoulder. After everything she had been through, Danny was exhausted. Turning towards him a moment later to make herself even more comfortable, she snuggled herself up to him, quickly falling sound asl**p. It felt good having her comforting herself on him the way that she was. It had been a long time since he'd spent any time with either one of his s****rs, especially Danny. But it was in the very next instant that he realized something else too. Suddenly, those seemingly larger breasts of Danny's were pressed against him. The softness of her chest firmly wedged against his arm. No matter how he moved, even slightly, he could feel her touching him. Mark attempted to disentangle his arm, severing the forbidden sweet contact with his s****r's tit. The maneuver simply making it worse, as he placed his arm around her shoulder. She in turn leaning against him even more comfortably, her breasts now firmly situated against his upper chest as she leaned into him. And it wasn't even this so much that alarmed or bothered Mark. It was the fact that, with one s****r's hand still resting reassuringly on his leg, and the other, whose soft full breasts made themselves very well known as she lay against him,it had caused him to have an erection. One in which he had neither wanted, nor desired to have in the first place. And something which, he could do very little about in concealing as he sat there between them. Mark's only hope was in wearing the loose bellbottom's of his Navy blue uniform, which thankfully made room for his hard stiff erection. That fear however, came to fruition a moment later.

"She's exhausted." Kathy said looking over towards Danny who still sat with her head on Mark's shoulder, sound asl**p. Mark felt Kathy remove her hand from his upper thigh briefly, taking that moment to try and reposition himself a little more comfortably, and a little less awkwardly.

Kathy glanced back towards the road as she drove, reaching just as suddenly to reposition her hand, resting it back on Mark's thigh just as he turned into her. The shock of her hand coming down to rest directly atop of his erection sent alarms ringing inside his head. Turning to face her just as she in turn took her eyes off the road, glancing down almost automatically at her hand which had not as yet removed itself from the obvious. Mark saw his s****r's eyes widen, lighting up with the confirmation and sudden discovery of his aroused manhood.

"Oh god Mark...I'm sorry!" Kathy said, yanking her hand back and away from him as she did. Mark saw the blush on his s****r's face spreading like wild fire.

"No s*'s me that's sorry. Sorry I'm wearing this damn uniform!" Mark exclaimed.

The fact of the matter was, his cock had managed to worm its way through the opening of his boxer shorts in the first place. And secondly, the soft cotton of his uniform actually caressing his prick as he moved, even in the slightest, had added to his dilemma. Not to mention Danny's breast nuzzling against his body.

Mark's explanation only served to confuse his bewildered s****r further. "What? What's wrong with your uniform...and why would it...would THAT?" she questioned, now blushing even more furiously than before.

Mark decided the only alternative he had to try and dig him self out of this mess was to be honest with her. "I guess because I've been at sea for three month's is part of it," he began. "I haven't even been around any women in the first place, and just because the two of you are my s****r's, the fact that I can feel Danny's boob's pressed against me and your hand on my leg, it just sort of triggered an unexpected reaction," he announced. "Which was made worse when my...well, you know...when 'it' poked up through my boxers and has been sitting here pressed against the material of my uniform. that enough of an explanation for you?" Mark finished slightly angry, but far more embarrassed in actually having had to tell her anything.

To make matters worse, Kathy laughed.

"What's so funny?"

Kathy quit laughing out loud, but she did find herself smiling widely when she responded.

"Nothing Mark, really. It's just after what all's happened, it's kind of nice being able to laugh for a moment, you know...sort of like taking a fresh breath of air. We're all going to be doing a hell of a lot of crying over the next few days, so a little matter how strange the subject might have been, is more than just a little bit welcome at the moment."

Kathy placed her hand once again on Mark's leg, but purposely watched ensuring that she placed it more mid-thigh than upper. The fact she did so at all was just one of his s****r's ways of maintaining contact with him emotionally. Though he'd never been as close with Kathy as he had been with Danny, they did have their own personal memories together. On the rare few occasions when they had spent anytime alone, they had discussed just about anything and everything. Something that Mark had really appreciated being able to do with his s****r while growing up. There wasn't anything she felt uncomfortable discussing with him, or telling him about, whenever he had asked her. Which had included his curiosity about the female anatomy. It had been Kathy's boobs, not Danny's that he'd first seen. To his surprise she'd been very open about allowing him to see hers, just to satisfy a simple curiosity. It had also been Kathy from whom he'd sought advice when considering having sex for the first time with his then girlfriend Sharon. Many had been the evening when they had sat sharing ice cream together while having one of these rare private discussions.

"You are planning on seeing Sharon while you're home yes?" Kathy asked. It was inevitable of course that she'd come up somewhere in the conversation.

"No, in fact. She wrote me...a couple of weeks ago. Seems she's found someone else," he said softly, speaking more to himself than he had been to his s****r.

"Oh Mark...I'm sorry," Kathy told him. "And not that this will help much, but Frank and I haven't been doing all that well either."

Mark shot his s****r a concerned look. "Anything wrong?"

"Only that we're both starting to wonder if we made a horrible mistake," she said good-naturedly tossing him a reassuring smile.

"Sounds like we need one of our special evenings," Mark said, remembering past times. Kathy widened her smile, grinning. It was the smile he was used to seeing, taking the hardness out of her eyes momentarily. At least that explained the difference in her look, well at least a little anyway.

"Chocolate or vanilla?" she asked.

"A little of both I think," he responded, giving her the same answer he always had. The sound of her giggle from years back was refreshing. In some ways it was good to be home again.


It was late, very late by the time they arrived home. As Mark had expected, it was difficult entering the house, knowing full well that he would never see either one of his parents again. Danny however, was his focus of attention. Exhausted almost beyond sanity, he carried his s****r in from the car and upstairs to her bedroom where Kathy joined him, helping to undress Danny, making her comfortable.

"Get her shoes and socks," Kathy told Mark after he had placed his s****r down on her bed. He began unlacing them, watching as Kathy, much to his surprise, pulled Danny's tee shirt up and over her head. Though she was wearing a bra of course, and nothing remotely even sexy about it at that, it was still a little awkward for him when he saw his younger s****rs bra-clad breasts suddenly revealed. Mark looked away purposely, but Kathy caught his sudden obvious reaction.

"What? You've never seen Danny's tits before?" Kathy teased. "I know you remember seeing mine," she added thoughtfully.

Mark laughed defensively. It was hard not to remember. "Yeah, but that was a long time ago, things change," he told her. "But no, in answer to your other question, I never"

"You're k**ding? I know for a fact that you and Danny played Dr. every once in a while," she told him candidly. "I even caught the two of you doing it once, though you never knew I did," she said, surprising him.

" watched us?" Mark said shame-facedly. Once again Kathy laughed, throwing her head back as she did and guffawing loudly. "Oh come on Mark, you can't possibly be embarrassed or ashamed by that. You were just k**s, curiously discovering yourselves. Hell everybody does, or did that. Even I was curious at that age. I just didn't have any b*****rs and s****rs at the time to explore things with. Which is why I was a little more self-adventurous, trying to snoop in on mom and dad every once in a while whenever I heard them doing it. Or for that matter...a girlfriend of mine who knew whenever her b*****r was in his bedroom jerking off. She used to call me. I'd race over to her house and we'd sneak into her bedroom closet. Believe it or not, they had a connecting closet the two of them had to share. She had her clothes on one side, his on the other. But what her b*****r never did figure out was, we'd sneak inside, and stand there watching him jerk off while he lay on his bed. That's basically where I got my first exposure to the male penis."

"Holy shit s*s, I never knew," Mark said bluntly.

"Well, I also saw you doing it once,"she told him, removing Danny's Levi's.

Thankfully, she was wearing panties, or he'd been f***ed to get up and leave the room for sure. Mark had just finished removing Danny's other shoe and stocking when Kathy had dropped that particular bombshell on him.

"You're k**ding me! You did? When?" he asked, as Kathy pulled the blanket up partially over their sl**ping s****r.

"I'll tell you in a second. Here...hold this up while I take off her bra," she said. Mark dutifully stood there holding the blanket up so he couldn't see anything while Kathy fumbled with the bra clasp. Seconds later, she tossed it over where it landed in a nearby chair. Mark settled the blanket down in place, comfortably covering his s****r.

"Come on, lets go dish up our ice-cream, we can finish up our conversation after we do that."

Mark followed his older s****r back down stairs into the kitchen area where she immediately produced two cartons of ice cream from the freezer. One chocolate, the other vanilla.

"I kind of hoped we'd have a chance to do this again," she told him. "But I bought strawberry too. Just in case Danny wanted to join us one evening," she added thoughtfully. "Anyway...I was saying?" she asked, acting as though she had forgotten what she'd been about to tell him.

"You were saying, that you once caught me."

"Oh yeah...jerking off," she finished for him. "Yes...I did. Remember that summer we'd all gone up to the lake? That was the first summer that mom and dad let you invite someone to go with us," she said, reminding him.

"Oh yeah, I do remember. That was the year Sharon came with us," he said wistfully.

"Ah huh, that's the one." Kathy said, dishing out two large bowls of mixed chocolate and vanilla, handing him one. "I remember how the two of you kept looking at one another every time you thought no one else was looking. But I was. I think I had a sixth sense that the two of you were up to something. As it turned out, I wasn't too far off, though I realized later especially after our talk that the two of you hadn't done anything yet."

Mark was smiling as he remembered that day. "Sharon wanted to go up to the lake for a swim," he said remembering. "We told mom and dad we were going for a hike, but ended up going skinny-dipping instead."

"Figured you had. But I also knew later, much later in fact that nothing much must have happened. That's when I saw you sneaking off by yourself into the woods. I thought that was curious as Sharon was still sitting in camp, and you didn't go anywhere's near the outhouse's up there. I followed you, without your knowing of course, and came up behind you as you stood by a nearby tree, masturbating. You really must have been pretty horny to want to run off and do it that badly."

" stood there and watched me jerking off, huh?"

Kathy smiled around her spoon of ice cream looking at him. "Yep...sure did little b*****r."

"Well I guess that's only fair then." he said leaving the statement open.

"What do you mean?" Kathy asked, now more than just a little bit curious.


"Nothing my ass!" she said menacingly, threatening to flip him with a spoon full of her ice cream. "Tell me, or you'll end up wearing this all over that beautiful uniform!" she warned.

Ok...ok, stand down." He said giving into her threat. "I didn't exactly see you masturbating," he began.

"Ah huh...just as I thought. I was always too careful doing it to let either you or Danny catch me at it," she said smugly, but candidly, interrupting him.

"But I did see that one boy....ah, Sheldon, Shannon...whatever the hell his name was anyway..."

"Sherman?" Kathy stammered, surprised.

"Yeah! That's it! Sherman! Anyway, I came home late from football practice. I knew mom and dad were out for the evening, and saw Sherman's car sitting in the driveway. I didn't think too much about it cause he was over most of the time anyway. But that's when I heard the two of you talking around back of the house. It was dark, so I snuck around the side of the yard hiding in the lilac bushes where I knew you'd never see me. And there the two of you were, sitting on that old sofa behind the house. You. playing with Sherm's dick, and he, well he had his hand down between your legs."

"God...I'd almost forgotten about that," Kathy admitted. She burst into laughter a moment later. "I didn't know it at the time either, after all I really didn't have much to compare it to, until I saw you by that tree, anyway. But he had about the smallest cock I've ever seen. But like I said, at the time it was the only one I'd seen, or even touched for that matter. In comparison with yours, he looked like an eight year old k**!"

Mark was once again embarrassed. The fact that his s****r was obviously envisioning the size of his prick in comparison to Sherman's was a little unnerving. Especially when he felt his cock twitch reminding him of that fact.

"Well, listen s*s, it's getting late and I really need to take a shower before turning in. Maybe we'd better table this discussion for another time," he suggested, begging off before things got too carried away. Kathy glanced down towards his crotch for some reason, unexpectedly. Perhaps she'd just realized she had been remembering what his penis had looked like, or perhaps she'd remembered the incident in the car driving home. Whatever the reason was...she looked. And when she did, she saw the front of his bell-bottoms was bulging out once again.

"Maybe you'd better," she said grinning. "And make it a cold shower."

Even with a raging hard-on, Mark leaned over kissing his s****r on the cheek. "Maybe you should too!" he said, winking at her teasingly.

"Nah...I like masturbating," she responded throwing him a look that said she was half serious. "Helps me to relax, helps me sl**p," she said turning, walking away before he could say anything further. "Good night Mark," Kathy said without turning around to look at him as she headed down the hallway towards her bedroom.

"Good night, s*s," Mark replied, slipping his hand down the front of his pants readjusting himself. "Fucking uniform," he added silently.


The shower felt good. Mark didn't exactly take a cold one, but as he stood beneath the lukewarm water, he thought back on the intimate conversation he had had with his s****r. The fact that he'd found it arousing didn't bother him nearly as much as when he found himself day dreaming about so simple an act as watching Kathy removing Danny's clothing. He hadn't really seen anything either, aside from seeing Danny in nothing more than her bra and panties, but even that image caused him to immediately become erect.

"Get a grip Mark," he chastised himself silently. "She's your s****r!"

Before he was tempted into doing anything about his rapidly hardening penis, Mark turned off the shower, stepping out and immediately toweling off prior to going to bed.

He turned off the light next to his bed stand slipping in between the cool crisp sheets. In a way, it was nice being home again, though he wished it had been under better circumstances. Mark had always slept naked his entire life, except on board ship where he'd always worn his boxers at least. A fact that hadn't allowed him to sl**p as soundly or as comfortably as he would have preferred. Just the feel of the sheets clinging to his body felt good. Already aroused anyway, Mark reached down clasping his prick. He hadn't masturbated in months. Something you simply didn't do, or couldn't do, aboard ship. As he lay in the darkness slowly fondling himself, he fought the images that came to him, the vision of his younger s****r, memories of watching Kathy and Sherman in the backyard. Mark had masturbated simply for release, stress relief as he'd called it without necessarily entertaining fantasies. He began concentrating simply on the sensations, trying to ignore the forbidden thoughts that kept trying to push their way through his emotional defenses. Concentrating as hard as he was, he barely heard the sound of his bedroom door opening, would have ignored it completely in fact as just another fantasy trying to push through, had he not then heard the sound of his younger s****r's voice.

"Mark...Mark. Are you asl**p?" he heard Danny calling out to him.

"Danny?" Mark froze, his hand still firmly placed around the shaft of his firm, thick cock. He was suddenly grateful for the darkness and for the sheets that protectively covered him.

Standing in the doorway of his bedroom he could just make out the faint silhouette as she stood there in the gray darkness. "Are you ok? Is anything wrong?" he asked sitting up.

"I can't sl**p. Woke up...bad dreams," she almost stuttered. "Don't want to be alone anymore," she managed to say finally. "Can I come in and sl**p with you?" she asked.

Her request wasn't really out of the norm. They had in fact slept in the same bed together in times past. Danny had never gone to Kathy with that request, the bond between Mark and his s****r that much closer than hers with Kathy.

"I'm naked," he said warningly, very much aware of his hardened cock which he only then took his hand off of.

"So am I," Danny said, stepping into his room, immediately running over towards his bed, jumping in before he could say another word to her about it.

"Danny, I'm not sure this is a very good idea," he told her as she slipped in beside him, moving over to press her flesh against his, cuddling.

"Why? You afraid something might happen?" she asked teasingly.

Mark wanted to scream out the word "YES"! Yes...he was afraid, afraid because of all the thoughts that had been swimming around inside his head. Yes, because of the images of his s****rs. And yes, because he'd had this fantasy before, Danny coming to him in the night...naked.

"No," he answered simply. "But it's been a while since we've, since we've done this. We're both grown've changed, I've..."

The sound of his s****r's soft snoring told him that his words had fallen on deaf ears. Even so, Mark tried to place a little more distance between them, edging away so that the searing heat of his s****rs soft body wasn't pressing so directly against his own. In her sl**p however, she sought him out, moving even closer against him, if that were possible. Once again the direct contact, this time in the flesh, of her firm pointed breast resting comfortably against his ribcage while his tormented cock throbbed painfully.

Mark placed his hand around his s****r's shoulder. She snuggled, settling in comfortably within his arms embrace. His needs, wants, desires, still bubbling hotly just below the surface. But it was his s****r's needs that were more important now, far more important and necessary than his own. There would be another time for self-satisfaction, certainly not now...not holding on to his naked s****r the way he was. Mark finally closed his eyes, listening to the soft gentle sounds of his s****r's easy sl**p, eventually drifting off as he did.


Mark dreamed. In his dream, the sensation of touching, being touched was very real. He was only vaguely aware of a presence, indistinguishable as to who it was, or even where he was. But it was unimportant. Only the excitement, building, escalating in a slow procession of sensations that fired every nerve ending within his body like water droplets dancing on a hot skillet. It had been a long time, a very long time since he had touched a woman, let alone touched a woman's breast in the way he was doing now.

In his mind, Mark could see the beautifully sculptured breast, soft...alluring. A gorgeous pink-capped nipple decorating it, hard stiff nubbins of sensitive flesh that he rolled gently between his fingers. The tender soft mewlings, the woman he held telling him of her pleasures, begging him for more, capitulating, surrendering to his caress. He felt her hand guiding him. In his dream, he followed. Walking momentarily behind her when she stopped, pulling his hand down between her legs. Mark felt the liquid silk of her sex as she guided his fingers inside her, holding his hand, placing it atop her mound, holding it in place. He probed her inner reachings, marveling at the heat, warmth, and depth of her hidden secrets. Even the fragrance of her passions stirred the sensations of smell, inflaming his desire for her even more than he'd already been experiencing.

Mark felt the touch of her tiny small hand encompass him. Shivers of unbridled pleasure searing his manhood, reawakening the burning embers that had lain smoldering nearly forgotten. All of which now burst alive with renewed flame, hunger and need. But it wasn't his need...his desire to be quenched here. It was hers. A hunger far greater than his own. Mark quickened the caress of his softly stroking fingers, delighted in the sudden unexpected, yet welcomed passion that greeted him. Succumbing to him, vulnerable, submissive, totally trusting, he pleasured her, listening to the sound of her climax as she came for him, knowing that she was once again safe.

"Oh Mark...Mark." He heard his name being called as though from out of a rolling fog, somewhere off in the distance, she called to him again. "Mark...Mark."

"Danny?" Mark called out seeking the direction, the sound of her voice, wondering where in the shrouded murkiness she stood, seeking him, wondering where she was.

"I'm here Danny...I'm right here for you," he heard himself saying. He sensed her acceptance, felt the assurance somehow through the fog, that she had found him, found her comfort from his presence, even though he as yet could not see her.

"I always knew you would be," he heard the whisper of her voice carry off through the night. "I always knew you would be there for me."


It was the smell of fresh roasted coffee that awoke him. Mark dreamt, rather imagined seeing a steaming mug of coffee sitting on the kitchen table. It seemed so real, smelled so wonderfully delicious. His eyes popped open immediately. He remembered another dream too. He looked quickly over to the side. Danny was gone. He didn't remember her leaving, or when it could have been that she had left. "Was that a dream? Or just my imagination?" Mark wondered aloud to himself. "Had to have been a dream," he decided finally. "But sure seemed real," he said, standing up out of bed. "Shit!" he added just as quickly, remembering that he had left his duffle bag sitting outside in the trunk of the car. He had nothing to wear at the moment except for his dress blues, and he wasn't about to put those on just to walk down the hall to the bathroom. He'd taken most of his civilian clothes with him, those he had room for, of course. And the rest he had either given away or had thrown out. Mark put his boxers on once again, along with his white tee shirt. "Guess this will have to do until I can get my bag," he thought to himself, heading out the door of his bedroom down the hall to the bath in order to pee.

When he arrived at the bathroom, the door was closed. The sound of the running water met his ear as he stood there listening. Knocking, he called through the door. "Danny? Kathy? How long you going to be in there? I've really gotta pee!" he questioned anxiously.

"So come in and pee!" Danny shot back at him. "The doors not locked, just don't flush until after I get out," she told him sternly.

Once again it was another old memory. He'd peed in front of his s****r's before, both of them in fact. But it had been a few years. "Sorry s*s," Mark said coming into the bathroom, lifting the lid on the toilet seat. "But I really had to go." He heard Danny's laugh coming through the other side of the shower curtain.

"After last night you're worried about peeing in front of me?" she questioned. Mark had just begun to piss when she'd said that. Suddenly he stopped mid-stream, almost pissing on his own foot as he did, reaching for; and then grabbing the shower curtain before he'd even realized what he was doing.

"What did you mean by that?" he asked, yanking the curtain back partially. There stood his s****r in all her glory. Surprisingly however, she didn't even flinch or attempt to cover herself when he pulled the curtain back.

"What's gotten in to you all of a sudden?" Danny shot back, continuing to rinse the soap out of her hair as though it was the most natural thing in the world to be doing in front of him. "I was referring to the fact that we slept in the same bed together...naked," she added, smiling at him. " coming in? If not...shut the curtain. You're letting in all the cold air."

Stunned by her sudden openness, Mark quickly closed the curtain. The image of his s****rs full perky breasts permanently seared into his minds eye. Not to mention the thin neatly trimmed strip of pubic hair nestled between her legs. He turned, seeing the lid, closing it...flushing the toilet at nearly the same time.

"Mark! Mark! Damn you! I'll get you for that!" she screamed out in sudden agony. Closing the door to the bathroom, Marked headed downstairs towards the smell of the coffee. Even then, the refreshed image of his s****r showering, that...and the strange dream he had had last night left him horny as well as frustrated, but also confused.

Seeing Kathy didn't help things much either.

"Good morning sl**pyhead," Kathy said as he entered the kitchen. She'd already poured him a cup of coffee. It was sitting on the table waiting for him almost identical to the way he'd seen it in his dream earlier.

"Morning," he offered back, sitting down. Kathy was standing at the stove scrambling eggs, making bacon. He'd noticed almost immediately upon entering the kitchen that all she was wearing was a long sleeved men's dress shirt. The shirttail was long enough to just barely cover her ass. But from the glimpse he'd seen of her already, it was highly unlikely she was wearing anything, unless she was into those really skimpy thongs that had become so popular.

As he sat there looking at her from behind, he still couldn't get over how different she looked with her short bright white hair. It was as though she were a stranger rather than his s****r standing in the kitchen half naked. He felt his cock twitch in sudden interest.

"Fucking boxers," he thought to himself silently.

"Eggs? Bacon?" Kathy asked as she filled a plate for him even before he'd answered.

"Please...thanks," Mark said, looking at her as she turned. Kathy took a few steps towards him, setting down the plate in front of him. As she did, the shirt she was wearing parted. For whatever reason the top three buttons of the shirt were unbuttoned, revealing a considerable amount of her soft sloping breasts as she bent over.

"I noticed Danny wasn't in her bedroom this morning when I got up," she said curiously. "I thought I'd check in on her," she added unnecessarily, with a slight edge to her voice as she spoke. If Mark didn't know better, he'd have thought his s****r sounded jealous. More than likely however, it was simply the stress catching up to her from the past few days.

"Yeah...she came in to sl**p with me sometime last night," he offered by way of explanation. "I think she was having bad dreams." The mention of that immediately triggering images of what he himself had dreamt last night. His prick stiffened even more as he remembered the softness of the breast he had caressed, and the silkiness of the split he had fingered so enjoyably. Then another image came to him, one that was unexpected...shocking. In his dream, he realized it had been Danny's pussy he'd been petting. His prick twitched once again threatening to worm it's way free through the opening of his boxer shorts. Looking down to ensure that it hadn't, he inadvertently knocked over his coffee, spilling it on the table down into his lap. Mark stood up in a millisecond, his reflexes taking over to keep himself from getting burned.

Kathy reacted nearly as quickly. Grabbing the washcloth from the sink, she ran cold water on it, soaking it thoroughly, then ran over to where Mark was standing. By this time Mark was looking down examining himself. His semi-hard cock had indeed fallen out through the opening of his boxers. But in the excitement and concern of keeping himself from being seriously burned, he wasn't as concerned about that as he was in pulling his soaked, still steaming shorts away from direct contact with his skin. When Kathy reached his side, she immediately covered his prick with the cloth ensuring that whatever coffee had spilled on him was being taken care of first.

"Did it burn you?" she asked worriedly.

"I don't think so...No!" Mark mumbled still dazed, then overreacting as he tore his cock away from his s****r's hand in turning violently.

"You are burned aren't you?" She asked worriedly, once again placing the wet washcloth on his now very exposed penis. But it wasn't the hot coffee spilling down in his lap that had him confused or disoriented. It was the touch of his s****r's hand even if it was through the washcloth that had him befuddled. Standing before him, she continued to wipe away the supposedly burning coffee from his tender shaft.

"Take these off," she told him. Mark felt like a little boy suddenly. Kathy's tone was mothering, f***eful. And he obeyed.

"Let's take a better look," she said, motioning for him to sit back down in the chair. Discarding the washcloth now, she actually placed her hand on his member, moving it off to one side to survey the slightly reddened patch of skin just inside his upper thigh. "Boy...were you lucky," she said, continuing to move his penis from side to side checking carefully for any signs of serious burning.

Mark had realized already that he hadn't been burned all that badly. But for some reason, the attention Kathy was administering to him felt nice...comforting in it's own way, so he allowed her to continue her examination of him, using that as an excuse in his own mind to justify his s****r's fondling of his semi-erect shaft.

"Isn't it a little early to be playing doctor?"

As one, both Mark as well as Kathy turned to face towards Danny as she stood just inside the doorway to the kitchen. Fresh from the shower, her long hair was still wrapped up in a towel atop her head. She wore a long floor length white terry cloth robe, the front of which still separated sufficiently to reveal that she was in all likelihood naked beneath it. Mark's prick twitched once again as though having a mind of it's own, acknowledging with interest the bare flesh barely hidden behind the garment she was wearing.

Worse...Kathy had felt his prick throb in her hand as she held it, turning her attention once again back to the organ she was holding.

"He spilled coffee in his lap," Kathy said suddenly, as though needing an excuse to remain as she was, Mark's cock still palmed in her hand.

"Oh really?" Danny responded.

It was the tone of Danny's voice that now surprised Mark. It hadn't been one of worried concern as he might have thought it should be. But hinted instead at jealousy, the same tone he had heard whenever Sharon had gotten jealous by his simple glance at some woman they had passed by on the sidewalk. The same tone he had heard Kathy use earlier.
Let me see," Danny said, crossing over towards them, fully intent on examining him herself.

"See? He did burn it!" Kathy told her s****r as though needing to prove to her she'd not been actually playing with it instead.

Once again Mark felt much like a young boy rather than the grown man that he was as Danny reached his side, leaning over to peer down at the reddened spot Kathy pointed out to her.

"I don't think it's too bad...but maybe you should run back to the bathroom and get that tube of burn cream," she told her. Leaning over to inspect the now fading reddening, Mark glanced up, seeing Danny's robe parting completely, exposing both of her breasts entirely as she bent over looking at him. His cock lurched once again, hardening. Kathy released him, feeling it suddenly thickening in her hand.

"Actually...I think it looks just fine," Danny said in a soft voice, with just a hint of a giggle behind it. Very much aware of his very obvious arousal, Mark took back control of his own senses.

"I'm fine...really,"he said standing up. "Give me that towel to cover myself with, s*s." He reached up, grabbing it in an effort to have something to cover his now very aroused state. Danny, caught off guard by Mark's unexpected reaction, flinched away from him. Involuntarily reacting to his over-reaction, if you could call it that. He'd managed to snag a portion of it however, yanking one way, as Danny defensively pulled away from him in the opposite direction. In doing so, her robe parted completely, revealing the fact that she was entirely nude beneath the robe. Laughing now, she squealed delightedly, running from the room with Mark in hot pursuit as she taunted him.

"Marks got a boner! Marks got a boner!" she chanted as she ran.

Mark caught her half way through the front room just managing to grab a portion of her wildly flapping robe as she ran. It came away in his hands, simultaneously tripping Danny up as she felt it pull away from her, tumbling her down onto the couch as she looked for a softer place than the floor to land on. Discarding the robe, Mark was on top of her, immediately pinning her down.

"Help me Kathy!" Danny continued squealing. "He's pinned me!" Kathy had chased them both into the room, not so much as a part of this c***dren's play, as she was watching it. She was more surprised that she was witnessing this almost innocent wrestling struggle that the two of them had participated in doing so often...yet so many years ago. Now they fought wrestling, just as though they were those same k**s again, regardless of the fact that they were doing so naked...or nearly so in Mark's case.

"Kathy...Kathy! Help me!" Danny shouted out once again as Mark pinned her arms up over her head. "Mark's got a boner...Mark's got a..."

With both of his s****r's arms pinned, he couldn't risk freeing one of them to use in silencing her. Without thinking, using the only other means available to him, Mark leaned over kissing her, intending his unexpected kiss to surprise her, silence her, effectively shutting her up. And for a second, it did. Until Kathy suddenly came out of nowhere, wrapping her arms around his upper chest beneath his arms yanking backwards as she did.

The unexpected attack from behind took Mark totally by surprise. Having concentrated all his efforts in pinning Danny, it was relatively easy for her to dislodge one of his arms away from her s****r. As strong as he was however, Mark immediately recovered, reaching back with one hand to flay away wildly at Kathy all the while continuing to keep his other s****r partially pinned with his other arm. As he did, grabbing onto a portion of Kathy's shirt, he pulled. The sound of her shirt ripping, followed by the just as obvious sound of button's popping, one even landing to "clink" against a nearby table lamp, told her that he'd all but ruined her shirt.

"That was my favorite shirt!" Kathy cried out in obvious determination to get back at him now. "Tickle him, Danny!" she screamed, remembering just how much Mark hated being tickled in fact.

"No!" Mark cried out, now desperate to disentangle himself from between his two s****rs as they fought in unison. Pressing him down onto his back as Danny finally got enough leverage to sit up while Kathy in turn continued leaning back, pulling him down with her, Mark had no choice but to throw his weight off to one side as he did. In doing so, he felt Kathy finally give up trying to hold him. Kathy's only option was in reaching out in an attempt to break her fall as they tumbled from the couch onto the floor. Mark felt first his shoulder hit the floor, then Kathy as she tumbled forwards across him. In the next instant Danny was down atop of them both, effectively pinning his legs by sitting on them, reaching up to immediately begin tickling the too sensitive flesh on either side of his ribcage.

"Please don't...don't!" Mark cried out giggling, almost painfully so.

"Pin his shoulders! Pin his shoulders!" Danny warned her s****r, urging her to continue their frantic struggle with their b*****r. Situated as she was across him, it was easier for Kathy to back up rather than give up her advantage of weight as she lay against him. As she did however, Mark looked up just in time to stare directly into his s****r's cunt. Instinctively...defensively taking that moment to surprise her, shocking her perhaps without even realizing the implications of what he was doing. Intending to do nothing more than nip at her with his mouth, he lunged at her just as she settled back down against him, effectively helping along his efforts as his mouth came into immediate and direct contact with her pussy. Rather than simply nipping her as he'd intended, he instead gathered in her outer labia between his teeth, though without actually hurting her, but effectively holding his shocked, more than a little surprised s****r at bay.

"I'll bite!" Mark warned somehow expressing himself without releasing his s****r's sex as he spoke.

"You wouldn't dare!" Kathy exclaimed, surprise... awe etched in her tone of voice that her b*****r had actually clamped down on her the way he had, but she sat unmoving above him anyway.

Only now was Danny becoming aware of this new form of "hold" that Mark was suddenly using on her s****r, keeping her effectively overcome. Seeing what was now happening, Danny found herself both aroused as well as a little stunned by what she was actually seeing.

"He wouldn't dare bite!" Danny offered placing herself down on the ground to see if Mark really did indeed have a mouth lock on her s****rs exposed cunt.

"Damn right he won't!" Kathy shot back. She leaned over clamping her own mouth around Mark's very erect holding him in a light teeth clench in much the same way he was using on her.

The feel of his s****r's lips suddenly surround his cock shocked and surprised him. But even then he didn't take it as a sexual act meant to stimulate or pleasure him, but as a counter to his own bizzare attempt at fighting back.

"I mean it!" Mark threatened once again through tightly clenched, pussy muffled words as he spoke them.

"As do I," Kathy shot back mumbling nearly as incoherently as he had when she spoke with Mark's prick well inside her mouth now.

Seeing the obvious standoff, Mark decided to switch tactics, perhaps shocking and surprising his s****r even more. Releasing her pussy momentarily, he felt Kathy's mouth relax her own grip from around his penis. When she did, he stabbed his tongue fiercely and f***efully against Kathy's cunt locating her extended, exposed clitoris almost at once. He fully expected this onslaught to so startle her that she would do whatever was necessary to release him, simultaneously escaping from him when she did. To his own shock however, though he felt her surprised flinch, she sucked him instead...just as strong and as f***efully as he'd tongue fucked her clit.

Mark fought back in the only way that he could now, gathering in Kathy's clit between his lips...sucking it just as firmly as he now felt his s****r beginning to do to his prick.

"I swear Kathy, I'll fucking make you cum and embarrass the shit out of you," he said challengingly.

"You'll have to do better than that then," she challenged back, so caught up in the unusual game now that she wasn't even remotely considering the obvious implications of what either of them were actually doing. Kathy repositioned her own mouth over the head of Mark's cock, drawing it in, sucking it, holding it there and flicking it with her tongue. "You'll cum before I do," she mouthed around him teasingly.

No one was more stunned by what was actually taking place than was Danny, however. Watching her b*****r and s****r locked in a weirdly erotic game of '69' with one another had at first glance almost repulsed her. As it became quickly evident that neither of them was about to give in however, it became something far more to her...something she struggled with initially. It became much so that her own arousal began pooling in satiny slick lubrications between her legs.

Kathy continued sucking her b*****r's cock. All thought of the rightness or wrongness of it fleeing before her like a fire gone wild, out of control. Glancing sideways towards Danny where she was vaguely aware of her presence, she caught sight of her s****r just as Danny placed her hand down between her now parted legs, watched as she lay there beside them fingering herself unabashedly, unashamedly. The effects of which caused a sudden torrent of fresh lubrication to spill from her cunt effectively bathing her b*****r's face. The sight of her own s****r now fingering her cunt, running the tips of two fingers back and forth against her exposed clit was maddeningly erotic.

Mark felt the fresh fluid of his s****r's cunt suddenly escaping her. She began humping herself against him now, no longer struggling not to cum, but obviously now wanting to. Acutely aware that what was now taking place had gone far beyond normal, he was too aroused, too driven with lust to accept the consequences of what they'd begun doing. Mark's cock reminding him simultaneously just how long it had been since he had even had an orgasm in the first place. Added to all this, he could hear the deliciously naughty cunt sucking sounds of Danny's liquefied pussy as she lay beside them, masturbating, watching the two of them as they now purposely, and openly strove towards pleasuring one another.

Licking his s****r's split was like eating candy. In combination with that, laying there as he did, listening to the sounds of Danny's masturbation, the sweet juicy-slick sounds as her fingerings produced more and more of that succulent sounding female nectar, brought him to the very brink.

"Oh Mark...Mark. Make her cum! Make her cum!" Danny urged sensually as she watched. Furiously, wildly, she fingered herself. Mark continued to listen to the erotic nasty sounding pummeling, as Danny continued to finger-fuck her pussy. Unbridled passion, want, need urged her to indulge in the most vocal of ways. Uninhibitedly, she played with herself, reveling in the sounds that her quim made as her juices continued to flow, as she in turn delighted in the obscene noises that she created while fingering her cunt, continuing to express her feelings in ways that Mark would have never imagined hearing from his "little" s****r.

"Suck her cunt Mark! Suck it...suck it...SUCK IT!"

Where Kathy wouldn't, or couldn't express herself as vocally as Danny, she more than made up for in her indications of physical response. Mark felt it by the way she literally attacked his prick with her mouth. He felt it by the way she mashed her pussy against his face, grinding herself against him, quivering, throbbing intensely while she did. And he felt it by the way her pussy continued to flow, her sweet honey butter cream bathing his face in an almost continuous rich, creamy cascade of pure heavenly sweetness.

All of this of course had simply hastened his impending climax. Mark felt his balls tighten, aided by the fact that Kathy now cupped them in the palm of one hand while rapidly stroking the length of his shaft with the other. Her mouth meanwhile continued to suck him like a vacuum, knobbing the head of his prick gloriously, devouring the sensitive head of his cock as though it were cotton candy.

Far too close to warn her, far too gone to even care, Mark felt his intense eruption finally begin.

Even when he had been with Sharon and she had performed one of her rare reciprocations upon him orally, she'd never allowed him the pleasure or experience of knowing...feeling what it was like to actually cum in a woman's mouth. Now, knowing with a great deal of certainty that his s****r was very much aware of what was happening, about to happen anyway, and that it would take his own s****r to allow him to experience this extreme pleasure.

Mark felt the first powerful jettison of his spunk scream from the shaft of his prick in a violent burst, filling his s****rs mouth. Kathy relaxed rather than tensing, taking him in even deeper. Explosion after gut wrenching ball-busting explosion continued to pour from his prick, Kathy...lovingly, wonderfully...even excitedly taking it all.

As intense has his orgasm was, hearing Danny enter into the throes of her own orgasmic release simply enhanced the unbelievable sensations he was swimming in. Danny's low almost growling deep-throated moan of ecstasy sent a second wave of delightful cock-throbbing spasms coursing through him. Kathy's velveteen mouth continuing to drain him of every last ounce of his seed, her tongue playfully dancing upon his spent shaft while her hand continued to slow-strokingly milk him of every last precious drop of his spending.

Mark had momentarily and quite understandably so...quit pleasuring his s****r's liquefied quim. Once his orgasm had subsided sufficiently however, he assaulted her pussy with a vengeance. Sitting up slightly, almost smothering him in the process, Kathy sat back as Mark located her hard little nubbin of flesh. Drawing it inside of his mouth, he sucked it quickly, yet tenderly. He could feel Kathy's response as she had maintained a grip on his slowly deflating prick. As he manipulated her clitoris in uniquely differing ways, he felt the sensation of her hand upon his cock like a pulse. She caressed him absentmindedly, squeezing at times, holding still during others. But from this, Mark knew exactly when her orgasm finally claimed her. That...and the unexpectedly delightful spray of her cunt as she gushed, nearly drowning him in the process.

Kathy finally collapsed rolling off of Mark. When she did, he saw Danny still lying on the floor anxiously looking at him. He smiled. It was an embarrassed smile...awkward. After all, they had just broken about every rule in the book. Mark struggled with the words, finding he could say nothing as he continued staring into his s****r's eyes.

"It wasn't a dream...was it?" she asked. It took Mark a moment to realize what she was referring to.

"No. I thought it was too. But it wasn't, was it?" he questioned her back.

"It seemed like it. Maybe I knew it wasn't really...but I'm not sure I was ready to accept it for being anything else but a dream," she told him.

"And now?"

"Now...all I know is...I want to experience with you what Kathy did," she said honestly.

Kathy was just coming around herself at this point. "I think we all have a lot to talk about and discuss," she said sitting up, resting against the couch. "But we need to get through this day first,." she said, reminding them that their parent's funeral was later that afternoon.

"We've all been through a bit of emotional stress. I think maybe we just let some of that out, which caught us all a little off guard. I think that none of us should attempt to talk about this further until after we've all had a chance to think about it...rationally. Especially after we get through today."

"Perhaps this evening then. Over ice cream," Mark suggested.

"Chocolate or vanilla?" Kathy asked smiling, letting the sudden build up of tension ease.

"A little of both I think," Mark replied.

"How can the two of you think about ice cream?" Danny asked. "I can't even imagine being hungry later."

Mark and Kathy shared a knowing look. For the moment, he felt closer to his older s****r than he had ever been.


It was late by the time they had finally arrived home. Mark didn't realize how many friends their parents had known. The service had gone as he'd expected, tons of tears along with a few heart-felt laughs as friends shared intimate personal stories about their parents.

"I think we should save the ice cream for another night," Mark suggested. Kathy agreed indicating to him that she was more tired than she'd initially thought.

"Well...I'm going to call it a night." Kathy said standing up. "And I think it will do us all a bit of good to get a good nights sl**p while we're at it. We've got a lot of things to go over and discuss regarding the estate."

"Not to mention what happened this morning," Danny said, stating the obvious. Mark could only nod his head in agreement.

"Well...goodnight then," Kathy said, turning around heading towards her bedroom.

"Night Kath," Danny said softly.

"Well Danny, I think it's time for me to turn in as well. I've about had it with this monkey suit, too," he stated, referring to his uniform.

"I thought you liked wearing it," she said.

"Oh...don't get me wrong, I do. It's not that really. It's just that after being in it all day, I'm looking forward to making myself a little more comfortable, is all."

"Me too," Danny said grinning. "I'll hurry up and get undressed," she added. "See you in a few." Turning to leave, Mark reached out grabbing her arm, stopping her.

"Danny...we can't, not tonight anyway, and not until we've both had a chance to think about things...ok?"

"I wasn't intending for anything to happen Mark. I'm tired too. But I don't want to sl**p by myself just yet either. you think you can put up with your younger, "little" s****r for one more least?" she asked openly.

Mark felt a little guilty assuming that Danny had meant things otherwise. "Sure s*s...I just didn't want you thinking I was only out to," Danny shushed him by putting the tip of her finger against his lips.

"Save it for another time," she told him. "Right now, all I want to do is sl**p." Mark followed Danny upstairs to their rooms where they quickly took turns using the bathroom in preparation for bed. By the time he was finished, Danny was already in bed waiting for him. Though he knew her to sl**p naked, just as he'd done most of his adult life, he saw that she was wearing one of his white navy tee shirts as sl**ping attire.

"Hope you don't mind my using this to sl**p in," she told him. "Thought it might be easier...for both of us." Taking the hint, Mark crawled into bed, leaving his boxers on. Seconds later he turned out the light, felt Danny quickly move over snuggling up against him.

"Sweet dreams Danny," he said, softly stroking her hair.


Mark dreamed. At first, seeing Sharon. He'd not seen her at the funeral, hadn't expected to really. As far as he knew, she was off somewhere on her honeymoon. Yet...he saw her as though in the distance, waving at him laughing running away from him as she did. He felt like he needed to say something to her, he wasn't angry with her really, but the emotion of what he felt was fleeting. He found he was holding onto some sort of an envelope, and oddly, he knew all his feelings and emotions were written down on the paper inside. He took it out to examine it.

"Give it to me," Danny told him, standing now where he'd last seen Sharon. Instead of running however, as Sharon had done, she came towards him, slowly at first, her steps quickening. Yet he heard her speak to him as though standing beside him.

"Give it to me Mark," she asked once again, holding out her hand for the envelope. Suddenly she was by his side. He looked at it one more time before handing it to her. Surprised to find himself relieved as he did.

The simple touch of his s****r's hand as she clasped the envelope was like touching her flesh. Suddenly, it was flesh. Danny moved against him and in an instant his clothes, as well as hers were gone. Her soft supple skin was warm, reassuring as he embraced her. He felt her nuzzle his neck contentedly, purring sweetly almost like a kitten. Which in some ways, she was.

"Give it to me Mark," she asked again. He was confused now. "He already had...hadn't he?" He wondered.

He felt Danny's small hand fumbling beneath his boxers seeking him out. "Please Mark...Please," she asked again. "I need you...don't tell me no...don't make me go away."

He saw Sharon briefly, running towards him now...shock, anger...perhaps even jealousy struggling with the ring on her finger, vainly...desperately trying to take it off. Calling out to him over and over again. "No Mark...NO!" she wailed.

But it was the feel of Danny's hand affectionately stroking him that caused Sharon's image to suddenly blur, evaporating away like sunshine cutting the morning mist. Sweetness greeted him, arousal began to stir him as he hardened for her, accepting...wanting.

"Yes Danny...yes!" he moaned. Her lips encompassed him now, the gentle teasing play of her tongue upon his rigid hardness, rough, yet gentle as she caressed him with it. He reached for her, momentarily afraid that she too would disappear as Sharon had done. Surprised when she didn't, even more surprised when the reality of her really being there woke him from his sl**p.

"Danny?" he whispered in the darkness. Her lips were wet, lovingly wrapped around his sensitive, very aroused prick. Though he could not see her clearly, the faint outline of her head, her long beautiful hair falling down to caress him with each movement of her gently bobbing head told him this was no dream.

"Oh god...Danny...Danny," he said, calling out to her, gathering her hair in bunches, delighting in the silky softness of it as he played with it, gently pulling on her as she continued pulling on him.

For long tantalizing moments she continued her ministrations on him, exploring him fully with her lips, lingering kisses as she suckled his shaft. "You awake now?" she asked, somewhat amused.

"Very," he said breathlessly. "No dream."

"No dream," she answered back, moving up towards him. Mark felt her breasts pressing against him, felt the twin hardend points as she undulated against him barely separated from his awakened flesh. Using her aroused nipples to caress his chest, she swayed as though a cobra being played to, moving herself back and forth slowly, sensually as though to strike the moment the song had finished.

Finding her in the darkness, he cupped each breast firmly within the palms of his hands, imprisoning her. Danny groaned almost painfully as Mark's fingers dug into her, beginning to search out the twin nubbins that had so teasingly eluded him. He captured each between his fingers, pressing them together as though kissing them, having two mouths's in doing so. Danny collapsed fully against him. Her scent a mixture of spiced perfume, a hint of apples from the shampoo she preferred using when she showered. Mark gently bit, nipping the tender flesh of her exposed neck. Felt the goose bumps form as they blossomed like wild flowers across her body. Pressed firmly against him now, so much so that not even a slip of paper could have passed between them, he let go of a single soft tit to reach down, cupping her equally well-rounded ass.

"Make love to me Mark," she asked in the silence of the night. Positioned as she was, Mark felt Danny lower herself upon him. The feel of her soft sex as it descended on him nearly took his breath away. Danny was moist. Her puffy, full lips surrounding, caressing the length of his shaft as she settled against him. Much like two pairs of lips and tongues, caressing his length, Danny moved against him almost imperceptibly. The feel of his s****r's silky-soft pussy was having its effect on him. Whatever reservations he may have had in becoming intimate with either one of his s****r's melted away like snow on a warm spring day.

Mark knew that Danny's teasing sultry caress was intended to seduce him. But she was leaving the final decision up to him. It would have been far too easy for her to have simply claimed him, sitting astride him as she was. Yet, she continued to work her cleft smoothly, sensually up and down the length, width, and breadth of his manhood waiting patiently for his ultimate decision.

He gave it to her as he moved slightly, timing her caress as she once again slid upwards against him. In an instant, he slid deeply into the satin recess of her femininity.

Though he certainly wasn't dreaming now, their coupling felt like it. Mark certainly hadn't been a worldly man, even being in the service. His first love and only love, with whom he'd shared and lost his virginity, hardly qualified him to know what it took to truly pleasure a woman. Or in this instance, to even begin to understand the sensations he was experiencing. He and Sharon had had sex...several times in fact. But in all those times together with her, it had never felt like this.

This time there was no rush, no frenzied dash to the finish line the way it had been with Sharon. Danny moved with him, controlling their pace, pleasuring him as much as he hoped he was pleasuring her. Sometimes she would simply stop moving, savoring the feel of him inside her, nothing more. Mark would at times quit thrusting himself inside Danny, allowing her to milk him wonderfully in moving side to side almost languidly as much as up and down when she'd surprise him in doing so mid-stride.

Added to all this, Mark had never lasted this long either. Like any orgasm, it felt nice when it happened...sure. But the feeling he enjoyed now simply moving inside his s****r was as wonderful as though he were experiencing a constant orgasm. Even more importantly, he felt that Danny sensed it too.

"I want to feel you cum inside me," Danny whispered. "I want to experience your orgasm filling me so that I can share in it...and cum with you."

Having heard that, Mark no longer concentrated on holding back, though the tempo of their coupling hardly increased at all. Content to simply allow himself to enjoy the velvet feeling of Danny's pussy as she sheathed him in erotic rapture, he slid in, and then out of her silkiness, knowing that Danny was as pleasured as he.

When Mark felt the first initial tingle, telling him of his orgasms approach, he thought of telling her, worried only briefly that she might not know of his impending release. Perhaps more attuned to him than he could have thought possible however, Danny sensed it almost before he did.

Sitting up straight, Danny took more of his length inside her as he continued moving in and out at the same almost agonizing slow pace. Moving from side to side, rotating in perfect sensual circles, Danny strode towards her release matching his excitement, level by level as they soared together towards the heavens.

Once again Mark reached up, finding her exquisite soft, but firm breasts. Spearing her elongated nipples with his fingertips, he pressed them, feeling them fighting back in defensive sensitivity to his touch. Danny groaned, acknowledging the heightened increase to her ecstasy. A renewed gush of Danny's lubrications lathered his prick as he thrust deeply inside her. Triggering the inevitable, Mark thrust once again, this time striving for the most secret part of her, finding it, holding himself there as the first precious release of his fluid spurted in climatic bliss, bathing the inside of her womb.

Danny's immediate gut-wrenching moan told him that she too was tumbling over the precipice of pleasure into the void of orgasmic delight. He again moved , again spurted his essence deep inside her. Danny groaned, adding her own milky-smooth libations to those that he was filling her insides with. On and on their mutually shared climax continued, just when thinking it done, or the pleasure on ebb, a new tidal wave would wash over them sending even more delicious tingly tremors through them, consuming them both.

For long moments afterwards they lay side by side, listening to the finally controlled breath's slowing...calming...remembering. Mark's heart had softened, no longer threatening to explode through the wall of his chest. Danny had softened too, melting atop him like warm syrup on cakes, nearly u*********s perhaps, vaguely aware of his presence as she continued to float in a sea of peaceful tranquility.

"That's probably one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen...or listened to."

"How long have you been there?" Mark asked.

"From the beginning," Kathy said. "Somehow I knew...somehow I knew that the two of you would spend this night together," she said almost sadly, forlornly with a hollowness that screamed at loss and a need for comforting satisfaction.

"There is plenty of room for you in my well as my heart," he added, beckoning to her in the gray darkness. She came to him then, lifting the forgotten crumpled sheet over all three. As she slid in beside him, he turned to her spooning her from behind just as Danny turned in kind, doing the same with him. They soon fell into a deep peaceful relaxing sl**p, entwined not only physically, but also emotionally as they had never known or experienced with one another before.


Mark opened his eyes. As he did, he saw the first tendrils of the morning light streaking across the horizon through his bedroom window. In his hand, he felt the pliant breast that he had somehow cupped, cradling it in his palm. Without thinking he thumbed the still asl**p nipple, feeling it respond, harden and elongate.

Without seeing her face he knew Kathy to be as awake now as he was. "Hmmm," she moaned, softly moving against him. Barely a second later, he felt Danny stir, her hand immediately reaching around him to grasp his morning erection as it pressed against Kathy's ass.

Danny began by gently stroking his penis, moving it as she did against her s****r's back, making her very much aware of what she was doing to Mark. Mark reached down, finding the already wet, welcoming slit of Kathy's pussy from behind. As slick as she was, she must have been lying awake, thinking...becoming as aroused as Mark now found himself to be.

"Fuck me, "Kathy said softly.

He moved, forcing Danny to release him. But she was already prepared for that. He felt Danny slither down the bed behind him slightly as Kathy lifted her leg allowing him easy unrestricted access to her. Mark slid inside his s****r. Deliciously her cunt sucked him as he entered. Continuing to caress her full breasts, Mark rolled the hardened tips between his fingers like two precious marbles. Once again Kathy groaned pleasurably, murmuring her need, expressing her desires.

Mark felt Danny's delicate hand cupping his balls, kneading them gently as he continued to move slowly in and out of his s****r's soft slippery sex. She began kissing his back, his neck and shoulders sending shivers of excitement spreading out in all directions through his aroused sensitized flesh.

Danny melted against him, pressing herself firmly as though trying to climb into his skin. The feel of her own full breasts spearing into him from behind, Kathy's breasts...lovingly held, wonderfully caressed as she did. Mark's cock throbbed with passionate desire for his s****r's pleasure. Striving with every ounce of his strength, he continued to stroke into her from behind, unspoken promises of his assurance with each smooth fucking that he would see to her needs, now and forever more.

Likewise, Danny hugged her b*****r, no sensation of jealousy, no fear that he would ever again leave her wanting, or in need of his love for her ever again. Danny stroked her s****r's arm, reaching across the two of them in order to do so, letting her know in so simple a touch that she was with her every bit as much as Mark was with her now. Kathy acknowledged that moment, reaching up with her free hand to clasp the fingers of Danny's hand inside her own, keeping them there as she and Mark continued their passionate embrace.

As he had done with Danny, Mark matched the tempo of his stroking's with Kathy's laborious panting. Gauging, timing the moment of release with hers, he soon felt the first contractions of her climax as vice-like, her pussy clamped down on him seizing his erection and milking from him the first powerful ejaculate of his seed. Mark poured himself into her as Kathy erupted in a volcanic explosion of her own. Holt molten lava poured from the deepest recess of her quim as Mark repeatedly doused the fires of her passion with his own spending. And all the while, Danny clung to them both, savoring in their shared moment together.

Mark rolled onto his back gathering each of his s****rs to either side. Sunlight now filled the morning sky with a promise of a bright new day. Gingerly, he felt first Kathy, and then Danny clasping his slowly deflating penis. Slick with their combined fluids, he reveled in the soft gentle play as each of his s****rs continued to fondle and caress him in a non-arousing way. Holding each within the crook of his arms, he in turn caressed the soft flesh of their bodies, as they lay pressed against him.

"I have to return to New York," Kathy stated in a near whisper.

"Yes...I know," Mark answered. "But I still have almost a full week yet before I must leave," he reminded her.

" don't understand Mark. I'm not taking Danny back with me," she said simply.

Mark began to sit up, but Kathy pressed her hand to his chest calming him, and keeping him from disturbing their peaceful languid positions.

"I need to go back to get a few things...but more importantly, to tell Frank that it's over. After I do...I'll fly back as quickly as possible so that the three of us will have a few days together before you have to return," she told him.

"You mean I won't have to live in New York then?" Danny asked excitedly.

"No...not unless you want to honey," she promised her.

"What about you Mark?" Danny asked him. "What will you do when you finally get out of the service?"

"Come home again," he answered her truthfully. "Where ever the two of you are, is where my home will be," he added.

It was Kathy's turn to sit up suddenly. "You know what? I feel like having some ice cream!" she announced.

"For breakfast?" Danny asked incredulously.

"Sure...why not?" Kathy responded.

"Did you get any strawberry?" Danny asked again.

"Of course. And what about you Mark? What would you like? Chocolate? Vanilla?"

" about a little bit of all three," he said smiling.

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