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Next-Door Fuck-Buddy

For more than twenty-years, my next door neighbor has been VERY overweight. She and her husband ran a business out of their house, and she rarely got outdoors. He was an avid bicycle rider (like me) but she never joined him.

They had a young daughter and with that, being “yuppies” of course comes the Au Pair or nanny. Over several years they cycled through at least four or five young, attractive girls, and I knew what the score was. “Daddy” had to have his candy...

One day I noticed that the latest piece-of-ass nanny was gone, replaced by a mature woman in at least her sixties. Pretty Plain-Jane, but slender and nice legs. I learned that the nanny had tripped while walking around the house and landed on “Daddy’s” cock. Poor girl tried to get off of him, but it took several minutes of bouncing up-and-down on him. At least that’s what “Daddy” told the wife when she caught them. This situation was a bonus for me in that the new nanny was also a housekeeper. I booked her for two days a week, and it did not take long for the two of us to start a fuck-buddy relationship. That’s one of the things I LOVE about older white women. Not a lot of men see them as attractive anymore, and they want the attention. Best of all, in my case being a Black man, they don’t want to be in a relationship with me, they just want to fuck! Which is great for me because most of them have never fucked black cock, and they want to get wild and freaky with it. This new nanny was no different.

Anyway, hubby moved out. Its been a couple of years since getting caught so I haven’t seen him around. Haven’t seen much of wifey either. Until a couple of months ago. She SHED at least a hundred pounds! Revenge of the ex-hubby I guess. She’s in her early fifties now and looks like the typical mature white woman I love to get with. After weighing so much for so long, her calf muscles are stunning! I thank God she didn’t go the “cougar” route - an older woman in her forties and fifties dressing and act like she’s in her twenties (those days are GONE - deal with it!). She dresses a bit on the conservative side, which is great fantasy for me. Connie (that’s her name) was always cute in the face - especially her mouth. She has full lips, but shaped in that way that you want them in hot red lipstick sucking your cock. Even at her heaviest weight, I wanted her to suck me off...

Connie spent more time outdoors now. She tended her flowers, always in exercise tights. I had to tap that! I complimented her whenever I saw her. Once, I stroked myself semi0hard and took my waste bin to the front curb when she was out in her front yard. I went over to her and chatted really about nothing. Her eyes kept going to my bulge. She asked me if I had a pair of pruning shears she could borrow because the ones she had were dull. Into my garage we went.

Another thing I LOVE about older white women - when they want to get it on, they go to work like NOW! Connie started rubbing my soft erection through my pants. Her wearing a clingy sundress did not impede my BBC getting harder. I stepped back from Connie, took her hand, and spun her around taking her in. There were those muscular calves leading up to a shapely ass. Connie never had much in the way of big tits, and with the drastic weight loss, they were a bit saggy. But that mouth. I had to see those lips on my BBC!

There was no small talk, just the two of us feeling each other up. I had an older white woman that had not been fucked by BBC - I was sure of that. I opened my pants and dropped them to my knees. My BBC sprang up, hard as hell, waiting for service. Connie stood riveted, staring at my cock. I got up on my workbench and spread my legs open. Connie stroked the shaft of my shaved BBC, not saying a word, her eyes locked-on it. She leaned forward and kissed the head with those full lips. No lipstick, but they were soft, yet firm, and wet. She kissed the head a few more times, and I thought, “oh my God, she’s not into sucking cock!” just at this moment, connie opened her mouth and preceded to suck-in my BBC, deep throat, damn-near up to my balls! All I could utter-out was “OH FUCK!” connie rimmed the head of my cock with her tongue and then my wish came true. She looked up into my eyes, tightened her lips, and pushed my mushroom head in her mouth, in and out. In and out. Fuck, I was so HARD! She stroked my shaft in one hand and massaged my balls with her other, just staring at me. I wanted to fuck her badly, right there, right then, but I couldn’t move. She went back to sucking me. She got aggressive with her tongue. Then she put the pressure on. Sucking hard, running her tongue around my shaft - this girl wanted me to cum! She felt my balls lurch and she went deep on my BBC. She was draining my jizz, swallowing! FUCK CONNIE! I was spent. Connie knock-down my BBC.

A week later I saw Connie at the market. We made plans to get together at a hotel. I arrived first. Over a glass of wine we agreed that we would not meet at either of our homes. No nosey neighbors. We had a fuck-buddy pact.

Connie really opened-up. She was becoming a fuck-freak. She brought toys for me to use on her. She always wore something sexy because she “couldn’t wear this stuff before.” Always in heels so I could enjoy those calves. Her favorite, of course, was when I bend her legs back over her head and long-shaft fuck her pussy. I mostly leave her with a deep creampie of jizz, but sometimes she begs for me to cum on her face. The first time she asked was actually the first time she had someone cum on her face. She worked at my BBC afterward to get me hard, but hey, I’m getting old.

Every now and then I try something new on her. The first time I tied her hands behind her back with her own pantyhose and gave her a HARD doggy-style fuck, she screamed through two orgasms and squirted! So now I bring a little rope with me...

LOVE me some white, mature pussy!

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