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Lord Stanley Professional Disciplinarian

This Fictional Story is written by Jennifer and contains explicit sexual material and situations involving consenting Adults No reference to u******e persons is intended or implied. No reference to real Persons dead or alive is intended or implied.

I recently transferred to England with the BBC and moved into a lovely apartment in a small town outside of London. My neighbor, Janine is a very nice single lady and we have been getting to know each other but soon I would get to know a whole lot about her. I do a lot of my work from home so I have a very flexible schedule. So on a Monday morning feeling the need to release some sexual tension I walk down into the centre of town to a nice boutique that I had seen that sells adult materials and aids. I walked in and in no time picked out a nice vibrating dildo, then looked into the back of the store where they had all kinds of bondage and discipline equipment. My heart skipped a beat as I ventured into the back and saw countless whips and canes on display, my pussy started to moisten immediately and I thought god it has been so long since I felt the caress of a whip. As I held one in my hands and traced the fine leather thru my fingers the gentle voice of a clerk behind me said may I help you dear. I jumped with surprise and turned to see it was Janine my neighbor standing there with a big smile on her face. I was a little embarrassed and started to stammer but she put a hand on my shoulder and said dear its quite ok to be interested in this, I myself have quite a passion for the more intense side of physical pleasure. I felt then that I could confess my innermost desires and proceeded to fill her in on how I desperately needed regular harsh discipline but being new to the country didn’t know anyone I could trust. She smiled and said she knew the perfect person and if it was ok she would make the arrangements, I nodded yes, she quickly made a phone call and within minutes it was all set for Friday.

Friday morning seemed to take forever to come and in the meantime I made good use of the vibrator I purchased. We took Janine’s car and on the way she informed me that we were headed to Lord Stanley’s Estate, just a few kilometers outside of town. She also told me that he is what they call a Professional Disciplinarian and has hundreds of young and older ladies visit him regularly but he also has a young handsome fit stable boy named Sven who supplies stud service to all the ladies after they have been whipped and beaten. She reassured me that when I meet Sven I will be more than happy to spread my legs for his glorious cock. With that said we arrived at a huge set of iron gates, Janine buzzed the intercom and we were let in to what is the most beautiful estate I had ever seen.

We parked the car, walked up to the front doors and were greeted by a beautiful young girl in a very revealing maids uniform. She turned to lead us in and I noticed her ankles were tied with a short piece of rope to hinder walking and there was no back to the uniform which revealed a very welted and bruised bottom from a recent caning. She directed us into a large study where Lord Stanley was seated behind a large desk and was waiting for us. He smiled upon seeing Janine and came around to give her a big hug and a pat on the bottom. As Janine introduced me he walked around and looked me up and down then took hold of the hem of my short thin summer dress and said may I have a look, I said yes Sir. He lifted my skirt admired my bottom for a minute and then took my hand and said nice to meet you Jennifer, you have a lovely bottom I will be happy to whip it for you. I flushed with both embarrassment and arousal and he laughed out loud commented how sweet I have not seen a young lady get flushed like that in a long time. We then sat down and he filled out a file on me, writing in all my fantasies and desires plus checking my identification to make sure I was of legal age. Then we signed a simple contract to avoid any legal problems, and then standing up said well Jennifer we might as well get to it. I then started to get nervous and quiver, upon seeing this Lord Stanley held my face in both hands looked deep into my eyes and reassured me that he would take very good care of me and what I was about to experience words cannot describe, then asked again if I was ready and I nodded yes.

We walked together down the path to the horse stables to a large lovely room where the walls were lined with all kinds of whips, crops, canes, leather straps and floor was arranged with apparatus designed to secure young ladies in the most odd ways and then there was the smell of oiled leather. It was time to get down to business, Lord Stanley looked at me held out one hand and said your clothes please. I pulled my summer dress over my head and then slipped out of my panties and took of my shoes, then handed them to him. He stood there for a moment admiring what stood before him, smiled and again said absolutely lovely. We had picked an apparatus that would lay me on my back, head slanted down, legs straight up in the air and spread wide apart. The back support ended at my waist so everything from the waist down, Inside and outside of my thighs, my hips and bottom and yes my pussy was fully exposed to the whip. He had Sven help to secure me into place and I could see then why no one objected to Sven servicing them after. Lord Stanley looked along the wall of whips, picked out one, swished it thru the air a few times and said this one will do fine. He approached me and as he stood there he slowly stroked the tip of the whip between my soaking wet pussy lips, I gave out a quick grunt and he said yes you are ready. Without pause he swung the whip wide and struck the outside of my left thigh, then around to my right thigh, back and forth from one side to the other, whip swish whip swish, he strikes me about 30-40 times until the tears are pouring. He then switches to the inside of my thighs whip, whip, whip, whip, hard fast strokes, he gives me no time to recover, 40 more strokes and I am crying loudly begging him to stop. He ignores me and steps to the side to start to whip my bottom and backs of my legs. God I can’t take any more I scream as he lays these strokes on even harder whip, whip, whip, whip, he goes from the tops of my hips to the backs of my knees, countless strokes must have been more than a hundred. I am now a blubbering mess panting crying begging for him to please let me up. Lastly when he can see that I am completely covered in welts and close to passing out he flicks the tip of the whip right at my pussy. It is like electric shocks as I jerk and grunt with each flick and then suddenly without warning a massive orgasm sweeps over me, the noises I make are pure a****l noises and my fluids literally spray from my pussy. After a few minutes My mind clears and I realize that they have untied me and are helping me off the apparatus, they then carry me over to a bench, lay me face down, spread my legs and Sven who has removed his trousers positions himself behind me. Sven’s cock is so big that even though I am soaking wet it takes him a few strokes to get his cock into me. I have never felt anything that big in me, stretching me, filling me. Sven holds my hips and with just a few gentle strokes he unleashes a massive load of cum, He apologizes for cuming so quick but watching me get whipped had worked him up too much. I assured him that I couldn’t be happier because I had no more orgasms in me. As he pulled out of me I could feel all the cum running out of me and could hear it dripping onto the floor. Lord Stanley had left to deal with another girl who had arrived so it was just Sven and I, he helped me get cleaned up then dressed and e****ted me back to the house. Once we got there I gave Sven a Big hug and Janine was waiting for me in the library. She could see that I had enjoyed the experience and suggested we wait a bit to say good bye to Lord Stanley, he was busy with a young lady in the other room. We sat there listening to the sound of a very severe caning coming from the next room, I could see Janine squirming in her chair getting aroused at the sound, but soon Lord Stanley and a cute girl dressed like a school girl came out. They came up to us and he made her turn around lift her skirt and show us her very welted bruised bottom and then made her say she was sorry for being a naughty girl, with that he said she could go and I saw Sven waiting around the corner for her. He then sat down with us wanting to know how everything went, I just leaned forward gave him a big kiss on the mouth and said thank you. He nodded and said we will see you again then, went back to his desk, made some notes in my file and put it away. Janine said nothing on the ride home but just smiled at me, gave me a big hug and said see you later.

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