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Babysitting Adventure

I had just turned sixteen and was already getting bored with summer. Teri Banks asked if I could babysit her k**s and also Myra Stanley's k**s as their husbands had gone out of town and they were going out for a girls night out. I jumped at the chance. Now Teri Banks is a very good looking red head with nice tits and great body, Myra Stanley is japanese, jet black hair, nice tits and great body also. Both women are in their late thirties and have good looking husbands and great k**s. But everytime their husbands go out of town these two women go on binge and come home d***k and with a couple of guys and end fucking. I get to watch and thank goodness I have never been caught.
I have had a boyfriend and we fucked a couple of times but I was always worried that my boobs were not right or maybe my pussy stunk or maybe I was a lousy lay so I never really enjoyed it. I do get a kick out of watching Teri and Myra fuck. I always wondered how they were able to keep it from their husbands.
This night went as always, the k**s all went to bed at eight and then I watched TV till around one when Teri and Myra came in with four men. They all stopped in the kitchen and grab some glasses to go with the drinks they had and headed for the bedroom. Teri could hardly stand, I have never seen her so d***k. Myra was pretty wasted also. I do not think they even saw me sitting on the couch. Teri's room has french doors going into it, a giant bed and giant bathroom. The door was left ajar and I waited for several minutes and then walked over to see what was going on. Everybody was naked, and Teri was laying face down on the bed and one of the men was on her and banging away. Myra was on her back with a man in her pussy and one pumping her face. As I watched my pussy started to get wet and my stomach tingled. I stuck my hand down to my wet pussy and rubbed it gently. I would love to be involved in what they were doing, to please a man that way. To have several men want to be with me and be able to satisfy them like Teri and Myra.
The man fucking Teri got up off of her and told everybody she was passed out, his dick standing straight out and shiney from her fluids. The man fucking Myra said he could take his place as he was done for a while, his dick was limp as he walked away. The fourth guy mounted Teri saying he just wanted to get a nut off and did not care if she was awake or not. I walked away for a minute afraid that I might get found out.
I came back after several minutes and started watching again when one of the men walked up behind me and asked if I wanted to join in? I was shocked, did not know what to say. He said "come on, we wont hurt you, the more the merrier." Myra came over and pulled me to the bed. I could smell the sex and it made me hornier. Myra's wet pussy, Teri's cream filled pussy, four guys with hard dicks, their hands removing my clothes. I never thought of myself as a great looking or anything but these men were going out of their way to tell me how hot my naked body was and what great boobs I had. Myra said the same thing. One man put his face in my pussy and started licking, this almost sent me to the moon! Another man was doing the same to Myra. After a minute of this I was ready for a cock to be in me. A man was now fucking Myra, the sound of his cock sloshing in her pussy made me want cock that much more. The man eating me lifted up and moved his cock into position. It was big when he was starting to push it into my pussy, I did not think it was going to fit. But it did and did it feel great. He slowly pushed it all the way in, I could feel it filling me, it touched the top of my vagina! He just sat there, my pussy and body was starting to go nuts. He moved back and fourth several times and then pulled out, another guy then got in there and did the same thing, then the next guy, then the fourth guy. I guess they all wanted to get into my pussy and try it out. The fourth guy started to pound on me pretty good. I could feel his cock push against the top of my vagina with every thrust. I loved the feel of his balls banging against my ass. Myra was holding my hand, I could smell her cunt. I loved the feel of this mans cock moving in me, my orgasim was building, building like I have never felt it build before. The other three men men were stroking their cocks and watching as this guy kept pounding my pussy harder and faster, I could feel his dick getting fatter.My orgasim was now ready, my breathing was harder and harder, and this man was going fast and his breathing was very hard. He lifted up and pulled hard on my hips burying his cock deep in my cunt, his cock swelled streching my pussy, I felt his hot semen spray into me setting off my orgasim. My pussy contracted around his cock and held it tight as I felt more semen blast into me! I thought I was going to black out. Sex with my boyfriend was never like this. After several minutes His dick was limp and he removed it from my cunt, his seed running out of my cunt and down my ass crack. Another man mounted me, his rack hard cock moved easily into my now sloppy cunt. He fucked me good and soon enough filled me with his seed. Another guy just came in Myra, I watched as his cock pulled out of her pussy, their juices dribbling out and hanging in her trimmed bush. I leaned over and licked some, I could smell her scent mixed with the smell of jizz. I fell asl**p for while and when I awoke Teri was getting it doggy style from the guy that had fucked me so well first. I stuck my face right there to watch closeup as his cock moved in and out of her strawberry cunt. He went deep and I held his nuts as he filled her cunt with his wonderful sperm. I could feel his balls pumping sperm into her. I always loved Teri's strawberry red cunt hair now it was right in my face covered with her pussy juice and sperm. Myra's was just as messy but her cunt hair was black, I looked down at golden brown bush and it was just as gooey as theirs, this made me feel like a big girl. We fucked for a while longer and I fell asl**p again, this time with a soft cock still deep in my pussy. When I awoke the sun was up and it was just Teri and I alone on the bed. Myra was in the kitchen making breakfast. Teri's pussy was crusty with dried jizz and pussy juice as was mine. My pussy stung from being fucked so much but I felt really good. I put on a shirt and walked into the kitchen. Myra said she had a great time and was glad I joined in. She showed me her pussy, it was still dripping jizz, she said it was sore also. She said the guys left before she woke up. Teri came walking in and said she does not remember much but her pussy hurt and jizz was running down her leg. She asked if any of us got the names of those guys, Myra and I looked at each other and giggled, we both said no. We ate breakfast and got in the hot tub and soaked.
This happened again several times, they would go out and bring some guys home, I watched the k**s and then would be ready when they got there. Then we would have a great fuck fest with some random guys. This did alot for my self esteem and really built up my ego. I learned how to fuck and give great blow jobs too. The next year at school I got to show several guys what I had learned. Myra, Teri and I did this fucking for several years till I went away to college. For all I know they are still doing it.

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