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Playing with Paper

With HIV and all the other diseases out there I didn't understand how the guys in films could allow all the bareback stuff. I knew it was less safe than sex with condoms, but I always felt the danger level was just too much. Then one day I read a guy's ad in Craig's List titled "Play with Paper"

It read, "I enjoy bareback sex with a few select males, I have a thick 8" dick and I want you to suck it, then rim my ass before I fuck you with my dick, Goliath. You will need to have a recent AIDS test and show me the paper. I will show you mine and then we can play. Any takers?"

My email response read "I am interested in Playing with Paper. I love big dicks and if you are looking for me to service you, I will. Do you like to suck and rim?" I waited for two days for Paper to respond.

"Yes, I love to suck and I love to rim even more. Do you think you've got a place to stick Goliath after we're done with the preliminaries?" Paper replied. Less than a minute later I responded "I hope so - I think he will fit."

With that I went to the local clinic and got tested, all negative, thank God. Once I had the news I scanned a copy and sent it to Paper to prove I was the man he was looking for. When we met that weekend he showed me his paper and I let him look at mine. Then we got down to playtime.

We rented a room at the local motel with two double beds and made ourselves at home. A bottle of bourbon, some ice and those awful hotel plastic cups went a long way towards relaxing us for some games. Before Paper could finish his first drink I had my hand in his lap playing with Goliath through his blue jeans. Goliath was hard and had been for a while because when I pulled the bad boy out of his unzippered jeans there was a touch of pre-cum on the tip. I bent over and flicked the head of Paper's dick with my tongue, scooping up the moisture oozing from Goliath and swallowing it to demonstrate my willingness to please.

Paper's dick was beautiful. It was not only eight inches long it also had a good deal of girth. I could only take it part way into my mouth at first because we were sitting in chairs. I stood up and took my shirt off, then dropped to my knees to concentrate on sucking Paper's manhood.

Paper was actually kind of a small guy to have such a great dick. He probably stood no more than 5'8" and was thin so when Goliath was out he seemed to be Paper's defining attribute. The other feature that stood out was his lips, wide and fat like his dick and moist like mine were. I guess he was already thinking about sucking my cock.

From my kneeling position I could see that only the head and maybe an inch of Goliath's shaft was wet. After a few minutes of working his cock into my mouth while I was kneeling I was getting most of his dick passed my wet lips. After a couple of tries taking Paper's dick as deeply as possible I stopped again and looked to see how much of Goliath was moist and dammed if he didn't have some that wasn't getting wet. After trying not to gag while his dick went down my throat I finally got all 8" into my mouth. I can't tell you how great it was sucking that dick, swallowing pre-cum when it lubricated Goliath and thinking about how it would feel in my ass.

I worked on Goliath for more than 10 minutes, then I moved down to Paper's balls, working them from front to back, which Paper seemed to enjoy. I got tired of kneeling and set my ass on the floor while I continued working Paper's now soaking balls. My tongue explored the recesses of Paper's sack and traced lines on his inner thigh. After a couple of minutes working Paper's balls my right hand grasped Goliath and I moved my left hand to explore the ridge behind his balls. A couple of minutes later my left hand came to rest on his asshole. His low moan told me to continue.

I inserted my index finger into his ass, then took it out and brought to my mouth. Since I was going to rim him, and both he and I knew it, I thought it would be fun for him to watch me lick his ass-taste off my finger. I dropped his balls from my mouth, looked him in the eyes then stuck my index finger in my mouth. I had never done anything like this, but Paper obviously enjoyed it. This also served to wet the finger so I could insert it more deeply and playfully into Paper's ass.

Returning my index finger to his ass, I inserted it to the first knuckle, pulled it out and returned it to my mouth. Paper really seemed to enjoy watching me do this, so I did it a couple of more times as I alternately licked his dick and balls. As my tongue reached behind his balls Paper stopped me and had me stand up. He gave me a deep kiss, inserting his tongue well into my mouth and moving it around as if to get the final taste of his ass remaining in my mouth.

The kiss had a dramatic effect on my dick, bringing it to a full upright position for the first time during our encounter. Paper reached down and began playing with it with his hand while we continued to kiss in a very sensual manner. This guy really knew how to kiss!

Paper then broke our liplock and sat down in one of the chairs so that my now erect dick was even with his mouth. My lover explained this was easier for him because it was getting a little hard to roll around on the floor. I put a hand behind his head, pushing it towards my dick. He didn't have to open as wide as I did to get my standard six inches into his mouth, but he was as good at cocksucking as he was at kissing.

Pretty soon he had me saying "Oh my God, I'm cumming, but that pretty mouth didn't flinch. He swallowed my juice with gusto, only missing a small clump that looked sexy to the left side of his face below his mouth. Paper then said "I hope you can cum more than once!"

"Not a problem," I replied energetically, but I wondered what he had in store for me. "I just need a couple of minutes to recover." After finishing our second round of bourbon Paper asked me to lie face up on the bed. I got in position and from a standing position Paper began simply touching my body. He touched the sides of my head by the eyes, working his hands down to my lips, where he sensually inserted two fingers into my mouth, one from each hand. From there he lightly touched my neck and rubbed my chest.

When his hands reached my stomach his balls were dangling over my mouth so I spontaneously sucked one in, making it wet with my saliva. As Paper caressed my inner thigh I released his first ball and grabbed the second one, also making it wet with my saliva. As his hands began working my manhood for the second time, Paper spread his legs and moved the area behind his sac over my face. I began softly licking it with my tongue and for the first time realized where this was going. He lifted my legs and spread them, first caressing the same area on my body that I was licking on his, then moving on to my asshole, sticking a single wet finger inside me.

I was so turned on that I let out a kind of moaning scream that sort of freaked him out. He said, "You're really getting into this, aren't you?" I simply shook my head yes. I felt my asshole loosen under the diligent work of his finger, I went back to work on the sensitive ridge behind his balls, but now my tongue was moving purposely towards his ass. On my first lick I realized his asshole was pretty dry, so I worked up some spit to keep my tongue wet as I worked the tender outerfolds of his butthole. For some reason I could really feel the folds of skin with my tongue and, beleive or not, there was a good taste to his butt.

I broke from my rimjob long enough to tell him to turn around and lower his butt on my mouth. I had seen this position in movies, but had never done it myself. I liked it because our only bodily contact was my tongue working on his butt. I began licking it around the anus, working slowly to the brown center. I made my tongue hard and stuck it into his ass, working the sides of his rectum as deep as possible. His moaning at this point was nearly constant and I knew I was turning him on. The rim of his asshole widened because of my tongue work and I could now easily insert my middle finger into his butt, and lick it off.

Suddenly he stood up and I saw that Goliath was a raging hard-on. The head of his prick was darker than it had been and the entire shaft was red with a single engorged bl**d vessel running the length of his penis. I could tell Goliath was ready to fuck me and that Paper rimming me would have to wait.

To accommodate Paper I got in a doggy position and told him to fuck me. He grabbed some KY jelly off the nightstand and quickly covered the length of his shaft. When his bareback dick was lubed up I felt his left hand on the small of my back, then the head of his shaft in my butt, where is finger had been moments earlier. As Goliath's head penetrated my asshole I mumbled "Slowly, please" but I don't think Paper heard me. I felt his unprotected dick go probably four inches into my butt before I yelled.

Paper stopped long enough for me to catch my breath and for him to add a little extra lube to his prick. "I want you to take the entire shaft for me," he said, making a statement and not asking a question. This turned me on because I wanted to take the whole thing. Once again he inserted Goliath into my backside, this time slower and more deliberate. As rough as the first insertion had been, the second insertion went better, smoother in a way. I guess he got to about as deep as he'd been on the first try and then pressed onward slowly. The prick filled my asshole, spreading it wider than it hsd ever been spread before. I let out a couple "Oh my God's," but Paper's steady onslaught continued. I figure he had gotten about 6 inches deep when he began a slow, rhymatic fucking motion.

Paper pulled his dick out a couple of inches, then pushed it in again. At first I struggled to accommodate his penis, but after about ten strokes my asshole was accustomed to Goliath. The strokes were slowly getting both longer and deeper and I was furiously masterbating while he fucked me because I was so turned on. Somewhere in the middle I came a second time.

At one point Paper withdrew and I took the opportunity to roll over on my back and Paper continued his great work. Now we had eye to eye contact and that always makes me feel closer to the guy who has his dick in my ass. While stroking that big guy deep into my ass, Paper leaned over and kissed me. I felt as though I would do anything to please this man and keep him happy. Anything.

As the pace quickened I could tell Paper was going to cum. Goliath seemed to swell up in my ass as the rhythm intensified. Paper's dick squirted deep into my bowels, filling me with liquid. As he pulled out some of his cum dropped on my ass. I looked at Paper standing over me and my eyes went down his body to the monster cock that had just been fucking me. It was wet with cum. Now I do swallow cum, but I had never "cleaned-up," but that damned dick looked so exciting that I sat on the edge of the bed and took his soiled, dripping shaft into my mouth. I licked and sucked his member until he asked me to stop.

Paper and I sat down in the chairs and enjoyed a second bourbon as we rested. I was hoping the night wasn't over yet.

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