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The Call...

Wow Today was a hot Day, practice was tuff. I'm getting ready to hit the locker room for a shower. "Geez" Demetri is in there, and he's always flapping his dick around in the showers.. I hate it,,, why does his dick look better than mine, i wish mine was straight but no it has to be curved, i hate it. I don't know why but I I think i like looking at Demetri's dick, but fk that i'm not gay, screw it I need a shower so i can get the hell out of here. "so im here slipping off my clothes and my dam dick wants to get hard, why the hell is that, Fk i need to go in the restroom stall i hope no one noticed, dam it my fkn dick is so hard, Oh sht there is a tiny hole in the stall door dang i can see Demitri from here... There he is, flappin his dick around, sht my dick feels so good right now its frekn throbbing, dam i am never getting out of here! Ok I hope no one can hear but fk it i need to stroke my cock, ohh dam it feels so guuud, dam my palms are getting sweaty, my ass feels like trustung, my dick is so fkn swollen my legs ae shaking....Ohhh I want to fk the hell out of someone.... fk fk fk ouhhhh.. ohhh. uuuuggg. ohh dam... ohh man.. I cant even talk right now... dam it,I cummed on the toilet paper rack sht its on the floor now, dam my dick is soo fkn swollen its red, oh man. Demitri walkn over here, I need to clean this up.... Oh sht!... To be Continued!

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