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Multiple Melia Part 5

FetishMultiple Melia Ch. 05

Multiple Melia Ch. 05

In reality I have practiced safe sex nearly exclusively, this is pure fantasy, and I'm rather certain noone need worry about getting pregnant or anything by reading this...that said, please enjoy!

"" Melia panted, "you certainly enjoy having your ass played with while you cum, don't you? I never heard a guy squeal that loud!"

I was covered in goose bumps, just starting to feel the chills dwindling from our latest session. "Oh god, yes, I have never felt anything like any of this in the past! You are amazing Melia!" As the last spasm rippled through me with a grunt and a thrust.

We lay in each others arms, content for the moment, and finally letting it sink in that we were both exhausted, having expended all of our energy in the past hours. The sun's earliest rays were making their way into the window as I rubbed the small of her back tenderly, listening to the rhythm of her breathing change as she neared sl**p, finding it difficult to keep my eyes open. We slept soundly, snuggled tightly together.

I had a very erotic dream, having experienced heaven in my waking hours the day before had stoked my libido immensely; I just couldn't get enough. I dreamt that a beautiful woman was going down on me, sucking for all she was worth, working hard for her prize. My hips began to react on their own accord, telling her I was getting close and I awakened to a finger slipping into my ass! The realization that it had not been a dream and Melia's reaction to my body's movement tipped the scale, my hips thrusting up as my hands went to her head, pushing her all the way down on my dick, squirting cum down her throat, the orgasm that much harder with a finger in the butt and partly full bladder.

"Now, that is the breakfast of champions!" Melia teased after catching her breath.

"And after all these years, I finally know what 'right side of the bed' really means!" I answered.

"I feel a little ripe, not to mention you think you could keep your piece to yourself long enough to wash my back?" she asked.

"Long as you return the favor sweetie." and off we went to the shower.

Melia was clearly rejuvenated, teasing me throughout the shower, making me wash her beautiful body several times, which got the desired response from me. She then announced that it was my turn and proceeded to wash me sensually, staying away from my genitals for the most part. She worked up some body wash lather, and pulled me tight to her, slipping her hands up and down my lower back, each time going a bit lower, biting my nipples, then rubbing my butt with her soapy hands, slowly working deeper between my cheeks until I felt her fingers sliding over the outside of my hole.

"And just who is groping who? You thought I couldn't keep it to myself, huh? Not that I mind..." I hoped to get some reaction from her.

"You can't..." she nibbled my nipple while pushing two fingers into me. "OOhhh....See? Told you!" she exclaimed as my cock jumped between her legs, hitting her clit with a soft thump. She then maneuvered me into the shower spray, rinsing me off.

"I don't know, Melia, I am pretty hungry; just because you already had breakfast doesn't mean I'm not hungry..." I lied.

"Oh shut up, cause I know you like it-you wouldn't be hard if not...Now, I have an idea I think you'll like. C'mere sweetie..." she turned the water off, threw the curtain back, and stepped out of the shower, forcing me to follow with a sure grip on my dick.

Back to the bedroom we went, Melia grabbing a clean towel on the way, stopped in the middle, telling me "Stay. Be patient. Good boy!" giving my cock one last squeeze before letting go. She sashayed to the other side, grabbed an armless cushioned chair and brought it back to sit beside me. She laid the towel on the seat, folded in half, then ran to the dresser.

She was back in a flash, carrying two items; she had a bottle of lube in one hand, and some sort of probe in the other hand. It was a strange looking bugger, four inches long and pretty thick, with a wide bulbous head that flared down to a smaller second bulb further down, then down to a thin stem that split into a 'y' at the base. On one end of the base was a finger hook while the other stretched about two inches away from the shaft before curving up the same direction as the shaft and had a little ball on the top.

"Have you ever seen an Aneros? It's made special for prostate massage, and with practice, a guy can teach himself to be multi-orgasmic with it. I think that you've done well last night and today taking my fingers and strapon, so I think you're ready for some added pressure...So, turn around there and bend over for me." She helped me turn, then pushed down on my back as I did as she asked.

I felt myself being lubed, which was exciting in and of itself, and heard her tell me to relax during the pause when she was lubing the toy. Then I felt the cool hard plastic pushing into me. It was not very long, but quite thick, burning slightly as the biggest part popped in. Melia wiggled it a minute, sliding it in and out partway both before and after adding lube, and then I felt in going in all the way, the hard plastic ball nuzzling halfway between my balls and asshole.

"Now, squeeze your ass tight." she giggled as I shivered, feeling the pressure both internally and externally on my prostate. "And tight again..." everything I did made the Aneros move and massage me in some way, and it felt amazing.

"Now, you ok?" I nodded.

"Good. Now, slowly and gently sit on the chair..." I lowered myself as she directed. As all of my weight settled, I could feel the Aneros shifting deeper into me in both spots. I moaned out as an unexpected intense feeling took over the head of my cock, feeling of pressure and orgasmic tingling, making me feel that I desperately needed to cum and nothing else on the planet mattered.

Melia, straddling my legs, pushed my head back, and with one arm around the back of my neck, kissed me eagerly, shoving her tongue deep into my mouth, becoming more aggressive by the second. She reached for my cock.

"Oh my god, this got you harder than ever! And sooo fucking thick! I can't wait anymore!" She kissed me harder than before, positioned my dick and began shimmying down the length, growling when I was buried deep, but not completely, inside her. Maybe I was harder and bigger, because she felt tighter than before-and decidedly more excited!

"I'm going to enjoy making you scream." she breathed into my ear, trying a few test plunges. With each one, she used more of her weight, putting yet more pressure on the Aneros, until she landed hard, lifting her legs around to wrap around the back legs of the chair, driving herself to take all of me into her, grinding rhythmically and hard, her pussy walls spasming and convulsing, threatening to rub me raw.

I thought the head of my cock would blow right off, the intensity nearly entering pain. We both whimpered as she continued to ride-I hoped she wouldn't wear herself out first thing in the morning! Strange as it was, a random thought crossed my mind briefly-we hadn't put a condom on! I had only a moment to consider this before Melia became even more insistent, I could feel her squeezing me tighter and faster, up and down my cock, driving me towards a powerful orgasm.

"You're stretching me out...I can feel your cock swelling me more...yes...ohh god yes...cum...I wanna feel you cum in my pussy! Fill me with your hot cum!!" she screamed.

I slapped her ass with both hands, grabbed both cheeks roughly, pulling them apart, shoving two fingers in her ass, then reached one hand to the back of her neck, using it for leverage, holding tight, pulling her tighter and down harder.

"Hang on, I'm gonna cum!" and with a loud howl my body took on a life of its own. I was conscious of my body shaking uncontrollably, digging deep into her as if my whole body wanted to be inside her tight hole; I could feel her ass squeezing my fingers tight enough to cut off the bl**d flow; I could hear her screaming in my ear with each jolt of cum I shot into her, and I could hear another screaming, seemingly distant, while the pleasure was too intense to dwell on any of it. I was not in control of my body- I felt paralyzed, only partly conscious, as my eyes rolled up in my head and we rode out the storm together.

"It feels so good to have your cum in me...and I did enjoy making you scream..." Melia was still breathing heavily, as was I, but we were on our way down now-I could tell because my eyes rolled from the back of my head.

"I wasn't the only one screaming..AHHhh OOOhhhh" I let out another yell as Melia stood up, sliding my cock from her tight hole, causing a lot of friction on my sensitive member. "WOW, that was amazing!"

We headed into the bathroom for a quick cleanup, then to the kitchen for a bite of real food. We bantered back and forth while making sausage, eggs and toast.

"I am incredibly happy I ventured out here to visit you Melia." I told her. "You've been truly amazing-far more than I could ask." I gave her a peck on the cheek.

"I'm glad you came too-pun intended!" she gave my side a playful poke, "and you've been great for me, and receptive to my ideas...but remember, this is only day two-we have a long way to go...and I wonder..." she trailed off.

"Mmm hmmm, I know it's early, but I am tempted to eat you instead of the food I'm so eager for the next round!" I pinched her bum; she squealed "What have you got in that beautifully devious mind of yours?"

"Your stamina seems pretty high-I lost count of how many times we've each climaxed, and you are still a horny devil!" she returned the pinch, making me jump "and you seem to really enjoy having your ass toyed." she said, running a single finger from right behind my balls all the way up my ass, right over my hole.

"And...?" I shivered.

"And I am having a hard time keeping up with you!" She gave herself away being unable to keep a straight face.

"Uh huh-you liar!" I teased "More likely, it'll be me working to keep up with you!"

"Ok, you got me-I just wanted an excuse." she retorted coyly.

"Excuse? For what? I knew you were up to something!" I spanked her ass cheek with a good resounding smack.

"Sure, you act tough now...let's see how long you last when I call in reinf***ements!" she slapped my ass this time.

"Do you think you could handle a group of women? Enough to hold you down and have you in whatever way they please? For as long as they please?" She batted her eyelashes at me. "Oh, look how cute! You answered me without speaking!"

Melia could see the confusion on my face so reached down and gave my hardening cock a squeeze, telling me how she knew. She gave a smile, then released me and walked to the far wall, grabbing the phone, dialing on the way back.

"Hey girl, what's up? Bored? What about the rest of the crew? Really? Cool, I have a cure for that! Yes, he did make it in yesterday-many times! And you know what? I think he has enough to go around for a full treatment, so I think you girls better come over...soon as you can, cause he's drooling all over my floor watching me right now, and his cock is hard already, realizing what I am arranging right now! Bring the toys-all of them-yes, he loves it! And Nat? One more favor? Call Kim and ask her to come...Yes, I think he'll love Kim. OK, see you soon!" Melia, with a little more swing in her hips, turned to hang up the phone, then returned to check the food I had forgotten about.

"We need to eat quick so you'll have some'll need all you can get in a little while!" she said with a cute and innocent giggle.

I could only think that I might be falling for this randy little vixen...

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