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Aunt Christine 1 The Christmas Party

Aunt Christine 1 Intro and the Christmas party

My mom’s parents had 10 c***dren. The last one, aunt Christine is 17 years older than I and the baby of her f****y. She has 2 k**s, both boys, and we as cousins always got along even though we never really hung out. Her husband is a dentist. They’re what one would call, a “perfect” f****y. 

Christine is really one fine woman. 5’6” about 135 lbs, legs that come up to her armpits and D cups, I would say although I’ve not yet measured them if you know what I mean. By far, her best assets are her legs. Perfectly shaped, great thighs, she’s in nylons and skirts most of the time with open toes shoes. I could let you build your own picture but Susan Sarandon comes to mind if you want a public figure, including hair that comes down to her shoulders and are always brushed kinda like it’s not set but in fact she’s spent a good amount of time getting it like that.


A few years back Christine invited the whole f****y for a Christmas party. Around mid December, we were all in the holiday spirit. They have a very large dining room and we all had our own seat at the table even though we were cramped a little. Now, I’m the type to always help around and I asked her to help with anything that could make things easier for her. Now, don’t get your minds going, I’m talking about serving food, cleaning up shit. You know boring stuff. 

“You’re such a sweetheart, thank you, I’ll gladly accept”, and then she whispers, “You know I think I invited too many people, just thinking about the next 4 hours and I’m already tired”, and then she flashed me her beautiful smile, turns around and goes to the kitchen. 

So in order to be close to the action she asks that I sit next to her at the table, close to the kitchen. Sure, no problem. We serve the soup and salad and we sit. Now with this many people around the table, despite its size, we’re a little cramped and my aunts legs are right up against mine, and yes folks this is where my mind starts growing, and where my dick is playing tricks on me. I’m single and I haven’t had a good fuck in over a month. My mind is really in overtime right now. Christine is her usual great hostess, laughing and joking with people, moving about on her chair and not moving away from me one bit. In fact, I’m thinking that maybe she’s enjoying rubbing against me. 

Her skirt rises up a little and – oh shit – I see skin. She’s not wearing pantyhose; she’s wearing those clingy type nylons that come up to mi-thighs. In a fit of madness, I would want to put my hand up her skirt and grab her pussy, but again, this is happening in my mind except that my dick doesn’t know the difference between fantasy and reality and gets ready for action. Ahh shit, how am I gonna get up to help her now?

We’re finishing up the soup and salad, I rearrange the snake trouser down my leg and knowing that I’ll be up in a minute, it starts to get back to normal. Wow, I won’t look like a sex-starved a****l after all. 

So we go to the kitchen and Christine opens the oven, bends down a little and her skirt opens up a little. You know the type with a slit in the back up to the top of her nylons? Well, that’s what she’s wearing. High heel shoes that form her calf perfectly. She really looks like a woman, a real, full-bodied, mature, self-assured woman. My type exactly. 

We are alone in the kitchen and there is ample room that we don’t even need to get close to one another but when she brings the roast to the cutting counter she brushes against me when she puts the roast on the board. OK, that’s cool but she SHOULD have moved a little but doesn’t. 

“Thank you again Mark, I really appreciate the help” and she kisses me on the cheek, like an aunt does. While I’m cutting away, she doesn’t move, that would have been the time for her to do so, but no, she’s right up against my leg. “You’re welcome aunt Christine, I really like helping you anyway” and I want to return the kiss on the cheek but she turns her head and kisses me on the mouth. Not a lingering kiss, just a peck, but she DID turn and she DID offer her lips. 

“Holly shit, what was that?” I think. “Probably just the wine that’s getting to her a little”

We serve everyone, get back to the table but when she sits down, Christine actually lifts her skirt and displays that little bit of thigh at the top of her nylons. No-one can see, there’s just the two of us at the very end of the table so I’m fantasizing that this must be for me. Again, she’s acting like there’s nothing going on, talking away, serving wine to all, including me, giving me this great smile and looking into my eyes when she does so. If I was in a bar, I would say that this woman is coming on to me. 

I finish my meal but being the polite boy that I am, (well not at a “boy”, I’m in my twenties by then), I wait for them to finish. But I have a plan. Since I have nothing to do with my hands, I simply rest them on my lap but my fingers are to the side, almost touching Christine’s legs. Since we’re so close, she moves around and her legs touches mine but she can feel that my hand is there. She looks down, smiles at me, and moves her leg a little closer, her skin touching my hand. 

OK, there can be no pretense now. She definitely feels this, she’s definitely letting me put my hand on her skin. She’s definitely NOT moving away. I can’t let myself go but after a few minutes and in a moment of boldness, I put my hand on her thigh just to test the waters. She turns, looks at me and smiles. I inch my hand up and caresses her skin but this is where she draws the line. She takes my hand and moves it back down her nylon, not off her legs, just down a little. 

I did not want this moment to end but we had to get up to go back to the kitchen and when we got there we didn’t say a word. She starts cleaning up cutting area and when I got behind her, I brushed against her skirt and she puts her ass out a little. I put my hand on her skirt and move down to that heavenly opening. 

When I reach in, she sighs: “Oh Mark, don’t do that please”. Of course I ignore her and start caressing her skin in the back of her skirt, moving up to her ass. No panties. Holly shit, I can’t believe it, she’s not wearing panties. 

“Wow,” I say, “Aunt Christine, you’re a naughty girl aren’t you?”

“Don’t tell your uncle, in fact don’t tell anybody, I’d be so embarrassed” 

“Of course not, this will be our little secret.”

I go back to the dining room, leaving her almost breathless in the kitchen, smiling at me when I leave. 

I think I may have a plan here.

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