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My neighborwoman

It is now over three years since she moved in in the neighbor house together with her 20 years old daughter Cindy. Rita was an attractive woman with c-cup breasts and a sexy ass. Cindy had big tits too and she and her mom did not mind when seen naked or dresses in just their undies. Well, there was much lovely to see and ever since I confessed Rita my sexual love for panties, bras and pads she was quite open to me about those things and even told me when she or Cindy had their days and using pads during that time and I weared those pads with her sexy dirty panties. She even peed her panties wet for me or gave me a golden shower before fucking her and I weares her dripping wet panties while we fuck. A really wonderful feeling I can tell.
I was at hers yeasterday. She was still dressed, gave me a wet kiss and served coffee and a whisky while we talked about ordinary things and I had a good look under her mini shirt and could see the wonderfull stain in her crotch and that made me feel hot. Rita smiled and then said
-u love what u see, darling?-
I just nodded and opened my fly to get out my cock and asked her for her dirty panties. She acted promtly and pulled down her panties and they still were quite creamy wet, just as I love them.I was too hot and started wanking my cock with the wet croch immediately.
-so, u cannot wait any longer I see, so just do as u like darling- she said and smiled lovely and opened her blouse and let me see her lovely black bra.
I wanked very hard and after a short while my cock filled her blck panties with creamy white cum.
She took the panties from me, licked the crotch and then put on those cum stained panties.Wow that was sexy!

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