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The Mansion (Conclusion Chaper 10)

Chapter X

She: I reach out to the woman, to pull her close and The Man smiles. He steps back a bit and watches. Then he whispers something to the woman and she touches my bare wrists.. For the first time in days I am unbound. The warm sunlight sparkles on my soft oiled skin. I am free, but never really free. She touches my lips, and I touch hers. My heart is pounding and I want nothing more than to lie on this blanket with her. I want to taste her lips, her sex, her essence. I have a need to experience her. I look over to The Man, perhaps asking for permission. He smiles and steps back a bit more and leans on the tree. She looks over at him, and then she kisses me. We have his blessing, and then we go down ........

He: I let the two of you bond for a while. Then I signal Maria. There is more to come and I don't want you relieved now. On my signal she gets up and pulls you on your feet as well, then steps back. I stand in front of you and position you with your back to the lake. My hand indicates your are to spread your legs and you respond immediately.
"Take your position as you have been told." You lay your hands on your back and lower your head. Then Maria approaches again. Gently she starts to arrange your hair and then helps you arrange your body.
"He'll want absolute perfection now," she whispers as she takes your hands and repositions them - not crossed but palms together and fingers touching. She corrects your shoulders, the angle of your bowed head, the elbows and even the position of your feet. You let her and you learn quickly, sucking in all this information and printing it in your brain so you will know the next time. As you stand like this her hands massage you gently so every muscle is relaxed and your body curves are brought out in the most favorable, most beautiful way. She is not easily satisfied and takes her time. You almost feel like a piece of clay being molded. The idea behind this however is very, very clear to you. You wonder if it is the quest for absolute perfection or her hands on your body that makes you extremely wet.

When she is finally done I step up to again and lay my hands on your hips.
"Now listen carefully. Remember that you are A now and that this will never change again. I want you to remember that at all times but especially during the hours to come. Remember that you are a perfect slave. Keep your head down at all times, keep your arms where they belong and remember that you must not speak, unless given permission to do so. Strive for perfection and concentrate on that at all times, no matter what happens during the next hours. If ever absolute submission has been important - this is the moment to show it. Do you understand that?"
"Yes Sir."
"Good.. Maria and I will leave now. You will remain here, standing like this. Do not move. You will be on your own. Someone will come for you and then you will know exactly what to do. Can you do that?"
"Yes Sir."
This last sentence puzzles you but you have learned not to question anything.
"You do not have to be afraid, even though you are on your own." I kiss your hair and step back, no words anymore, just disappearing footsteps in the grass. You feel so much emotion as you are standing there, in the middle of the grassy area, left alone, expected to wait and behave and accept what is to come no matter what. Suddenly you hear footsteps coming to you from behind. Hands are on your hips. Lips touch your shoulder.
You bite your lip, close your eyes and try very hard not to turn around immediately. Then there is his voice.
"Turn around. Let me see what has become of you ........"

She: Maria is softness and beauty. Her lips on mine are all I can feel, all I think I need. She is the essence of femininity, and everything I wish to be. She is your number one slave, and for a brief moment I am jealous. I find myself thinking as I used to think. Then almost immediately, my mind begins to work as it should, as a slave. She has earned her place with you, and as much as I have shared with you, as close as I have felt to you, I do not belong to You. I allow myself to imagine making love to her, to imagine you watching us, and let my self get carried away in the passion and softness that is Her. I am shy at first, seeking permission to touch.

She pulls me closer to her and kisses me deeply. My breasts rub against hers and I reach out to touch her small hard nipples. She smiles and I kiss her even more passionately. You are watching us which only makes my hunger stronger. Maria's tongue trails down my neck, my stomach and lower. Her soft mouth leaves a burning trail, as she begins tasting me. My hands are in her hair, pulling her lower, urging her on. Her delicate hands explore my body with feathery touches. I am moaning softly with only You and the meadow to hear. She touches the gold lock between my legs, and kisses it.

She looks up at me and smiles. Suddenly you clap your hands twice and she moves away. My head is spinning, why did you stop her? I ache for release. She stands and you both begin your instructions once again. My body tingles with every touch. The throbbing between my legs is almost unbearable. She poses my body carefully. You each work almost clinically to make sure there is not a better more flattering way for me to stand. You step away, watching as she moves my arms, my legs ...... she is sculpting my body as you have previously sculpted my mind. I am sure of only one thing this day, that I am a slave. I was born to this life and there is nothing else that could ever make me as strong, as alive, and as beautiful as I am right now. I sense that you both agree, and I revel in my beauty. I can see your eyes shining with pride and approval and my eyes fill with tears. All this time, I needed this from you, to see that you approve. I stand now, waiting ......... Afraid of what is to come, but I know that no matter what it is, I can endure it. You have given me this power. No, you have helped me find it within myself. There is a touch on my hips, and I tense. I close my eyes and then I feel lips on my bare neck. Then it is like a revelation. My Master is here. I know your scent, I know your touch ......... I know you like I know no other. If there were ever an instinct from the core of my being, it is to turn and grab you right now, to grab you and cry and hold on. I am a slave though. I am full of pride to display to you, your most valued property. My head remains lowered. I shall not look up at you. You instruct me to turn so you might look at me, and I do so. I am not the woman you left here a week ago. I am "A"... Do you recognize in me, what it is you seek? Do you see this in me now? I kiss your hand, my body aching at the familiar scent of you. I drop to my knees and wait at your feet. I am yours ...... I think about our lives together before my arrival here. Isn't this what we wanted all along? Isn't this moment full of incredible glory for us both? I kneel to you and this time, it is with all of me. There is no part of me now that does not belong to you. There is nothing of me, that is not yours. My god, what an incredible thing, and how lucky we both are.
I know you see the differences right away. The old Alexus would have done everything differently. I kneel and await your instructions. You are smiling down at me, stroking my hair. You tell me to stand and I face you.
Your hand goes under my chin and you pull my face up to yours.

"You are truly beautiful, my A ...... my precious A," you whisper to me, and I have never felt more so. My eyes speak of the incredible journey I have taken, the timeless path I have walked. I walked it for you, I walked it for us. You unlock the steel collar that is around my neck and has been for days. Removing it, you toss it aside. You reach into your jacket and pull out my diamond collar. I am overwhelmed with the bittersweet emotion I feel at the sight of it. My eyes blur at the symbol of my old life, my most prized possession, my only possession. I squeeze my eyes tightly shut, for just a moment, regaining my composure. Tears run down my cheeks as I think of the day I removed it., of the woman I was then. I cannot swallow I am so emotional. I have never in my life wanted anything more, and you know that. I want to reach out for it, to touch it, but my hands remain behind my back. My body throbs with a need to move even closer to you, to feel your arms, your mouth.. your collar. Please offer this to me now, please say that you approve.
"My beautiful slave, this belongs to you. It is my wish that you wear it now and always, for life, for love." I lower my eyes in respect.

"You honor me sir." You wipe my tears and fasten my collar around my neck. You kiss me and hold me tight as I cry. I cry for every thing I have ever needed to cry for and you speak not a word, you simply understand. You dry my tears with your handkerchief and then have me step back a bit. Your eyes roam over my body, Your body ..... You touch my thighs lightly, and I obediently move them farther apart. You smile as your eyes spot the tiny gold lock, gleaming in the sunlight. You bend to one knee and touch it softly and there are tears in your eyes now. I know if I look at you, I will begin crying again. I am so proud you are pleased. You speak not at all, but open the top of your shirt, exposing a solid gold chain. You pull the chain out from your shirt and at the end, resting against your heart, is The Key. I smile down at you, understanding. You kiss the small gold key and tuck it back in your shirt. There are no words necessary for either of us, we are silent. You stand again and begin to walk away, away from The Mansion with me following a step behind you.

I turn for a moment, holding your hand, searching for The Man. He steps out from behind the tree and smiles. For a second I hold my breath and control the urge to run back to Him, to the safety of Him. I take a step away from You, towards Him. My heart is pounding, my mind twisted in emotional turmoil. You wait, watching carefully, silently, not pulling me back. I swallow hard, my eyes locked with His. I hear my own heart here on this sunny meadow, aching, struggling to know what to do. I turn to look at You, knowing it is You I love, You who owns me. I look back to Him searching for answers. I am afraid suddenly, afraid I might not survive with out Him. My heart is torn. My eyes fill with tears yet again. He smiles at me, knowing everything and shakes his head no. He touches His finger tip to His lips and then holds it up for me. Then He turns and slowly walks back toward The Mansion. Maria is waiting there for Him, and they walk together. He never looks back, and that is as it should be. Turning back to You now, to my future, my heart soars.

Where do I begin, to tell you of my journey? I have spoken of lessons, of punishment, of rules. I have told you where I have been, and where I wished to be. I might even take you for a moment, to the places I have lived. If you still seek me now, if you go back there, you will find pieces of me. The Mansion is where I lived for a week, and for a lifetime. You might hear me crying in the dark alone, aching for a touch. You would sense my desire, my fear, understand my dreams. You might see me, sitting under this very tree, my face shining up at the sun. You may even find my bl**d here in the ground, as I left it on the day I became a slave. You could find me here, if you looked and listened, but only if you are truly searching.

The End

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