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My First Time With A MILF

We were in our last year of school and my friends and I had this band. It was me, Jerry, Pete, and Bart and we were pretty good. We played country and folk music. We were invited to play at this benefit folk concert in a nearby town for a weekend. They were going to put us up in a hotel and feed us. We were pretty pumped about the whole deal. We got there on Friday afternoon and found our spot on the lineup. We were playing right after these older ladies who did some fiddle stuff. They were really good.
We did our set and did some jam sessions then hung around late with other folk people playing and talking. We did some drinking too. The two folk ladies that played before us were there also. These two ladies looked like "Dr. Laura" if you know who she is. Their names were Beth and Kate. They were not bad looking for their age but still old enough to be our mother. The next day, Saturday, those ladies played with us and it was a big hit. We played several sets during the day and then late into the night. After everything was over we all sat around picking and drinking and talking. Beth and Kate were drinking wine coolers and alot of them. They went back to our hotel with us and wanted to drink some more.
We had two rooms but we were all in one and were drinking. I really liked Beth and we seemed to get along. She was funny and nice. Beth wanted me and Pete to take her into the other room for a few minutes so she could pee which we did. She came out of the bathroom, then Pete went in. She sat on the bed with me waiting. She rubbed her hand on me and when I turned to look at her she kissed me. She told me that she found me attractive and that her husband does not pay much attention to her. I was kind of horny and attracted to her and we kissed more. Within a minute or two she was rubbing my cock thru my jeans and I had my hand down her shirt. Another minute and her top was off showing some nice tits, another minute and we were both naked, my dick harder than steel.
Beth took my dick in her mouth and worked it over real good. This was not my first time for sex but it was my first time with someone older than I. Pete came into the room and sat in the chair to watch. We got in the 69 position, her wet pussy in my face. I worked it as well as I knew how and she turned around and slid down on my dick. This older woman was on top of me working my dick with her wonderful pussy, I could not believe it. I did not want to cum too fast so I got her to flip over and to be on bottom. Her pussy was not very hairy and smelled great, I plowed into her and gave it all I had. When I could hold back no longer I plunged deep into her and with out thinking let loose a load of my spunk flooding her insides. I did not move until my balls were drained and my dick was limp. She told me she had an orgasim and loved it. I told her I came inside her and she laughed and said that is what we are supposed to do. Then she said that she would not get pregnant if that is what I was worried about.
Pete then stepped up, naked and sporting a big boner. Beth smiled and said she forgot about him and that she had never done two men in one night but that she was ready. Pete got on her and fucked her for a minute and came. He did not last long at all. My dick was hard again after watching Pete and Beth pulled me onto her and I fucked her sloppy pussy some more. The three of us fell asl**p on the bed and the next morning I awoke with a throbing hardon. Beth pulled me over and let me slid my dick into her, I came easily pumping a huge load deep into her again. Then Pete was right there waiting his turn and dumped a large load in her too. She dressed and went back to her room, she did give me her number so we could keep in touch.
When we met up with Jerry and Bart, we found out they had fucked Kate also. They would not stop talking about Kate's big pussy and how they just fucked her all night.
I did call Beth a few times and we did meet up and fuck several times after that night. She was a good fuck and I enjoyed her alot. I have fucked alot of older women since then but I will always remember my first married MILF.

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