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My Daughter's Home Cooking Part II

My first encounter with my daughter all those years ago left me ashamed and exhilarated all at once, I mean there she was in my bed sl**ping soundly having just given me the best blow job of my life up to that time, a thousand times better than any her mother had ever given me. The father part of my brain kept repeating , "What the fuck did you just do?" At the same my cock kept reiterating "Give me more". I wanted to think that evolution, societal norms, and remorse would get me back to the straight and narrow, but she had given me a taste of the apple and I wanted to go all the way to the core.

"What's the matter daddy?" Those were the first words when she awoke. She could tell that I was thinking about what we had done.

"I'm afraid last night was a mistake that cannot be repeated." I made a feeble attempt to return to our pre-fellatio relationship.

"Did I do it wrong, daddy? I thought you liked it, and you tasted so good." She patted her flat stomach, her aroused puffy nipples pressed against the cotton of her too tight t-shirt.

"I liked it too much, sweetie."

"Good, then we can do it again." Her hand went right for my cock. I had never bothered to put anything on and my natural morning erection was hardened even more by her presence.

"Hold on, princess." I blocked her hand from reaching its destination

"Daddy?" She looked at me with her best, pouty face and crossed her arms across her chest.

"We have to get one thing straight if this is going to continue, because your mother is never coming back and I'm the only person in the world who is going to take care of you." She rolled her beautiful blue eyes and gave me her "whatever" look, but I wanted to make sure that she understood. "You can't tell anyone, ever, not even Candy. If you do, I could go to jail." My cock remained hard through all of this, like a flagpole growing from my groin as I sat there in bed next to her.

"Daddy, like, I'm not an idiot. Candy would tell everyone." She suddenly took on a calculating adult aura that I had never seen before, as if her innocence vanished that very second and a new, more seasoned young adult had emerged from a chrysalis of bubble gum and pink toe socks.

"Okay, then, I guess..." I was lost and about to get up and dressed when she threw her arms around me and kissed me with her mouth open, proceeding to travel slowly down my chest with her wet lips, ending up with her mouth enveloping my mushroom cock head and looking up at me. "Jesus, princess, daddy needs you, needs you so much." She continued to suck and stroke me at the same time as I fed her my morning cocktail. "God, baby, you're so damn good." I pushed my crotch up and into her as she sucked.

"Daddy?" She took her lips off my cock, but continued to stroke me with her hand.


"I just finished with my period yesterday."

"That's good, sweetheart." My eyes were closed at this point and I wasn't really paying attention to what she was saying, lost in the motion of her hand on my cock.

"Well, you know what that means?"

"Sure I do, princess, you're a real woman now." My eyes still closed, pressure building, wondering if she was going to lick it all up afterwards.

"Daddy, like duh?" She stopped stroking and I opened my eyes.

"Sorry, princess, I guess you're going to have to spell it out for me." She looked at me as if I were the stupidest man in the world and at that moment, I was.

"I want you to fuck me with your bare daddy, cock!" She said it as if all the explaining she had made me do the night before had been a ruse to titillate me. I realized that she had known everything all along, that she had manipulated me.

"Jesus, princess, what happened to my little girl?" I was taken aback. My daughter wasn't the innocent little ingénue in orange panties, she had become the seductive tigress who wanted to claim and mark her territory.

"Here's your little girl, daddy."

With those words she leapt off the bed and removed her t-shirt and panties. Her pert breasts were like two fresh cantaloupe halves, and her precious pudenda was shaved clean with her rosebud of clit protruding, pink and perfect. She traced the outline of her vulva with one hand and pinched one puffy nipple after the other with her other hand.

"So you've known all along."

"Yes and now I want to feel a cock inside my pussy, your cock, daddy, the cock I love."

"Princess, I don't know what to say."

"Then don't say anything."

She re-joined me on the bed and pushed me down. She climbed on top of me and stretched her petite body over mine and kissed me. I felt her sweet little mound rubbing against my turgid cock and her round breasts heaving.

"Angel, we need to think about..." She stopped me with her tongue inside my mouth and then quick bites of my lips and her fingers began to twist my nipples. Her pussy opened and her moist, wet inner labia slid back and forth over my shaft.

"Think about what, daddy?" She looked directly into my eyes as her wanton pussy ground away at my cock.

"Your hymen, you'll bleed." I had never had a virgin, so I really had no idea, but whatever idea I had was erased by a haughty laugh on her part.

"Daddy, like duh! I've been using a vibrating dildo for almost three months."

"Oh," was all I could get out.

She grabbed my cock and slowly slid down on it. I looked up at her feeling all the love for my little girl and all the ecstasy of her tight velvet pussy. Love and lust turned into the kind of bliss one imagines could only be found in the afterlife, if there is any, because I had certainly never felt a pussy like hers before or since. She road me cowgirl-style and I bucked up and into her.

"Fuck me, daddy, fuck your naughty little slut."

Her language only served to heighten my sweaty desire and I slapped her ass hard as she pumped up and down. "Take that, you dirty little slut!" When I wasn't slapping, I had her ass cheeks firmly in hand and rammed my cock up and into her. "You're going to pay for teasing daddy!" I continued to slap her ass and she would tease me by raising herself up, leaving only my cock head ensconced in her sweet treat of a cunt as she smiled devilishly, until I f***ed her all the way down and her apple ass rested against my balls. "Take daddy's cock you little slut, take all of it."

This might have gone on for hours, I lost all connection to time with my engorged penis in my little princess's twat, she on top the entire time and finally in response to a very hearty ass slap on my part she looked down at me and began twisting both of my nipples.

"So you like twisting daddy's nipples." I was on the verge of passing out, as if I were a pilot that flew too high and had escaped earth's atmosphere.

"Yes, I'm your slut, daddy, fuck me." She continued to twist my nipples and fuck me, the room was spinning, I swear it.

"Jesus, princess, I am going, god, I'm...." My eyes squeezed shut as my cock throbbed inside my daughters tight pussy, I felt as if my cock reached to the inside of her soul and she in turn covered my soul with the moist treasure of her pussy, the two of us united in fuck and holding nothing back. "Fucking." I thrust up as hard as I could, one thrust for each word. "Dirty." I held her down with all my might. "SLUT!!!!" And then I came.

"Jesus, baby, arrrrrghhhhh!"

"Give it to me daddy, give me your cum." She screamed it. Her entire body arched back and quivered over cock flesh.

"Cum into my cum, baby, give it to daddy!" She gurgled and collapsed on top me. I could feel her heart racing as I am sure she felt mine. It didn't feel dirty, it felt as if we had been destined for each other, that we had risen above whatever normal was, whatever conventional was, whatever moral was. It was just me and my little baby, my slut, the two of us united in cum.

My little girl is forty now. She is naked in my kitchen cutting kiwis for a fruit salad and the juice reminds me of how fresh and tart her pussy tastes. She has been married and is now divorced. She has entertained men of every size and color, being particularly attracted to muscular Black men with swaggering cocks. I'm not jealous, because throughout it all, she always comes back to me, she never really left. I am her daddy and she is my sweet little slut, nothing will ever break that bond.

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