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Another Married Lady!

Well do you really want to know about the Married Ladies that I have fucked?

I told you about how I lost my virginity well the Lady that broke me in turned up with a friend about a month after she had fucked me they where having a girls week away and she had told her how we had met and how she had broke me in. Then she asked me if I would fuck her friend for her as she had only ever fucked her husband before, she lost her virginity on
her wedding night and had never had another cock fuck her!
She was about 45 years old, with long black hair, large tits and a lovely pair of long legs, she was wearing one of those flower patterned dresses like a normal house wife would wear and she looked a real prude, I can still remember thinking how she looked as if butter would not melt in her mouth.
She looked at me and blushed as she told me I was a very naughty boy, then she took my hand and lead me from the Disco and into the main Hotel and up to her Room.
When we where in her hotel room I lifted her skirt where she stood and dropped to my knees I pulled her panties down over her lacy Stocking Tops and buried my face in her wet pussy, she screamed as she came on my face instantly and her cum washed over my tongue.
She just stood there shaking as she had her orgasm, looking down at me she took hold of my hand and led me to her bed! As I unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor, she stood there in her white underwear, tanned stockings and she looked like she was a faithfull wife, but as I laid her back on her bed and started to lick and suck her she came again on my face, then as I looked up at her and unfastened her bra realising her tits and sucking on her nipples she pulled my cock out from my pants and up to her mouth she started to suck my cock.
I then started to lick and suck her again, she stopped me and told me to fuck her, so I pulled out a condom and was about to roll it on when she said NO she wanted me bareback! "I WANT TO FEEL YOU, NOT A RUBBER" she said to me.
So I mounted her and pushed my hard bear cock into her and as I penetrated her she sighed as I thrust deep inside her wet pussy, she was a bit tight, but very willing as I pumped in and out of her, ramming my knob in as hard and deep as I could!
I sucked on each nipple in turn as I pounded into her and then as I went too with draw as I was cumming she wrapped her legs around me and held me in place as I fired my Cum into her deep inside her, I held onto her shoulders and kissed her neck as I pumped all my fertile spunk up her shaking and shuddering together! She was having her orgasm with me and she soaked my cock, we just laid together for ages with my cock still hard up inside her!
When we had both got our breath back she rolled me over and she sat her self up and started to fuck up and down on my hard cock, forcing me in even deeper with her tits bouncing up and down, then She told me she wanted it in the doggie position she got off my cock and kneeling on the bed with her bum in the air I got up behind her and as I pushed back into her she started to moan and grone as she told me I felt bigger! as she started to shake she calls
me her fuck stud and tells me how I'm going to be fucking her regularly in the future! She then ordered me to fuck her harder and cum inside her again! So I pumped some more cum into her unfaithful pussy! I continued to fuck her and fuck her as hard as I could for another 4 hours!
Till she said I had to stop as she was exhausted and sore!
I was disappointed to stop as I was still as hard as steel, so we just laid there and held each other as the aroma of our mixed sex could be in-hailed in the air! She told me I was the only man other than her hubby to have fucked her and that she had never had sex like that! She told me she had not had sex with her hubby for 8 years and asked if I had a girlfriend! When she herd
I didn't she asked if I would have an affair with her and fill her with my young cum every week?
She asked me how old I was, then She then told me she had c***dren, her son was older than me but her Daughter was the same age!
Then she asked about me and her friend, who was the better fuck her or her friend, I told her I liked them both the same but for different reasons! She asked me who would I prefer to fuck and I told her it was her as she had made me cum more! With that she rolled me over and took my hard cock in her again! Her lips where red and swollen and very puffy as my purple knob pushed them
apart and slipped deep into her again, her juices ran down my shaft as I entered her again, she f***ed her self down and onto me, her pussy clamped on to my Shaft as I pushed in and out of her, my knob was being squashed up inside her inner hole then I felt it click as it pushed in deeper and she screamed with first pain then pleasure as my knob locked inside her and I could not pull out the pain turned to pleasure for me as I came in her again!
I fucked her till the morning when her friend was knocking on her door.

But that's another story.

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