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My Sex Life - Part 15: Uni pt 3

This is part 15 of my on-going series chaarting my sexual experiences from the age of 4 onwards. Everything in my stories is totally true and actually happened while I was growing up. The events in this story occurred in 1991-92 when I was 19-20 and I was studying at Queen's University Belfast.

One of the great parts of being at university was not having to go! As I did not live very far from the campus I lived at my f****y home during most of my four years there; and while I missed out on some of the aspects of student life this was more than made up for by having the house empty and totally to myself for large parts of the day.

Then I could take the day off from uni and have fun with myself. I used to really go to town and have all day masturbation sessions that lasted from 0800 til 1800! First, once the house was empty, I would have a quick shower and then I would run a bath. By this stage I had a selection of different vibrators and dildos and I would take several with me into the bath.

I would submerge myself in the hot, steaming, foamy water and when I had completely relaxed I would begin to rub the smaller dildo gently around my asshole before easing it softly up between my cheeks, holding myself open to receive its rigid length. I would fuck myself nice and slowly with it to begin with, savouring every inch of it and it slid in and out of my ass tunnel, before slowly building up speed and rhythm.

When my ass was begining to gape I would progress to my favouite dildo at the time - a 10" whopper, flesh coloured and with a thin knob but a really thick base. I loved it so much, used it so much, that I had quickly worn the motor out, but this meant that I could now take it into the shower or bath with me whenever I felt like - which was all the time!

By now my ass would be begging for a pounding, so I would kneel in the bath and reaching a hand down between my legs I would ram all 10" of that dildo right up my ass to the hilt and then withdraw it all the way out again - before ramming it all the way home again! I would slam that dildo in and out of my ass so hard that I would make waves in the bath and sometimes these would overflow and flood the bathroom floor.

The sensation was fantastic and I would frequently give myself several anal orgasms in a row. My ass and stomach muscles would push so hard that white, sweet-tasting precum would dribble from the end of my cock - it felt sooooo damn good that I would find myself moaning, grunting and yelling in ecstacy.

One day that I did this it was early summer. It was hot and I had the bathroom window open. I stood up on the rim of the bath, one foot on either side of the tub, and pounded my ass for all I was worth, crying out in ecstacy and with the sheer carnal lust of it all! I gave myself several anal orgasms, my cum dripping into the bath water below, until the bl**d began to pound in my temples, my vision began to fog over and I started to become light-headed! With one final, terrific muscle-clenching, pushing anal orgasm I cried out a long and exhausted grunting moan before collapsing against the wall depleted of energy.

After a few seconds of geting my breath back and letting my vision clear I heard a noise from outside. I glanced out the bathroom window to see my neighbour looking up at the house with a worried frown on her face - she must have heard me yelling and was worried about what was going on!

After my bath-time dildo session I would dry off and then tart myself up. I would put nail varnish on my fingers and toes, wear bright crimson lipstick and dark mascara and eye-shadow. Then I would slowly draw on my sexy, silky stockings, suspenders, panties, bra and finally a nice summery dress and strappy high-heels.

After admiring myself in the full-length wall mirror in the bathroom I would head downstairs to get my breakfast. After eating I would find some housework to do, always hoping that the postman would see me or that a delivery man or the guy to read the electricity meter would arrive and I would have to answer the door all tarted up. But nothing like that ever happened then, although later in life I had several encounters of this kind - but more of that in future stories!

Then I would settle down with my dildos on the sofa and start to play with myself again. I would hitch my dress up over my hips and pull my panties to one side and slowly ease my dildo up my tired, sore but still needy asshole again, savouring the whole experience for a second time. The sofa faced the large lounge window that overlooked the front garden and the road beyond, with the houses on the opposite side facing me. While the light differential from outside to inside was large enough so that no-one would be likely to see me on just a casual glance, it was still light enough inside that anyone would took the time to look could easily see me on the sofa.

And one day someone did see me! More of that in my next story. Take care until then. xx

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