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I love going to the park with friends. My girlfriends and I always hit the parks in the summer. I dress what others would say is alittle under dressed. Low cut top...yes and my breast as u would guess are a natural 36dd. And I have a nice ass round big hips. I go to watch the GUYS play basketball. But at night.....mmmm. I go by myself to the park. I sit in my car. I could see the guys and girls in their cars making out. Very sexy. I always go home to my girlfriend horny. Yes i'm in a lesbian relationship. But I have a yearning for a fat cock from time to time.
I told this guy at my job, if he would come with me to the park we could drink and talk. He was all to happy to accompany me. He knows i'm in a relationship with Wendy. He has a way of letting me know I'm wasting my body with a woman, when a man could make me cum like no woman can. He is what you call a horny bastard. He alway talk with his hand on his cock thru his pants. He tell me about all the women he made turn straight. How his cock is rich and thick with a curve. I would get alittle horny but I wouldn't let him know.
So we drove to that same park. The one everyone makes out in after dark. I love to have my breast massaged. So after a few drinks. I pulled a oil based lotion out of my purse. I asked him to do me a really Big favor. Would he mind rubbing the oil all over my breast. He smiled and said If he massage my breast I have to massage his cock with the same oil.
I moved around in my chair. I knew what that meant. He was aiming to fuck me that night. I got so horny. I told him only if you don't try to stick it in. He said just a massage. I knew i wanted more but I couldn't let him know. I opened the lotion and put it in his hands. I pulled my top down, I had on a halter top. It has no straps and no bottom just elastic. He bit his lower lip. Rubbed his hands together and massaged both of my titties at the same time. I was so weak he pinched my nipples I was feeling soooo good. A car pulled up close very close to my side. I wouldnt be able to open my door. It was a guy alone in a SUV. He saw what was happening to me. I could bearly keep my eyes open. I guess Tommy didn't care who see me or my body. He then pulled back to take his cock ooooh so fat and long cock with a nice curve out of his pants. He told me I owed him one. I keep my promises plus It's been over a year since I felt fucked or sucked a cock. I was yearning. I rubbed some lotion on it and he rubbed my titties I enjoyed stroking him. I had my thumb by the head going up and down his cock. The guy in the car next to us U can tell he was jerking and watching. His arm was moving. I looked at him as my titties contiued to be rubbed with Tommy's massive hands. I like the fact he was enjoying my titties. I have a real weakness with that'
When my breast are being squeezed pinched nipples, My pussy get extremely wet. My eyes closes my hands get wet from squeezing them in a fist.

Next thing i knew Tommy was sucking my nipples....OOOOOOHhhh MY....That was nice. I turned to see what the guy next to us was doing...He was beating his cock faster. He saw what it was doing to me. I was reaching for Tommys curved cock. I wanted to touch it. Stroke it. Suck it. I begged Tommy. He said be his guess. I held his cock close to my face but rubbed it on my titties. I love a cock rubbing on my titties. I knew I was going to let him fuck me. I was starting to beg for him to stick it in my mouth, I knew what was next. He knew I was all his right then.

Another car pulled up on the other side very close again. The driver sat in the passengers seat to get a better look. I was in awe...2 men enjoying my body from a distant, and the other about to cum in my pussy. Tommy pulled my seat back so I would be laying titties fully exposed now my panties was rolling down my legs thanks to Tommy. He kept whispering in my ear...."I'm going to cum inside you and make you cum on my dick". I grinded in my seat awaiting his bouncy fat curved cock as I peek at the guys jerking their way to a orgasm. OOOOHhh my.......His cock was rubbing against my legs ooohhh wowwww now he's rubbing his fat head against my clit and lips and hole. I was inviting him to my pussy by begging verbally and moving my hips up to surround his cock head with my pussy lips. He aimed and pushed HARD inside me....My toes and feet was hot and paralized for a while. He PumPed and Twisted and fucked me so hard I couldn't do anything but lay there in another world. I could see the guys looking at us...One staring at my titties watching them bounce as Tommy went deep. Tommy would suck on my titties while he fucked me.

I knew I was weak my legs couldn't move. I was making noises I've never made before. His cock was pounding and pounding next theng I knew He was cumming hard inside me.....OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhh I came allllllllll over his cock at the same time. He came sooooo hard, he went straight to sl**p on top of me. So did I.

When we woke up all i could feel is cum inside me.Hoping he didn't get me pregnant I wouldn't be able to explain that. I guess the other guys that were watching must of came too and left.

My pussy was still quivering. I knew Tommy would be cumming inside me again...soon. I just smiled at him. He knew we would be fucking again. He took me home. I could feel the cum coming down. Damnnnn that was a good night at THE PARK.

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